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6 Steps To Keeping Your Kitchen Disaster-Free

Start with a clean slate of a kitchen

A kitchen disaster can only be adorable when kids are involved.

So unless you’re going to promise your spouse, significant other or roommate to clean up later, develop a strategy to keep the kitchen disaster free as you cook. Here are six ideas that should make it easy.

  1. Start with a clean canvas: Cooking in a dirty kitchen is an awful place to start. Give your kitchen a wipe down before you start, even if it’s an area of the kitchen you don’t plan on prepping or cooking in.
  2. Partner Up: Is your spouse not a capable cook? They can still help. Have them trail behind and clean as you create a nice treat for the two of you to enjoy later.
  3. Don’t let anything dry: Staying on top of messes makes them easier to clean. By tackling a spill as it happens, before it hardens is a big time saver. (And way less gross.)
  4. Measure over the sink: The Kitchn had this great tip (along with 9 others) that we loved. By measuring ingredients over the sink, anything spilled is cleaned just by turning on the faucet. Good deal!
  5. Quick clean now, deep clean later: Don’t worry about deep cleaning while cooking. Just wipe up anything spilled. And afterward, skip the hands and knees. Cleaning doesn’t have to be hard.
  6. Have fun: Perfection shouldn’t be the goal. Keep up with the cleaning as much as you can. Create the best food you can. But it will all taste better if you had a good time making it.

Emphasis on the last idea. Cooking should be something you enjoy beyond watching other folks do it on television. And the pay off is immediate: Delicious treats. Mitigate the mess and they’ll taste even sweeter.


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