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Oreck® Deluxe Electric Fabric Shaver

Sku # XJ-350

Last year's favorite winter sweater can look like new!

Shave lint, fuzz, and pills off woolens, cottons, knits and upholstery to revitalize your clothes and furniture. Features a comfort grip handle. Battery or A/C operation (adapter included). 1-year limited warranty.

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Oreck® Deluxe Electric Fabric Shaver 3.9 5 15 15
Best Fabric Shaver I've found so far I recently purchased this Fabric Shaver-Orecks model XJ-350. I have searched for years to find a large one, but they just don't make them anymore. All I could find was the small ones that used batteries, and had a small screen and blade. The small ones only worked fair and the battery would be flat in no time. But by accident I found the Oreck XJ-350 Fabric Shaver one night while surfing the web. I ordered it immeadiately and I have not been disapointed. Many mens shirts today are made of micro-fibers and cotton blends that start to get fuzz or those little ball tags I call them and there difficult to remove. I've picked them off, used different fabric brushes, sticky lint rollers and was always disapointed and many time would throw the shirt or pants away. The small Fabric Shavers only did a fair job because the blade wasn't big enough, and the units motor didn't run fast enough. And I even would keep the inside and outside of the screen waxed with a good liquid car wax like my sister a professional seamstress suggested. Oreck suggest to use a small amount of lubricating oil on the inner side of the screen for optimal operation of the blades. I think I will do that after I wax both sides of the screen first, then I will lightly oil the inside of the screen and wipe off the excess both inside and out on the screen. My sister the professional seamstress says that keeping the inside and outside of the screen slick and polished, keeps the blades sharp and prevents them from dulling. I only wisk that Oreck had provided their model with a screen cover to protect it and to keep the screen clean. It's the only one that I have ever had that didn't have the protective screen cover that snaped over the screen. I'll just keep it covered in wax paper and in the bag and box like my sister suggested. But it works like no fabric shaver that I have ever used. It even cut right through the fuzz tags that was on my cotton sweat pants. The small units would bog down and quit. And the fact that it comes with the AC power adapter is wonderful. You don't need to use batteries if you choose not to. And let me assure you it is powerful when you have it connected to an electrical outlet. It's like the ones my mother used to have in the 50's. I can't give it enough praise. I even used it on the arms of my Queen Anne chair that I had cleaned. It left little fuzzy tags all over the arms. They look brand new now. I've also used it on my throws that I cover up with while watching TV. They look new also. I just may order another one to have as a spare. I'm sure Oreck won't keep them in stock forever. I am extremely pleased with another Oreck product. I highly recommend this Fabric Shaver to anyone that hates fuzz, tiny cotton balls on your blankets and won't be disapointed. November 22, 2012
Excellent shaving I purchased this fabric shaver 3 weeks ago to touch up crocheted items from my craft shop before shipping. It is outstanding! I shaved an entire baby blanket in 15 minutes (both sides) and it didn't nick the delicate yarn even once! I love it! It was well worth the money! March 20, 2012
Oreck Deluxe Fabric Shaver This shaver does it all,my daughter & i love this great product. I have to get another one for my mother-in-law. It is a good enough size to use February 14, 2012
Did everything that was promised it would do! This product was worth every penny spent. I was so pleased that it performed the job I needed done with ease and quickness. May 21, 2012
GREAT producct This is a GREAT product. I'm not sure what those people are talking about that wrote reviews saying it doesn't work?? The product works great. I've had my shaver about 1 1/2 years now. It shaves quickly and easily with a bigger shaving surface than typically smaller models. The best feature is that it plugs into a regular wall outlet (can also be powered by batteries). I used a small battery powered one untill now and hated it as the batteries needed to be replaced constantly. The only change I'd make to this product is make the cord a couple feet longer. The cord is about 6' long and I could use 8'-10' of cord sometimes if I lay a garment on the bed to shave it and the outlet is not right next to the bed. Given that you pay about $10 for the cheap clother shavers- this one is definitely worth the $20. You will save much more in batteries alone. May 20, 2012
Wonderful product This product is the best! I love that it has an A/C adapter. I used it on an old favorite sweater I have and it looks as good as new. Thanks for such a great product. February 14, 2013
XJ-350 is the best Lint Shaver that I've ever purchased Excellent appliance makes user feel like a PRO. Love its dual power supplies design and definitely will recommend to friends and family March 6, 2012
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