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Keep Spring Messes Where They Belong With Bagged Vacuums

Spring Cleaning can make it hard to look in the mirror: Did I really live in this mess?

It actually makes the perfect case for a bagged vacuum. After cleaning an area that hasn’t been seen in months, you want that mess to disappear forever, not re-appear when you’re emptying out your vacuum.

When you vacuum, you’re picking up all sorts of gross: Dirt and dust, obviously, but also pollen, pet dander and organic material, such as dead skin cells. Bagless vacuum fans will sometimes take the dust bin outside to empty, in hopes of keeping what the vacuum picked up from going back in the house.  And of course, you can breathe that debris in as you’re dumping it. That takes a lot of the convenience out of using a bagless, especially since the capacity of most bagless vacuums are less than that of a bag.

When looking at a bagged vacuum, you’ll want to find a vacuum that offers a bag system that seal the dirt off as you’re removing the bag. (Oreck bagged vacuums all carry our Sani-Seal technology.) That solution means you won’t have to get reacquainted with everything you just picked up.

Another key benefit to vacuuming with a bagged unit is maintenance. Most bagless vacuums depend on a pre-motor filter in order to prevent damage. But once that filter gets dirty, performance is impacted. With a bagged unit, you maintain your filter naturally – the premotor filter is actually the bag itself! So when you replace your bags, you’re changing your filter. How often do you remember to change your filter in a bagless vacuum?

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