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Oreck XL® Shield Power Scrubber

Sku # M900

Deep Clean your Carpet and Bare Floors. The Oreck XL Shield Power Scrubber cleans and rinses carpets and bare floors, leaving them practically dry. It's like 2 machines in 1.

The XL Shield Power Scrubber comes with a free bottle of Oreck Full Release Allergen Control Carpet Cleaner. Specifically designed to work with the Power Scrubber, Allergen Control Cleaner breaks down grease, oil and ground-in dirt in all types of carpet and on hard floors (with the exception of wood floors).

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Professional looking results.

Oreck XL Shield Power Scrubber Cleaning Dirty Floors

With just the touch of a button, the Oreck XL Shield Power Scrubber deep-cleans, washes, lifts, and grooms your carpets. It also extracts stains, sticky residue, spills, pet accidents, and grime that vacuum cleaners may not remove. It has a 1 ft. wide cleaning path and not one, but three special purpose motors that make it ultra-efficient. All this capability in a unit that weighs about 17 lbs. – one of the lightest full size units on the market!

Extraction efficiency for drier carpets.

Oreck XL Shield Power Scrubber Shampooing Carpets and Couch

Unlike other methods, Oreck’s “rinse feature” removes shampoo residue and film that might otherwise lead to rapid resoiling. The Oreck Power Scrubber helps to restore carpets to their original beauty.

Lightweight and easy to use.

There's no waste. No clumsy hose hook-ups to your sink. No need to hire expensive, outside cleaning services or rent one of those outdated, cumbersome supermarket carpet cleaners (there's no telling where it's been). And, when you're done, simply fold the Power Scrubber’ retractable wheels for convenient storage. It only takes up 1 sq. foot of closet space. It's that easy every time.

Oreck XL Shield Power Scrubber hand attachment

Above the floor cleaning is a snap with the handheld attachment and extension hose.

Oreck Full Release Allergen Control Carpet Cleaner

The XL Shield Power Scrubber comes with a free bottle of Oreck Full Release Allergen Control Carpet Cleaner.

  • Comes with Oreck Full Release Allergen Control Carpet Cleaner and 12 foot extension hose.
  • The Rinse feature extracts soap residue that can re-soil your carpet.
  • The squeegee is great for hard floor surfaces like linoleum and tile (not for use on hardwood floors).
  • 25-ft. long cord with convenient quick release cord wrap.
  • 1-ft. wide cleaning path for faster cleaning.
  • Large wheels make cleaning easy and retract for storage. It takes up just 1 sq. foot of closet space.
  • No contamination! Upper tank holds clean water, while lower tank holds extracted water. Easy to fill, empty and clean.
  • Hand-held nozzle with 12-ft. hose is great for above-the-floor cleaning, including stairs, cars and upholstery.
  • Features a 2-year limited warranty.*
Warranty 2 year**
Weight 17 lbs
Capacity 2.3 Liter Tank
Cleaning Path 12 inches
Cord Rewind Manual
Cord Length 25 ft
Cleaning Function Deep Cleaning
Tools / Accessories Handheld Upholstery Tool, 12 foot extension hose, Allergen Release value pack
Type Wet/Dry
Surface Area Upholstery
Hard Surfaces
Oreck XL® Shield Power Scrubber 3.1 5 23 23
Amazing product, a MUST have in houses with carpets I purchased this product about 12 years ago and shortly after, my daughter in law spilled a bucket of white paint on the beige carpet of her apartment. I took it over there because we were afraid the paint would dry and get hard and they would have to pay for new carpeting. It was an AMAZing machine. Not only did it get all the paint up, but when the carpet dried you couldnt see where she'd spilled the paint anywhere. When the carpet dried, there were literally NO hard spots or remnants of the paint. When our house flooded in 2000 we lost the machine along with all our property and instead of replacing it, we bought all of the other machines on the market. I was always unhappy with their performance, but as each one broke over the next eight years, I kept going to my local stores and buying the competition, and then regretting it. Last year, after having the carpet cleaned professionally and not being happy with the results, I got online and repurchased this carpet cleaner. I went over the stains that the professionals had left and they disappeared! I am OVER the moon that I have it back and cant tell you how much you will enjoy doing your carpets with this machine!!!!!!! If this one ever breaks, I wont ever use an alternative. Of all the products I have bought in my lifetime, this truly is the best purchase (s) I have ever made. Thank you for such a great product. December 10, 2011
These machines overheat--insufficient ventilation vs. motor amps I have owned 3 of these in 4 years. They clean like a son of a gun but tend to overheat and trip the thermal protector. The first unit was a refurb that burned out after 2 years--It never tripped the switch so maybe it should have. 2nd unit was purchased this year and would not run for more than 15 minutes unless I placed it in front of a large fan between empty and refill of tank. I returned it for a new unit, no problems, but now this one also shuts down quickly. Specifically, today it shut down in our large walk in closet, after about 5 minutes. I reset it and it worked fine elsewhere. Therefore, it is clear heat builds quickly inside the shell--The walk in closet heated up quickly so as to permit insufficient heat transfer away from motor. Just look at the body and you can see there is very little ventilation for such a large motor. It works great when it isn't shutting off, is easy to clean. If they redesign to permit motor cooling, I'd recommend it to anyone. ALSO, the unit does not stand up with the wheels up as they collapse to the down position--It is a well known issue. I wrap a mini bungee cord wrapped from the body and hook to the wheel arm on each side. This causes the wheels to retract automatically, fixing the issue October 25, 2012
Better than a rug doctor. We were given a cheap old carpet cleaner by a friend that only left a few streaks of cleaner on the floor and we had to go over spots over and over but still did not see much of a result. We tried renting a rug doctor but the carpet took forever to dry and the room smelled musky. We got this model and are loving it. You only have to go over the floor one time and stains and smells that we couldn't get out are coming out wonderfully. I am hoping that the results keep coming. March 3, 2012
This product is very cheaply made and not worth the money. Within 3 months of owning the product the motor starting making a horrible high pitched noise. While in the Shampoo mode, the water does not come out. I called customer service and they asked me to take it to a local store for service. The closest store is over 1.5 hours away. They then told me to mail it back to them and then wait for them to return another one. So now I have to buy a box (roughly $12) and drive 20 mins each way to drop it off. Every other company when you return a product, sends the new one and then you can use their box to return it. Every Since I received this product, i should have returned it. It is very cheaply made and seems very fragile. Should not have the Oreck name on it. February 28, 2012
Very well built machine This was my second Oreck carpet steamer. The first lasted me over 20 years. I have used this new one only once so far but it is so very much improved over the original...I am totally satisfied and very happy with it. Oreck makes very good quality products. May 11, 2012
Sometimes, you get a dud I bought this machine to replace an older version of the Oreck carpet steamer. It was a dud. The switch for the shampoo/rinse didn't work. It didn't dispense the product. The nozzles had problems. It left stripes in the carpet. It was a wreck. I took it back to the store and replaced it with a non dud. The replacement version works much better. April 26, 2012
Not easy to use. I've trusted Oreck from my vacuum to my air cleaner, but I can't say anything positive about this carpet cleaner. It wouldn't push forward on carpet. It left large wet spots on my floors. It's sitting by my front door and more than likely heading to the trash. My first disappointment with Oreck. I bought it several months ago and this was my first time using it. I'll look online for a better product. May 21, 2012
This product is very poorly made. I purchased this product 1 year ago and after only using a few times it now does not work. It was very hard to take apart and fill the tank and now the tank will not stay in place and the machine makes a horrible noise and does not work. I would not recommend this very expensive machine as it is not very durable and very hard to operate, adding and removing the water tank is very difficult. October 17, 2012
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