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Roller Brush for XL Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Sku # 75202-01

Replacement roller brush for 2000, 4000, 9000 and 3000 series XL Upright Vacuum Cleaners. This is a universal brush for all Oreck Vacuum cleaners except for Oreck XL21 and Oreck XL Platinum

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Roller Brush for XL Upright Vacuum Cleaners 2.5 5 11 11
This is a very poorly designed Roller Brush We got the Oreck XL which uses this brush as a wedding present. The design on it is horrible. The sides of the brush allow hair and dirt to rap around the wheel which houses the bearings. The sides are not sealed which is a critical design flaw. When we first got the vacuum the belt broke on the second use. Being in a house of long haired women, I found that I had to take the entire bottom of the vacuum off each time it was used to clean the hair out. Second problem is that the side that has the belt wheel attached to it is not removable which means I cannot get to the hair that works it's way down to the bearing wheel. Long story short 5th time used two broken belts and now I need to replace the Roller Brush. Just so you don't say I didn't clean it out, used 5 times cleaned the roller brush after second, third, fourth, and after the 5th time well the second belt is broken so gotta buy those too. DON'T BUY! May 13, 2012
Made it work like new! We have the commercial sweepers for our church and have carpet that seems to be really hard on sweepers! They weren't picking up as well and pulling to one side when going against the nap of the carpet. I ordered one roller just to see if it would help before going to the expense of new sweepers. I changed the roller out today along with the belt and it works like new!! Worth the price and way cheaper than a new sweeper! February 4, 2012
oreck roller brush replacement excellent This product was simlpe to install on my vac. I have one of the older model vac and would love to upgrade...but my oreck refuses to die. Oreck makes the best vac ever! I have had mine for over 15 yrs and it's still running as good as when it was new! March 5, 2012
The beater bar, itself, is just fine. I have had my Oreck vacuum for several years. It wasn't picking up like it did when it was first purchased. My husband checked it out and determined we needed a new beater bar. Even after replacing the beater bar, the machine just doesn't do the job as well as it once did. I have used other vacuums, of friends, and like them better than I have ever like the Oreck. March 5, 2012
Don't ever by the ProPower Plus We just passed the two year mark (which means our warranty is no good) of owning our ProPower Plus purchased from Costco. We were very excited about it, but quickly saw how many problems it had. I could not go 10 times before I would have to take it apart and clean everything.. Then we started having issues with the roller brush and belts. Our third roller brush in just as many months just burned up again. I couldn't count how many belts we have gone through. Often, this vacuum stinks up the house so bad, we have to open the windows. Extremely disappointed and this comes after we just spent $100 trying to fix it. Not sinking any more money into this. Don't ever buy this kind! July 13, 2014
Brush roller We purchased this based upon a previous oreck vacuum which was a very good product. This one may be but the roller is not. I went through about 15 belts until I figured out it was the roller that was the problem. It allows dirt etc in the bearing which jams the roller then the belt melts due to not turning. I tried but could not clean it effectively. I tried oiling it and WD-40 but nothing works until it finally melted at the bearing and broke. I will never purchase a product from Oreck again. Clearly they have forgotten about quality. July 26, 2013
yooper Bad design of roller brush!!! Get's packed with hair, you cannot remove, and my bearing burnt right up and destroyed housing. Vacuum is a piece of junk!! Don't buy. November 23, 2014
The bristles broke off at the surface of the bar. The bristles broke off at the surface of the bar. When I called the service department I was told I would need to replace the brush every two years. August 14, 2012
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