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Oreck® Magnesium® RS

Sku # LW1500RS

Meet Magnesium® RS, the newest addition to the Oreck Magnesium model line! Like the original Magnesium, it's got incredible suction power but more features. At less than 8 pounds*, Magnesium RS is one of the lightest, full-powered, swivel-steering upright vacuum cleaner in America. With its new SlimSwivel Design and furniture-friendly, low-profile physique it's an effortless way to maneuver around any obstacle and clean every floor in your home—upstairs and downstairs. The wireless two-speed QuickSwitch® in the handle enables you to select the right power levels and move smoothly across all floor types. The large, high-performance wheels give Magnesium RS the agility it needs for every surface, from hardwood and tile to plush and frieze carpet without stopping for manual adjustments. It's so lightweight that carrying it upstairs is a cinch and so powerful it feels self-propelled.

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Life's full of obstacles. The Oreck Magnesium RS lightweight vacuum cleaner gets you around them.

Oreck Magnesium Agile Lightweight Vacuum Oreck Magnesium Lightweight Vacuum side brushes Oreck Magnesium Lightweight Vacuum Wireless QuickSwitch
Amazingly Agile: With its unique SlimSwivel Design, the Magnesium RS is limber enough to easily maneuver around furniture and other obstacles. It lies virtually flat to get under beds, too! New Feature: Side brushes make cleaning up against baseboards and edges easy. Additionally, Magnesium RS is so powerful it feels self-propelled. The wireless QuickSwitch® in the handle lets you easily select the right power level and move smoothly across carpet, fine rugs and bare floors.

Engineered for the way you live

Oreck Magnesium Lightweight Vacuum Direct Suction

Direct Suction

The direct suction and roller brush rotating at over 7,000 revolutions per minute, on high speed, draw dirt right into the bag. The brush grooms the nap as it cleans.

Oreck Magnesium Lightweight Vacuum Saniseal System

Fast and Simple

The Saniseal® system automatically seals shut, locking the dirt in the disposable filter bag. Changing bags is effortless.

Oreck Magnesium Lightweight Vacuum Furniture Friendly Design

Furniture-Friendly Design

Its low profile, soft top and sides, and bright twin LED headlights make it easy to clean around and under furniture without scratching it. Side brushes make cleaning up against baseboards and edges easy.


Innovative Design

Magnesium® RS features a unique magnesium alloy frame that is extremely lightweight, strong and durable. Large, high-performance wheels work on tile, hardwood, plush and frieze carpet. It's built to last with a 7-year limited warranty**.

Oreck Magnesium Lightweight Vacuum HEPA Inner Bag

HEPA Inner Bag

As air passes through the HEPA inner bag, it captures at least 99.97% of particles at .3 microns from that air, which includes the following: pollen, house dust, smoke, animal dander and mold spores. Great for pet lovers!

Oreck Magnesium Lightweight Vacuum Easy Snap Cord

"Easy Snap Cord"

The new 'Easy Snap' cord clip is the smart way to keep the cord where you need it ... not where you don't.


Maintenance and Repair

How to change a bag for the Oreck Magnesium Lightweight Vacuum

How to Change a Bag

Need to change the bag on your lightweight vacuum cleaner?
See easy, step-by-step instructions with photos here.

How to change a belt for the Oreck Magnesium Lightweight Vacuum

How to Change a Belt

Did you know that you can change the belt on your lightweight upright vacuum cleaner yourself?
We'll walk you through it, with photos and easy-to-follow instructions right here!


awards & recognition

Awards for the Oreck Magnesium Lightweight Vacuum

To see how the Oreck Magnesium RS was rated by Good Housekeeping, go here.

  • NEW! SlimSwivel design gets around and under furniture obstacles
  • NEW! Wireless Two-Speed QuickSwitch® on the handle
  • NEW! Premium horsehair edge brushes
  • The lightest, full-powered Oreck upright vacuum cleaner ever: Weighs less than 8 lbs.*
  • Durable: Magnesium frame is stronger than many types of steel
  • HEPA Inner Bag
  • 30 ft. cord
  • Twin LED Headlights
  • Large, high-performance wheels
  • Long-lasting Endurolife® Belt
  • Built to last with a 7-year warranty** plus 5 annual tune-ups
The Oreck Advantage: Direct Suction Lighweight Vacuum Cleaning
The Oreck Advantage: Direct Suction

Our direct suction design delivers dirt in a straight, efficient path right to the vacuum bag. It's a streamlined design that works beautifully with a smaller motor — and one reason why Oreck bagged uprights are so lightweight. Here's how: our upright vacuums incorporate a "dirty air system" in which dirt is pulled through a fan that breaks it into smaller particles that get sucked up into the vacuum. Oreck's smaller motor drives this fan, as well as the brushroll. Because these smaller motors sit closer to the floor they provide efficient suction and are able to spin the brushroll incredibly fast.

Warranty 7-year limited warranty**
Dimensions 47.75'' H x 12'' W x 10.5'' D
Weight Less than 8 lbs.*
Bagged /Bagless Bagged
Cord Length 30 ft. cord
Filtration HEPA Inner Bag
Handle Easy-fit Handle
Headlights Twin LED Headlights
Cleaning Function Vacuum
Speed Settings 2-Speed
Tune-Ups 5 annual tune-ups
Type Vacuum
Surface Area Carpet and hard surfaces
Oreck® Magnesium® RS 4.3 5 20 20
Overall, great vacuum, lightweight, easy to push, does the job I normally do not bother to write product reviews, but thought I would take a moment with this because I wished there would have been more out there to read to help me make a decision. I purchased the Oreck Magnesium RS about 2 weeks ago from a local dealer after trying the vacuum out in store and comparing the models. Here are the pro's: 1# This vacuum was by far the easiest to push and the lightest. I have been having upper back and shoulder problems and pushing this vacuum does not bother my shoulder at all - the vacuum almost seems self-propelled. 2) I use it on berber, regular carpet, tile, and hard wood floors without a problem. I like the way that it glides more easily than my old vacuum over the raised transition piece between my wood and tile floor. 3) I didn't think that the swivel of the vacuum head would be that big of a deal until I started using it and discovered how much better it goes around my furniture to get everywhere, especially around all the chairs in dining room. 4) The front edge of the vacuum is slimmer than my previous vac, and gets under the edge/lip of my cabinets where the other vac couldn't go. 5) Has the horse hair brush on the edges to help sweep stuff from the edges of walls to where the vacuum will suck it up. The other Magnesium models do not have this. 6) Has a 7 years warranty and comes with 5 tune ups. I expect this vacuum to last a long time. Now for the cons for this vacuum. 1) The back of the vacuum has the wheels and motor and is too tall to slip under my dining hutch #my old vacuum was able to). Not a deal breaker, but I was surprised that it didn't lay flat enough to fit. If you want this vac to go under your furniture that is a little low to the ground, you may want to measure both to make sure it fits. 2) The cord could be longer - am having to unplug it and move it to vacuum because it doesn't reach far enough. Cord also feels thinner & flimsier than my old vacuum's cord. 3) The cord comes out of the bottom and there is a clip at the top of the vaccum that you can clip it to to keep the cord from getting in the way when you vacuum. I have trouble with the cord getting pulled out of the clip at the top of the vacuum. May rig a velcro strap loop at the top to try to keep it in place since it is a nuisance when it falls down. 4) This doesn't matter to me but might for others - there is not a hose or other attachments. 5) Pricey. For me, I really like the vacuum despite the cons and would not hesitate to purchase again. I took 1 star off for the cons, price being the biggest. January 26, 2013
Great Vacuum-Superb Engineering-The Best I just upgraded from the Magnesium to the new Magnesium RS. Really nice improvements. The power switch is in the handle where it should be. The power foot swivels for amazing manueverability. All around excellent engineering that really listened to the customer in my opinion. They also added horsehair brushes on the side. They took the best, and made it better! I looked and can't find a better vacuum out there. Great warranty too... 7 years. They really stand behind the product. September 22, 2012
This is a terrific vacuum for hardwood I did a lot of research on vacuums before trying the Oreck Mag. RS. One reviewer said it was not good on wood floors; however, I think otherwise. I have mostly wood floors, with some ceramic and carpets, and this machine is terrific! It is powerful, lightweight, swivels around flexibly. I gave it 4 stars for value because the price is a bit high, but honestly, for this vacuum, it is worth it. Recommended highly. January 20, 2013
Vacuuming made easy When I set off to research and eventually buy a new vacuum (due to my old vacuum failing after 3years), I would not believe it if you told me I would end up buying a $500.00 vacuum. I researched many vacuums that were on the lower price range and eventually bought one. I promptly brought it back to the store for two reasons it did not vacuum good and it was very cumbersome. That is when my mother-in-law introduced me to the Oreck XL. Needless to say I was impressed. I found out that a vacuum is one of those household appliances that you need to make an investment on. I went to the Oreck store and after trying them out I ended up buying the Magnesium RS. I immediately noticed the difference in my carpets and hardwood flooring Let me talk about the complaints I have seen from other posts: first people say that it does not have attachments. This is actually a plus. It makes the Oreck very easy to use and maneuverable it can lay flat on the ground and glide right underneath furniture. Buy it with the canister vac as a combo and it costs the same as other high end vacuums, except you have two pieces of equipment. Now my wife and I can both vacuum at the same time. One does the floors while the other does the ceiling fans etc. Next is people say it feels flimsy. It is very light weight, but the construction is solid and well made. I would say it feels lightweight not flimsy. Overall this is a very powerful vacuum and is a great purchase. It is by far the best vacuum I have ever purchased and used. You have thirty days to try it and I would be surprised if you do not keep it. Hope this helped some with their decision. Also I ended up buying the RS instead of the regular Magnesium due to the switch being on the handle and it having the swivel head. Both have been very helpful features. The swivel head makes it very easy to maneuver around furniture especially around the kitchen chairs. March 9, 2013
So light and easy to push especially on my new thick carpet!! I just got new Mohawk carpet in my home which is thick and plush. I wanted to spend a little more on a quality vacuum to keep my carpet looking new. The old vacuum was heavy and could barely move across the carpet. The new Oreck Magnesium RS glides across my thick carpet like it is self-propelled. It is easy to operate, easy to carry and store, and so lightweight. It even flattens to get under the furniture. The price point was in the middle: not too cheap and not too expensive. It makes me want to vacuum all the time! Highly recommend! December 18, 2012
Great Job Oreck! What a great may just give my current vaccum a run for its money. I learned that this can flatten really low to get under furniture including beds. Great job Oreck! December 13, 2012
Unbelievably lightweight.... I am a long-time Oreck customer. My first Oreck was purchased almost 25 years ago. I bought a second one after moving to a multi-story home and still had both. However, since the newer of the two was also approaching 10 years old, I thought new technology may have brought some improvements. During a recent sale and on a trip to drop off my vac for its annual service, I decided to go look at the newer units, and after the salesman questioned my flooring types, he suggested the Magnesium RS. I was also interested in the new unit with the tools on-board. After trying both in the store, as much as I loved the one with the tools on-board, the weight difference was just so significant that the Magnesium RS was a clear winner for me. I am semi-handicapped and have great difficulty vacuuming, but with two dogs it is a necessity. I have deep frieze carpets, area rugs, tile and wood. I think this vacuum does an outstanding job on all surfaces. I am not sure why there is one review that says it is not good on hard surfaces. I don't seem to have any trouble with the RS picking up dirt along the baseboards. If you want to clean baseboards above the floor, you will need to do that separately, but you would with any upright unless you had tools on-board. This vacuum goes through my carpet so easily because of the larger wheels, and like another reviewer, I was not to excited about the swivel. But let me tell you, for a person with my disabilities, it makes the world of difference. Between it being very lightweight, the larger wheels, the power and the swivel, it is very easy to vacuum. I am not thrilled with the lights, I don't think they provide bright enough illumination, at least not like my previous two Orecks, and for some reason, my hand travels on the handle as I vacuum and I inadvertently seem to be hitting the power button more than I would like. However, I just turn it on again, and at least it remembers if I was on High or Low. I am hoping the durability of this unit meets or exceeds my prior two Orecks....if so, the initial cost will be justified over and over. I know other friends and families that seem to be purchasing new vacuums every year or so. While I had no real reason to purchase a new Oreck because both old units still performed very well, I am so glad I did. And to top it off, what company will give you a trade-in allowance on a vacuum that is almost 25 years old?!?! That in and of itself speaks to the quality and durability of Oreck products. I love this vacuum. If you take them in and have their regular services done, they continue to work well and last. May 1, 2013
I'll never stray again... I was given an Oreck 25 years ago and loved it. Eventually it needed to be replaced and I was drawn into the ads for the Dyson models a couple of years ago and spent quite some money one (about the same as my Magnesium) and HATED IT! Then the first time it broke down I went straight to my local Oreck store and bought my Magnesium. I LOVE IT! I will never stray again. I am an Oreck customer for life, It is easy, great on floors as well as carpet and the pivoting helps out sooooo much around tables and chairs. I barely have to move anything out of the way anymore. I lent it to a friend who was complaining about her vaccuum and she is buying one today online. December 2, 2013
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*Approximate weight without cord
**Some limitations apply. For details, see warranty.