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Oreck DualMax®

Sku # AIR16

Oreck's air cleaner, The DualMax® Air Purifier, features two fans that produce twice as much airflow as our leading air purifier. That's double the power to move the air, draw it in and capture pollen, dust, pet dander, cigarette smoke and other allergens that pass through the filter. Perfect for rooms up to 200 sq. ft.

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Double the airflow. Twice the power.

Oreck's new air cleaner, The DualMax® Air Purifier, features two fans that produce twice as much airflow as our leading purifier. That's double the power to move the air, draw it in and capture pollen, dust, pet dander, cigarette smoke and other allergens that pass through the filter.

Particles filtered by the Oreck DualMax® air purifier

It's not just any filter, either, but our exclusive Truman Cell® filtration system, combined with our high-efficiency odor absorber, the Helios Shield®. Both are designed for high performance and easy maintenance — and will never need replacing. Getting fresher, cleaner air has never been easier.

Truman Cell for the Oreck DualMax® air purifier

Advanced engineering in a quiet, compact design

How does this unique filter system work? Oreck's patented Truman Cell® captures dust and allergens from the air that passes through it, pulling them out of the air like a magnet. At the same time, the Helios Shield® is working to reduce common household odors as well as chemical fumes such as paint smells, the gases put off from new rugs and furniture, aerosol vapors and cleaning supply odors from the air that passes through its filter. The dual fans then push cleaner, fresher air back out into the room.

Easy to use, durable

Most air purifiers rely on expensive filters that have to be replaced and can eventually end up in a landfill. The Oreck DualMax® Air Purifier features a permanent Truman Cell® that never needs to be replaced. Simply wash with soap and water, rinse clean and let dry. The odor filter, what we call the Helios Shield®, is permanent as well (it doesn't even come out of the unit) and does not require any maintenance. So not only do you get cleaner air with a DualMax®, you get to feel good about making a less wasteful choice.

Try the Oreck DualMax® Air Purifier risk-free for 30 days.

The DualMax has more than twice the power of the ProShield® Plus Air Purifier and is more compact than our tower air cleaner. Recommended for rooms up to 200 sq. ft, the 15.7 pound DualMax® was designed with portability in mind. Not sure whether to use it in the master bedroom, playroom or den? Then try it out in your own home, in all those rooms, and smell the difference it can make — risk-free for 30 days.If you don't love it, you don't keep it.® We'll even pay the return shipping!

Awards & Recognition

Housewares Design Awards Finalist ribbon given for the DualMax Air Purifier
2012 Housewares Design Awards Finalist

ENERGY STAR® Qualified

Energy Star logo

Oreck® is proud to offer our customers the DualMax®
which has earned the ENERGY STAR®.

Did you know?

There is a difference between HEPA air purifiers and those that use EP or electrostatic precipitator technology. To learn more and decide which type of air purifier is right for your home, click here.

Top Features:

  • Recommended for medium rooms up to 200 sq. ft.^
  • CADR of 130 (Clean Air Delivery Rate) for a 10" x 20" room.^
  • Power of our Tower in a compact, contemporary design. DualMax measures 11.8"D x 9.5"W x 18.4"H
  • The Truman Cell® captures allergens from the air that passes through the filter and is ¼ lb. lighter than Oreck's tower filter.
  • The Helios Shield®, an odor absorber that reduces odors from the air that passes through it
  • Two high-performance fans produce double the CADR with less noise as compared to our previous top-selling air purifier
  • Three speed settings, including low which incorporates Silence Technology®. (The lowest setting is only 37 decibels — a level somewhere between a whisper and the hum of your fridge.)
  • 5-year limited warranty**
  • Remote control turns the purifier on, adjusts speed levels and turns night light on or off
  • Indicator light lets you know when purifier needs to be cleaned
Warranty 5-year limited warranty**
Dimensions 11.8"D x 9.5"W x 18.4"H
Weight 15.7 lbs.
CADR 130
Filtration Truman Cell, Odor Absorber
Cleaning Function Air Purification
Recommended Room Size Rooms up to 200 sq. ft.
Speed Settings Three Speeds
Type of Odor Filter Helios Shield® permanent odor absorber
Type Air Purifier
Truman Cell
Surface Area Air
Energy Star Qualified Yes
Oreck DualMax® 3.7 5 27 27
snoopy09 this product works great and we could really tell a big difference in the air quality in our home. the only problem we had was in the cleaning process. the tv ads say just rinse, the owners manual says soak in warm soapy water and swish , when this didn't work we called customer service and they said to soak in hot soapy water for one hour while keeping the water hot then rinse and soak for another hour then rinse and soak for another hour. when we finally got the truman light to go off we had worked at it for over a week. everyone we spoke with at customer service told us a different way to clean it and in the end it was just too much trouble so now we are trying the airinstinct 200. we really hope this one works out better. December 30, 2012
I can breathe easier now! I live in the rural community of Beautiful Lompoc on the gold coast of California. When I say rural I mean the city rightfully claims itself to be the city of flowers and artist. Fields of vibrant saturated colors of the growing flowers, fruits, and vegetables surround the city. sweeping ocean winds pick up plenty of dust, pollen, spores, and pesticides from the those fields to penetrate my house and deposit themselves in my lungs via the dusty air I inhale. THE DUAL MAX REMOVES THE AIRBORNE DUST & TOXANS. I CAN BREATHE MUCH BETTER & HAVE LESS DUSTING. THE FILTHY DARK BROWN WATER FROM SOAKING THE TRUMAN CELL IS A VISABLE TESTAMENT TO WHAT IS REMOVED FROM THE AIR I BREATHE! Thank You Oreck. Disabled Veteran September 17, 2012
My air cleaner is less than a year old and it has been the worst thing i ever bought. They replaced the Truman Cell about a month after i bought it and now about three months later it is not working again. Now i have to send the whole unit back but they say i have to pay for the shipping because the service centers near me don't work on air cleaners. I don't think it is fair to penalize me because their service centers can't work on air cleaners. If you are thinking of buying anything from Oreck please don't. October 3, 2012
Smoke Be Gone! I LOVE this product! I bought a new home that was ten years old and had been smoked in non-stop. When I left after viewing it even my clothing smelled of smoke, but it was a really good deal for the price so I decided to try cleaning and see where I got. After thoroughly cleaning the house I bought this product to put in the basement (where most of the smoking was done) and I cannot believe the difference it made. Now you can't tell there was ever any smoke in the house, except when I turn the purifier off. It is a little tricky to clean well, but its worth it. My parents have the XL and prefer mine to theirs. My basement is around 1500 sq ft, and the Dual Max more than keeps up. I can't say enough good things about this product! My only concern is the privacy offered by Oreck. A couple of weeks after I purchased the Dual Max, I received a phone call offering me a great deal on another one. I was interested but too busy to discuss it, when I asked the caller to email me or call back later she said she couldn't do that. To me that seems a little off, so I'm glad I didn't order another through the caller. August 14, 2012
I love it! I love this air purifier! I love it so much I bought a second one, it works great, easy to clean and easy to use! Would recommend to anyone! March 13, 2012
DualMax After owning the Air 4000 for years, it dies. It was worth every penny. After ordering the Oreck DaulMax,it does not take its place. Air flow is much less, It does move the air the older model did thus it doesn't clean as much air. Leaving it on the whole weekend while I was gone there was no clean smell when I walked in. I have a very small apt and will miss the clean smell. May 20, 2013
great machine got this airpurifer today 4/19/13. grreat machine works well as my other air purifers by oreck. so it makes noise i can livve with it. not so loud as beong said. it does the job. so what. i needed one for my larger room in no time air was clean. do not go any where else for clean air, this is it. beverly April 19, 2013
Easy to Clean, Fairly Quiet, and Boy Does it clean the air... This Oreck Dual Max air-cleaner does exactly what it advertises. It really cleans the dust, dirt, and pollen from the air in my bedroom. It is fairly quiet on the two lowest speeds with only a slight increase in sound on the high speed. It is super easy to clean and after using mine for nearly 4 months now I am super impressed with the amount of dirt that comes out of the Ionizer. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone who wants to significantly increase their home air quality. Having been a submarine sailor in the past, this unit reminds me of a smaller version of our Electrostatic Precipitators which performed a similar function aboard a Nuclear Submarine. January 13, 2013
very good item We like this new air purifier very much one thing we like about it is it lights up at night & you can see where you are going and it is easy to run and to use very easy. We bought this one is because the other we had all I can sya is it wore out. stop running . I bought this is is because my husband has asthma and no it does stop the attacks from coming but he can breath a little bitter I think. I am thinking later on coming back and buying a second one. September 11, 2012
A great product that's simple to use and well built! I love the solid but quiet and simple to use design. Very well built and easy to use. March 19, 2012
I would recommend this, but, NOT for cigar smoke. This unit was specifically recommended for use in my Cigar Hideout. I tried it inside my, no smoking allowed, home, and it worked fine for normal household odors. However, when placed in my Cigar Hideout (a less than 200 sq. ft. detached cigar smoking allowed room), it failed. As the room size was right at the coverage limit, I purchased a second unit, hoping it would fix the problem, but, it did not. I even purchased an extra electronic filter to keep one cleaned and ready to go the moment the unit said to change it, but that didn't help, either. For this room, there is also a 300 CFM exhaust fan that is in use while the room is actively occupied (average about 1 hour a day#. These #2) DualMax air cleaners run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and do not get the air to smell "clean" in this small room. I feel a bit misled by Oreck sales, and, for the price of TWO of these, I should have installed a professional unit, that I do know to work. December 20, 2012
I don't recommend I have purchased two dual max air purifiers. One was a gift. That one stopped working after a few months, in a small, smoke-free home. It was repaired, not replaced. One quit after six months and was downright defective. It was replaced, but the replacement has stopped working. It is loud, ineffective at moving air and very difficult to clean. I had to soak Truman cell for 48 hours then dry it for days and still the needs cleaning light comes on. I've used the recommended cleaning spray as well. this purifier has these small strings like thin quitar strings in the cell and when I took my cell out to clean, I see they are broken. They actually broke right in the machine. When you pay 400 plus for an air purifier, it should work. Save your money. October 22, 2013
Terrible Product This product is worthless. The major problem is cleaning the cell. I have year (2 years) and be able to put it in place and have it work without taking it back out and fooling with it for sometimes an hour or more. It still blinks yellow telling me there is a problem. I hate it and should have returned it in the beginning. It cleans the air fine if you are lucky enough to get it to work. I bought it because Oreck seems to be a good company. Stay away from this product. . December 17, 2013
Poor Product - it has never worked right This product has had problems from day 1. I had to replace the Truman Cell after 6 months because it was overheating (possible fire hazzard). Every time I clean the Truman Cell, I cannot get the unit to operate in Normal mode - it will not go into the dry mode, even after letting the cell completely dry over a period of WEEKS! Customer Service said that it is not out of warranty. It is sitting on my floor, unplugged, because I cannot get it to work properly. I could not recommend this product to anyone. September 3, 2013
Not as advertised Not as advertised ! ! ! I have not seen any improvement in dust in the room and odors are not reduced. Fans are computer cooling fans, they do not circulate enough air to clean any volume of air. Monthly cleaning is a major hassle which would be worthwhile if it actually cleaned the air. This is more of a gimmick than a real air purifier. I would not buy another. March 31, 2014
i used to like the Oreck DualMax This product is worthless. The major problem is cleaning the cell. I have year (2 years) and be able to put it in place and have it work without taking it back out and fooling with it for sometimes an hour or more. It still blinks yellow telling me there is a problem. I hate it and should have returned it in the beginning. It cleans the air fine if you are lucky enough to get it to work. I bought it because Oreck seems to be a good company. i still can't get that light to stop blinking August 10, 2014
the product is energy star rated and very quiet I just purchased this product and plugged it in today... It is very quiet and easy to use. It is too early to say if I really love it. I do have the XL series. I bought 2 around 7 yrs ago. One had to be junked because the motor went so I opted to buy this new one. Only one thing right now.. the booklet states that it has a ALCI plug. The one I just bought does not. It just has a regular plug. ALCI stands for appliance leakage current interrupter. Do I have an old feature or a new feature? February 12, 2013
Super quiet, and super efficient! The Oreck DualMax™ was super-easy to set up. No assembly required – which made me love this unit right away. You literally just take it out of the box and plug it in. Simply turn it on, and you’re on your way to cleaner air. The unit has three different speeds. At the lowest speed, it’s so quiet you can barely hear it. My refrigerator hums louder than this air purifier. The second and third level of speed are noticeably louder, but not overwhelmingly so. The unit comes with a remote so you can adjust it from across the room. The unit is recommended for medium rooms up to 200 sqare feet. It’s fairly compact. One of the best features about this air purifier is the ease of use. There are no filters that need to be replaced. It features a permanent Truman Cell®. Simply wash with soap and water, rinse clean and let dry. The odor filter is permanent as well (it doesn’t even come out of the unit) and does not require any maintenance. Now that’s my kind of appliance! I don’t have any allergies to dust, pet hair or any other airborne allergens, so I can’t say that I noticed much of a difference in the quality of the room air for that. I did notice that things were a little less dusty. What I really noticed, though, and what really impressed me, is the Oreck DualMax™’s high-efficiency odor absorber. I hate lingering cooking odors after I’ve enjoyed my meals, so I knew this was going to be my biggest test of whether I would like this air purifier. It passed the odor test with flying colors. It would take only a few minutes of running the Oreck DualMax™ on its highest setting, and any remaining odors were gone. I loved almost everything about this air purifier, with one exception, and that exception is probably a very personal one. I’m super sensitive to smell, and I don’t care for the smell of ozone. Other people love that just after a storm clean smell – and that’s all it smells like. But if it’s a toss up between lingering cooking odors and the ozone smell, I’ll take the ozone smell. August 21, 2012

*Particle reduction and air circulation depend on many factors. All air in a room may not pass through the filter.
**Some limitations apply. For details, see warranty.
***Filter life will vary by usage and environment.
ˆBased on 8' ceiling, high setting and ANSI/AHAM AC-1