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Three Fi-Dos and Three Fi-Don’ts to Cleaner Floors With Pets

Have you ever had that doggy stare-down? Trying to figure out who made the mess?

Dog prints across a nice clean floor can make it feel like they undid lots of work in just moments.

Don’t stress. We have three dos and three don’ts to keep your house ready to face your dog, even if they’re always on the wrong side of the door.


  1. Trim paw hair: Cesar Millan suggests keeping the fur around your dog’s pads trimmed close, that way they will be less likely to have clumps of mud dragged in.
  2. Praise good behavior: Dogs respond well to praise. When they do what you want them to do, like sit patiently outside the door without pawing at the glass, reward them with praise and pets.
  3. Use the right tools: Reader’s Digest suggests using a good vacuum to mitigate dog hair in the house. We suggest adding a steam mop to that list to help with paw prints tracked in. Or, of course, you could always get one machine that does both.


  1. Don’t assume your doormat will take care of it: Doormats are key, but you still need to be proactive. A rag or a specialized doormat, like this one is critical.
  2. Don’t let them run in on their own: Calling their name and letting them bolt in the house is a sure-fire way to maximize the filth they bring in. Start a routine. Get them to sit before you open the door.
  3. Don’t get mad at the pooch: Hey, sometimes paw prints are going to happen. It’s not the dog’s fault. Take the steps necessary to prevent issues, but don’t be surprised if they happen despite your best efforts!

Have a Do or Don’t that’s not on the list? Post it to our Facebook wall!

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