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A Procrastinator’s Guide To Easter Holiday Clean Up

Tips to make your house presentable in under an hour.

It’s Easter Sunday morning. You’ve just grabbed the newspaper off the end of the driveway and when you walk in, you blink hard.

The house looked fine last night when you came in, bleary eyed from a long day at work. But now all you can see is clutter. And dust. And your mother’s disapproving glance, even though it’s a few hours before she arrives to have brunch.

OK. You can do this. You just need a plan. (And we’ve got that for you right here.)

Contain the Mess: Walk into your own house like a guest. Where will folks spend time in your house. They’ll see the foyer, your living room, the bathroom, the dining room? Fence off where in your house folks are likely to see. That’s where you need to worry about. 5 minutes to make a plan.

Attack the Clutter: Find a place for all the stuff. Pro-tip: All the stuff probably doesn’t go in the same space. A cluttered drawer is more forgivable than a cluttered table. But a cluttered closet where they go to hang their coats is nearly as bad as clutter out in the open. 12 minutes

Hit the Bathroom: The bathroom is one of the most important places you will clean. Clear the counters, pick up dirty clothes, clean the toilet (and around it). 15 minutes can turn a gross bathroom into one no one will think twice about. 15 minutes of hard cleaning

Are They Staying? For house guests that are sticking around past breakfast, be strategic in which room you choose to be theirs. Martha Stewart Living recommends: “Ideally, a guest room is a bedroom with a bathroom attached. It should be inconspicuously placed, so that guests don't need to cross the busiest parts of the house to get to it; for privacy, it shouldn't be next to a child's room.” In addition, by thinking of your house like a luxury hotel, you can stock up the room and kitchen with goodies that will make their stay feel even better than home. 20 minutes which may include a quick trip to the corner store

Finishing Touches:  Save the dusting and vacuuming for last. Nothing casts an unfinished look to a room than dust and surface debris. A quick pass should leave your home looking comfortable and like home. 7 minutes uninterrupted


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