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Things We Love: Fur-Free Furniture

Three signs you may need to vacuum your furniture:

  • You appreciate that it is called furniture.
  • You’ve built your wardrobe around your dogs’ color.
  • Guests pet your couch and offer it treats.

Just because you love your dog doesn’t mean you have to love its fur. And keeping your upholstery clear of fur will help keep it odor-free and keep it looking new longer. Hair fibers and debris can cut away at upholstery as you sit and wriggle. Beyond that, it’s simply unpleasant.

In a pinch, there are many wild methods to get hair off furniture from balloons to wet hair. But regular maintenance with the right cleaner is a quicker, easier way to stay ahead of the shed. And brushing your dog or cat is a great way to show them love and attention — and remove the fur that would have shed off anyway.

Give your dog a pat on the head for us. Don’t pat your couch.

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