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Oreck® ProShield® Plus

Sku # AIR12GU

The EPA says indoor air may be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. The ProShield® Plus Air Purifier is an easy, portable, proactive way to help capture allergens from the air that passes through the filter — plus, break down odors and volatile organic compounds from the air that passes through the filter.

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Every time you close your front door, you're sealing yourself in with airborne dust and allergens. Some you can smell. Most you can't. The Oreck ProShield constantly moves the air, drawing in and trapping those particulates. The powerful filtration captures pet dander, dust, and other allergens from the air that passes through the filter.

Contemporary styling. Advanced engineering. Compact design. Complete portability.

The secret to the Oreck ProShield's powerful performance is Oreck's exclusive Truman Cell® filtration system. As the air circulates through it, Oreck's patented Truman Cell® electronically charges dust and allergens from the air that passes through the filter and pulls them out of the air like a magnet; then, the Odor Absorber™ Plus filter reduces common household odors from the air passing through it, leaving cleaner, fresher smelling air.

Quiet and easy to use

The ProShield Plus Air Purifier features easy-to-use controls and offers three different speed settings – high for maximum cleaning, medium for normal use, and low for quietest operation. The Truman Cell® permanent filter never needs to be replaced – which saves you money and reduces waste. Most air purifiers rely on expensive filters that have to be replaced and can eventually end up in a landfill. With the ProShield Plus, you simply rinse clean the filter, let dry, and re-insert.


Try the Oreck® ProShield® Plus Air Purifier risk-free for 30 days.

The ProShield Plus Air Purifier captures airborn dust and allergens from the air that passes through the filter. Powerful and portable with the ability to lay flat or on its side, it can be easily moved from room to room, where kids and animals play or where smokers gather. Smell the difference it can make. Try it in your own home, risk-free for 30 days. If you don't love it, you don't keep it.® We'll even pay the return shipping!

Did you know?

There is a difference between HEPA air purifiers and those that use EP or electrostatic precipitator technology. To learn more and decide which type of air purifier is right for your home, click here.

  • Recommended for an 8' x 10' room^
  • The Helios Shield® reduces odors from the air that passes through it — and it's permanent!
  • The Truman Cell® captures allergens from the air that passes through the filter* — and it's permanent!
  • Lays flat horizontally or on its side vertically; fits in tight spaces. Compact and portable; moves easily from room to room.
  • Remote control turns the purifier on, adjusts speed levels and turns night light on or off
  • Three speed settings, including low, for quiet operation.
  • 3-year limited warranty.**
Warranty 3-year limited warranty**
Dimensions 10.5"D x 4.5"W x 18"H
Weight 15 lbs.
CADR 50^
Filtration Truman Cell
Cleaning Function Air Purification
Recommended Room Size Recommended for an 8' x 10' room^
Speed Settings Three Speeds
Tools / Accessories Remote Control
Type of Odor Filter Charcoal
Type Air Purifier
Truman Cell
Surface Area Air
Oreck® ProShield® Plus 3.8 5 6 6
love it! We love our pro-shield plus so much. We both are smokers and non-smokers have commented that they wouldn't know it. We are buying the new duel one and going to pro-shield is going upstairs to remove the odors from up there. December 30, 2011
A good product A good quality product but very hard to clean the truman cell. Sometimes you have to wash it and use the cell cleaner 2 or 3 times before the light stays off that tells you that the truman cell needs cleaning. February 10, 2012
Do you suffer from Asthma or other lung disease? My name is Mike, I am a 30 year old boy who suffers from asthma. Although I do not drink, smoke, use drugs or participate in any sort of strenuous or physically exerting behaviours; notwithstanding, trying to live a good quality, clean life style. I suffer from asthma that can become very severe if I do not pay close attention to my health issues. For example, in June 2013, I moved into an small apartment residence in an aged four story wooden framed building. However, within the first week of my new residency; I noticed considerable discomfort associated with environmental factors, such as: smoke, dust, various allergens and pet dander. And, having signed a one year lease; I knew my asthma was being severely bothered by the aforementioned environmental factors that I cannot control. I decided, there has to be something I can do to combat these issues and remedy my health problems during my stay at this rental property. I started to search for air purifiers, knowing nothing of this subject, I set out to consider what my options are and I came across the Oreck Proshield Plus; which is the single greatest investment I could have ever made. In fact, I am so pleased with the performance of my Oreck air purifier; I was able to overcome the environmental factors I previously had no control over and was able to reclaim my health, in addition to, no longer being subjected to the various smells associated with living in a multi-unit rental property. My neighbours smoke, have cats, cook weird smelling fried foods and in my dumpy little apartment. I no longer have any issues with the residual unpleasant environmental factors of my neighbours. In addition, my apartment is very small, maybe some 500 sq. ft., but in my space; it does not smell, there is no residual smoke lingering, or allergens causing me significant health issues, such as, irritating my asthma and best of all. If I attempt to cook and do a terrible job at trying to cook; my Oreck air purifier saves me from smelling like what I tried to cook. Seriously, you would be surprised with the efficiency of the air purifier if you burnt something and had a place full of smoke; in fact, within two hours of burning foods to a crisp. My Oreck air purifier neutralized and overcame the terrible smells of failed cooking, thereby saving me from wearing clothes that smelled of burnt food. If you are thinking about purchasing an air purifier for the aforementioned reasons, for yourself, or a loved one; please do yourself a favour and get an Oreck Proshield Plus. It is the single greatest investment of my life and I cannot imagine living without an air purifier. April 21, 2014
Oreck XL Air purifier This is the finest air purifier I have ever owned. I have pets and it really purifies the air. If one has allergies, this product is a must! I have friends who visit who are very allergic to cats, but when they visit, they have no problems. This is how good this product is! The only issue I have with the product is the "snapping" which occurs frequently. I have purchased the Oreck cleaner and use that as well which seems to help, but I do clean it quite often and it is not really as easy to clean as it seems. It is, however, well worth this inconvenience. I could not live without it now! I am looking into buying one for my bedroom! September 29, 2012
Works better but not as quiet This is our fourth Oreck air purifier so I guess they are doing something right! The new Pro-Shield Plus works even better than the previous models; however, it does not run as quietly as our last one did. This model is set up in our bedroom and we do wake up feeling better. October 12, 2012
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*Particle reduction and air circulation depend on many factors. All air in a room may not pass through the filter.
**Some limitations apply. For details, see warranty.
***Filter life will vary by usage and environment.
ˆBased on 8' ceiling, high setting and ANSI/AHAM AC-1