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Oreck® Touch™ Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Sku # BU10000
The Oreck Touch is a full-powered, high performance bagless vacuum cleaner that brings easy to bagless. It is designed with a four-stage multi-cyclonic filtration system that ensures no loss of suction* and five intuitive features or (what we like to call) "touchpoints":
  1. The onboard quick-wand is fully-powered and ready for spot cleaning even while you are already vacuuming.
  2. Its lever-action canister lets you control the dust cloud while keeping your hands clean.
  3. Swivel steering helps you get under and around furniture with ease.
  4. A self-adjusting head lets you go from hard floors to carpet without stopping—or stooping—for manual adjustments.
  5. The on/off brushroll is right at your fingertips on the handle.

Maintenance is easy, too: both the canister filter and HEPA exhaust filter can be rinsed and re-used, helping you maintain the vacuum cleaner's high performance as well as save you money.

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Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Self-adjusting Head   Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Easy-touch Controls   Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Quick Wand

Self-adjusting Head

A self-adjusting head allows you to vacuum across hardwood floors, tile, fine rugs and carpet with ease. No bending over for manual adjustments!


Easy-touch Controls

Easy-touch controls with an on/off switch for the brushroll are right at your fingertips in the handle!



The quick-wand is fully powered and ready at a moment's notice. Plus, its low center of gravity helps to keep the vacuum from tipping over when using the quick-wand. Onboard tools include crevice tool, upholstery/dusting brush, stair tool and accessory bag.

Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Hands Clean Canister  

Hands-clean Canister

Hands-clean, lever-action canister lets you control the dust cloud, without getting your hands dirty.

Swivel Steering

Swivel steering means
superb maneuverability
under and around

  Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Swivel Steering

awards & recognition

VDTA Best New Product  - Floor Care for the Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
C|NET review

C|Net Product Review

This Ain't Your Grandmother's Vacuum Cleaner

The Oreck Touch is an exceptional vacuum that left us all highly impressed. It's an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade to a high-end machine. Read more...

  • NEW! Full-powered bagless vacuum cleaner with swivel steering
  • NEW! Unique lever-action canister controls dust cloud and keeps hands free from dirt
  • NEW! Onboard tools include crevice tool, upholstery/dusting brush, stair tool and accessory bag
  • NEW! Quick-wand with almost 11 ft. of extension
  • On/off brushroll switch in the handle
  • Self-adjusting head for all types of floors
  • 30 ft. cord
  • LED Headlight
  • Large, high-performance wheels
  • Long-lasting Endurolife® Belt
  • Built to last with a 5-year limited warranty** and 1 tune-up
Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum Cleaner with Quick Wand
Warranty 5-year limited warranty**
Dimensions 45”H x 12”W x 12.5”D
Weight 16.8 lbs. without cord / 18.0 lbs. with cord
Bagged /Bagless Bagless
Cord Length 30 ft.
Filtration Rinsable HEPA exhaust filter and canister cup filter
Handle Magnesium-style with switch in the handle
Headlights LED Headlight
Cleaning Function Vacuum
Speed Settings 1-speed (High) with on/off brushroll
Type Vacuum Upright Bagless/canister with rinsable filter Rinsable HEPA exhaust filter
Surface Area Carpet, fine rugs and hard surfaces
Oreck® Touch™ Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 2.3 5 41 41
AWESOME Product! I am so thrilled to finally have an Oreck with tools on board. I feel like I am really getting the dirt picked up. In 2005, I bought my FIRST Oreck - the XL 21. I have loved using it all these years, but would not pull out my Housekeeper to do what my XL 21 could not reach. Then, I was searching or a bagless upright. Nothing seemed to my liking. UP POPPED the NEW Oreck Bagless "Touch". OH MY!!! My answer from Heaven. I called our local Oreck Store, they didn't know much about it, but yes - they had it in the store - had just been there since Monday. I went in - had a tune-up done on my XL 21 and purchased my NEW Touch. (This was Wednesday, 4/3/13) I can not tell you how THRILLED I am with the Touch. Yes, I have been using the XL 21 since 2005 - but the Touch was picking up dirt and hair like I had not vacuumed for a long time! I must admit, I overfilled the container twice without realizing that I had picked up a FULL container in just my living room! Fine, fine...FINE powder in the canister - tells me it has been there for a while. Just so you know, our carpet was installed in 2003 - so this is not previous way down the road dirt, it is dirt that my XL 21 was going OVER all these years and not picking up! I am so thrilled with my NEW Touch from Oreck - I highly recommend you get one and check it out - you will be happy you did. To Oreck's engineers - I will give you a AAA+++ rating, well done! Kim, Cheyenne, WY April 5, 2013
Great Cleaning capability but not so good cleanup Was excited to finally own an Oreck. Was hoping for the XL, which was no longer available, but read good reviews on the Touch. It was very easy to assemble. The on/off switch took a little getting used to, but the vaccum cleans like a charm. Have owned Bissell top of the line, Shark Navigator and have used a Dyson Ball. This cleans better than all of them. Easy on-board tool that has tons of suction. Compared to the Shark and Bissell, it vacuums larger hard particles that the other two spit out all over the place. Has more than ample cord length and easy to detach canister. I have 4 dogs and am vacuuming every day. The fur collects in the canister and will not dump unless you remove it with your hand...very messy, even with minimal collection. The hand tools don't stay on the hose/tube tight, so if you're using the furniture cleaning attachment, you must hold onto both tube and attachment. The on/off switch is in an awkward place, so it's easy to inadvertenly turn off the vaccum or the power brush while holding the handle. In conclusion, in my opinion the Oreck cleans as well as a Dyson Ball at a savings of $150 and much better than the Shark. The canister cleaning issue frustrates me because I must get unnecessarily dirty to just dispose of dirt. But I love how the Touch cleans. July 7, 2013
Disappointed I am very disappointed in the oreck bagless .I have to unclog it every time I use it.We have a short haired dog and short haired cat .I have To stick my hands up into the cylinder and pull out the hair and dirt.Also my husband has to take it apart every week to unclog the hair dirt balls.I am very upset this is my first oreck purchase and I would return it if it was not past the thirty days!Instead of making my life easier it has made cleaning harder.It wont pick up on my hard wood floors at all so i sweep the rug and then use my broom on the hard wood.I purchased because it said it could go on both.I would not purchase if you have animales in the home for sure! June 25, 2013
This product is easy,lightweight and gets all dirt. I purchased this product yesterday. So far I love the deep clean it provides. It has great suction and I hope it retains that over time and usage. It cleans so well I have decided to purchase the pet accessory kit. I vacuum two times a week due to a dog that sheds and I was amazed at how much hair, dirt and dust it still picked up when I thought my house was already fairly clean. It is also lightweight compared to the vacuum I previously had. I have 3 flights of stairs to clean and this made it easier. The only feature I am not a fan of is the canister. The two times I have emptied it the dog hair, dirt and dust get caught around the cone and those parts have to be removed and cleaned. Your hands do get dirty and the dust does cling to the exterior of the vacuum. Overall I love the deep clean this vacuum provides so I would definitely recommend it. April 21, 2013
love the concept love all the inovative features. right on!!!!!!!!!! very powerful. love love the swivel action. all the dirt didn't dump out. why oh why is the handle so heavy??????? i don't see the need. customer service said,because of on board attachments and the bagless part. attachments are total of two and weigh almost nothing.the bagless part doesn't make sense either. i wouldn't own anythng but and oreck however. my 30 days aren't up yet and i 'm still trying to make this work. your customer service rocks and so does my local oreck store. both said we can make it right. April 29, 2013
Excellent vacuum! I have had an Oreck XL21 for a long time and have finally gotten tired of ordering bags for it. So this was a replacement for that vacuum! I was hesitant to purchase it because there weren't any reviews yet but since I had such good luck with my XL21 I decided to give it a try. I ordered it with the free shipping which is always nice and it arrived in about three days. It was simple to put together and I thought I'd put it up against my old XL. I vacuumed first with the XL and then used the Touch. The Touch did pick up more dirt and dog hair! So of course that made me question the effectiveness of my XL... We do have a Golden Retirever mix dog and she sheds a lot. We vacuum about every third day and the Touch is doing a great job. I have used it three times and decided to take the "cone" apart and clean it. There was quite a bit of dog hair caught in there so I felt it really needed it. The only issue I have is that part of the housing on the head seems to be vibrating a lot so I may give Customer Service a call about it. It is kind of annoying... Otherwise I think this is going to be a great replacement and is not near as heavy as the Dyson. It's heavier than my old XL but stil maneuvers great! Love the tools on board feature! March 29, 2013
Constant clogging I have had my Oreck Touch Bagless for about 11 months now. It started out with good suction. After sweeping a couple of times, I had to take it apart to remove clogs. Every time I clean I have to do a clog search. There is always a clog stuck somewhere. I really don't have time to do a clog search everytime I try to clean my floors. The canister is a dirty mess. You have to reach in and remove hair and debris. I also have to take it apart to check for any clogs in the canister as long as I am checking everywhere else for clogs. Not a pleasant experience. I also checked with the warranty people and they will replace the product only if there is a manufacturer defect. So I am on my own. The store I bought it from is gone, so are several others around. November 8, 2013
NightMare We purchased the Oreck Bagless about 3 months ago and it has been a nightmare. Every single time I go to empty the canister, I have to stick my hand way up to unclog the dirt, or completely disassemble the canister. All of a sudden, the vacuum just screams and no longer hums like it had been, it smells like a fire is brewing inside. I have to vacuum with several breaks or else I'm afraid the fire alarm wil go off. My mom has an older Oreck and I love it, which is why I was so excited to get my own. I honestly think we got a lemon of a vacuum and of course, these issues only came up AFTER the 30 day guarantee. My husband reminds me often that we should have gotten a Dyson as I was the one who insisted on an Oreck.... September 1, 2013
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