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Oreck® Grab-It & Steam-It®


The Oreck® Grab-It & Steam-It® replaces multiple cleaning supplies with one simple, easy-to-use tool for quick cleanups, deep cleaning and can sanitize hard floor surfaces by focusing steam for at least 15 seconds.† Just add water, plug it in and in about a minute it's ready to go. A turbo broom and steam mop in one, Grab-It & Steam-It® offers dual function cleaning that can be operated independently or simultaneously. Help fight dirt and grime at the same time!™

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Grab-It & Steam-It® does double-duty cleaning:
one tool to sweep and steam clean, saving you time and money

Fight dirt and grime at the same time.

This unique two-in-one tool easily grabs spills and debris and steam cleans messes, too. It works well on low pile carpet and rugs and hard floor surfaces*. The turbo broom cleans up quick spills while the steam mop deep cleans and it can sanitize hard floor surfaces, such as tile or sealed hardwood.†

Grab-It & Steam-It® features a large capacity removable water tank for easy filling. It can hold 21 ounces of water that will provide about 30 minutes of steam. Less time refilling means cleaning gets done faster! Variable steam control allows the user to match to steam output to the cleaning task.

With its low profile and swiveling head, Grab-It & Steam-It® makes cleaning under and around furniture and in tight spaces a snap. A 30-foot cord means fewer stops to change outlets and that means speedier cleaning. It comes with two washable microfiber steam mop pads. The water filter is replaceable.

sweeper on carpet sweeper under furniture sweeper on hardwood
Sweeper broom works on low pile carpet and rugs Low profile, swiveling head for cleaning under furniture and in tight spaces Broom function is perfect for spot cleanups of dust and debris on hard floors
settings switch debris cups pedal
Adjustable steam settings up to 1400 watts deep cleans and can sanitize hard floor surfaces when steam is focused for at least 15 seconds† Debris cup opens and empties at the press of a button Attaching or releasing micropad is easy with step pedal

Blogger Reviews

I Love You More Than Carrots In a household with a toddler and a 110-pound sheepdog, achieving "pristinely steamed" hardwood floors is "no easy feat," says AP. Grab-It & Steam-It changed all that. See how at I Love You More Than Carrots.
Our Love Nest "It's super easy to switch modes on the Grab-It & Steam-It," says Pamela. "From straight vacuuming to straight steaming, it all happens with the simple turn or press of a button." Her favorite room to use it? The kitchen. See the full review at Our Love Nest.
Living Rich on Less "Grab-It & Steam-It is the only mop I have ever used that makes me feel like my kitchen floor is really deep-cleaned and sanitized," says Susan. See her awesome photos of this "multi-tasking workhorse" at Living Rich on Less.
  • One-step, quick and easy cleaning on multiple floor surfaces
  • Lightweight: Weighs approximately 8.1 pounds with the cord but without water
  • Heats up fast; ready to steam in about a minute
  • Low profile, swivel head gives easy access to tight spaces, around furniture
  • Reusable microfiber pads
  • Replaceable water filter
  • Comes with 2-year limited warranty.**
Warranty 2-year limited warranty**
Dimensions 47.5"H x 11.5"W x 8.5"D
Weight About 8.1 lbs.
Capacity 21 oz.
Cleaning Path 9.25 in.
Cord Length 30 ft.
Reusable Microfiber Bonnents Reusable microfiber pads
Tools / Accessories Water filter and 2 floor pads included
Watts / Amps 1500W
Surface Area Hard Floor Surfaces
Oreck® Grab-It & Steam-It® 3.2 5 36 36
I agree -- This product should not have the name Oreck on it. Soaks the floor. Does not steam up well. Streaks the floor when it is dry. February 18, 2012
great rotation of the steam mop head when you get it on sale like i did , it is a nice value. I have had it for a couple months now and I love the steamer. it works great! the vacume part does not pick up well but is still very helpful in some instances. If the price is right the value is fair. April 2, 2012
Cool Product Setting up the product for first time use is super easy: Fill the water container, plug it to the AC outlet, wait for green light, and off it goes. I don't like manual, and this is great because I don't have to read the manual before use. I did review the manual afterward to make sure I didn't miss anything important after I play with the unit. The product does clean the floor well. In heavy soiled spots, I run the cleaner over a few times and it would clean off 90%; the other 10% can only be removed by hand. For all other areas, it does the job well. We have tile flooring so I just go straight to max steam. The residue steam is apparent, so I use a portable fan to help with the evaporation time. Once dried, the floor is clean. I like the fact the unit is light and compact. The long cord is very helpful because you don't have to keep disconnecting and connecting to the wall. I wonder if adding bleach to the water would help with cleaning tough spots, but that would defeat the idea of cleaning without chemical, especially the danger of breathing in bleach vapor. All in all, it's a good product. March 10, 2012
Does the Job! I researched the features and value of many steam mops. Based upon Oreck's well known name, the company's reputation, the 30-day trial feature, the 2-year warranty offered, and the fact that the item was on sale, I decided to purchase the Oreck 'Grab-It and Steam-It'. And I'm glad I did, very much liking my Oreck steam mop. I particularly like its simplicity and ease of use (detesting over-complicated gadgetry). Purchased specifically for cleaning white ceramic tile in my kitchen (a pain to keep clean), the 'Grab-It and Steam-It' does a wonderful job, my tiled floor now looking cleaner and brighter than ever, appearing whiter than when first installed. I had always noticed that, around the edges of the tile, grime would first accumulate there, even if the centers of the tiles looked clean, now assuming that residue from the grout sealer was never adequately removed (trying many types of strong floor cleaners with regular mops without success). The hot steam has miraclously removed whatever was there, the 'early dirt build-up' no longer occurring. To date, I am absolutely delighted with my Oreck steam mop. Feeling confident that I will keep it, I've ordered an extra box of cleaning bonnets, also liking the fact that I can wash, dry and use them over and over again. Bottom line is that Oreck has acquired another happy, satisfied customer. May 23, 2012
Leaves streaks Steamer leaves parallel streaks which show some on tile but badly on hardwood. Why put this on the market with this type of issue? Dust & pet hair get caught up in the small wheels. May 11, 2012
Returned Mine Sadly the Oreck Grab it & Steam it didn't meet the oreck name. The vacumn part did not work well. I was just trying to pick up small pieces of dirt and it just pushed it around. Plus with the vacumn part it reduced the steam mop pad size. It would be better if it was just a suction vacumn vs 2 small beater bars that are useless. March 24, 2012
Better than a mop or hand scrubbing. Yes, it's fairly expensive. But given the amount of time I spend cleaning floors, saving me several hours over the course of a year is worth the price tag. I spent about an hour scrubbing my kitchen floor with pinesol, a sponge and a bristle brush. I wiped everything clean with fresh paper towels. That was last night and today I got my Grab-It & Steam-It and ran it over the "clean" floor. The reusable cleaning pad was still fairly dirty. The vacuum and spinning brush isn't as powerful as an Oreck vacuum, but then again, this unit isn't several hundred dollars. The vacuum does pick up loose dirt and debris, I haven't tried it on wet or caked-on dirt. Save your knees, back and a couple hours a month by getting one of these. July 31, 2012
Grab It and Steam It Easy to use, light weight, and cleans exceptional well. Would recommend this product to every woman. No more mops! May 21, 2012
Good features, light weigt and easy to use. The steamer was easy to assemble and use. It heats up quickly and uses a minimal amount of water. April 16, 2012
Steam surely helps in cleaning a linoleum kitchen floor, but the vacuum portion can stand some improvement. 1. After use, floor was noticeably cleaner than before, but not significantly different than using a mop. Problem with any mop is the residual water left on the floor that still needs to be gone over with a dry towel. Same here with the Grab It and Steam It. Perhaps there should be an option to turn off the steam and substitute it for a blast of dry air, and/or empower the vacuum to suck up residual water left on the floor along with dry air - much like the way a hair dryer works. 3. Finally, much like our other Oreck vacuum cleaner for rugs, the Oreck XL, crumbs and corn flakes sized debris, that should be picked up before using the steam process, the debris is merely shoved ahead of the head, by and large, instead of being picked up. Must be lack of sufficient suction and the head being too close to the floor to allow the crumb entry - so it merely pushes it ahead. 2. Secondly, steering the unit was a bit tricky, once the head unit is turned slightly, it then goes further in that direction than intended. June 8, 2012
This product is not as good as I thought it would be. I was hoping that it would have cleaned better than it did. The pad area is too small. And I noticed streaks. Had to redo the floor a second time. May 8, 2012
Oreck Grab and Steam My husband gave this to me as a Mothers Day gift. Seeing it was an Oreck I couldn't what to use it. Hubby put it together and off I went.... at a snails pace. The Turbo Broom picked up very little, maybe dust. Dog hair, crumbs and grass tracked in by puppies and hubby? Not even close. It pushed it around and the steamer got the rest. I could not finish my bathroom floor. There was so much drag, I had to use both arms to push, and ended up throughing my right shoulder out. I'm 62, but hardly a weaking. I'm so disappointed. This definately does not belong in the Oreck line. May 14, 2012
Good product This steam mop is much heavier than what I used before. I like that I can control the amount of steam. The second time I used the mop it stopped releasing steam halfway through cleaning my kitchen floor. I could hear the mop trying to produce steam but nothing was coming out. I found the holes on the bottom of the mop were plugged. After I got them open again, the mop started releasing steam and I could finish cleaning. The vacuum portion of this product is nothing to rave about, it will do in a pinch but certainly not what I use to clean my floor prior to mopping. I purchased this product because of Oreck's 30 day money back guarantee. September 4, 2012
Not impressed the vac could not pick up sand, very disappointed with it. The pads for the steamer is much better than the last cloths September 13, 2012
poor I bought this for my wood floors and it left streaks. Very dissatisfied June 28, 2012
Would not recommend this steam mop This steam mop turbo broom , does not work very well leaves Streaks everywhere floor looks like it hasn't been cleaned .I,m very unhappy with the results . It also needs more power and bigger pads.I would overlook these if it did a good job on the cleaning but it doesn't make less work if you have to redo the floor. I have tile thru the whole house so this is a lot of work. June 23, 2012
this product is awsome and i dont know what i ever did without it its so easy to use and i feel its going to clean my floors even better then my old way April 25, 2012
Powerful Steamer in a conveniently small product! We have purchased many Oreck products over the last 20 years. Our friends told us about the Steam mop and how impressed they were with it, I wasn't sure that we would need a steam mop but after hearing how quick and easy it was to use and how well it worked, My wife and I decided to give the Oreck Grab it and Steam it a try. The first thing you'll notice is how fast the Grab it and Steam it heats up and is ready to work. I love the steam control knob which allows you to control the exact amount of steam for the job. The steam sanitizes your floors at any level you set the control to and leaves your floors clean. A light comes on when it is heating and a second light is on when it is ready to steam clean. The Grab it and Steam it is very light and small easy to use and clean. It is very well designed and constructed. We use it almost every day. The steam pad snaps on and off easy cleaning. It comes with two pads. The Grab it and Steam it from Oreck is worth every penny. June 21, 2012
Grab it and Steam it I have been very disappointed in this product. It does not live up to the reputation of other Oreck products. It has not had that much use, and have had to replace the brush twice!! The steam cleaner does well on my ceramic floors, but streaks and leaves a dull finish on the wood floors. I am not going to spend the money to replace the brush again , so will be replacing this item with another brand. The Grab it and Steam it needs some improvement!! August 27, 2015
Works great... when it works I've owned my Grab-It & Steam-It for just over 2 years, and must say that when it works, it's wonderful! I use it on linoleum and hardwood, and my floors have never been cleaner. During this time I've recommended it to family and friends. The problem is that it failed after about 6 months and was repaired under warranty, and now has failed again - just quit steaming both times. My dealer says it cannot be repaired. I said, "do you mean it's not worth the cost of repair?", and he said, "no, it can't be repaired". I don't understand - it was repaired last year for the same problem. I would have gladly paid to have it fixed, but it seems that he just wanted to sell me a new one. So now Oreck has lost my business altogether, because I'll be shopping for another brand. I chose Oreck because it's made in the US, but need to know that service and support will be available for the products I purchase. August 8, 2014
Defective I do not believe that my Grab-It & Steam-It is working properly, and if it is, I'm truly disappointed. I was excited to use it, but the steam did not come out, even though I assembled it properly and followed the instructions. It seems like it's clogged because the steam only comes out of the pivot ball that connects the power head and the main unit. August 3, 2014
Used mother in laws decided I needed one for myself!!! Happy Birthday to me!!! As mentioned was at Mother in laws the past week! Let just say retiree in the sun with nothing but tile floors throughout house with WHITE grout we showed up with caravan full of sippy cups and toddlers in tow! Needless to say day one and already several spills now the once pristine white grout now were speckled pink in places and purple in another large puddle! I was so afraid we had ruined her floors and already exhausted my arms strength attempting mopping and hand scrubbing only to make small stains worse. I caved and called mom in law and she told me to go look in utility room and behind the door for her secret weapon for keeping her white grout so pearly white!!! Hanging neatly was the cutest little contraption I plugged it in and placed fabric pad on floor and clipped in place I then quickly figured out not only does this steam it also vacuums. Very quickly the first pink spots were gone and then even quicker the purple streaks disappeared under the intense steam and all the colors are trapped in the fabric pad. Which is washable no constant need to buy new pads. The entire room was done with just one thing of "cleaner" upon getting home I just had to ask my Mother in law what was the miracle clear cleaner on the steam mop and when she told me to look at gallon jug in floor behind the utility door I was shocked the super all powerful cleaner was a gallon of 100% distilled water from local big box store! I just could not believe there was not bleach or oxidizer cleaner or ammonia in that jug! So guess what I bought myself for my birthday just a couple of weeks early!!! Love the ease of use! Does great on tile and linoleum! I have not had a stain yet this mop hasn't been able to completely remove! Also the areas I have mopped and thought to be clean now are truly clean the pads were so gross the first time I mopped our bathroom floors I was shooed that I had let my babies crawl on these filthy floors and had walked barefoot myself on these gross floors!!! July 10, 2014
This product is a waste of $100 This product is not worth your money. We have had an Oreck vacuum for years and have always been satisfied. When it came time to invest in a quality steam mop we decided to purchase another Oreck product and chose the Grab It and Steam It because of low price and expected functionality. After using this product a few times we are going to invest in a different product. It's also outside the 30 day window so the only thing Oreck will offer is $40 off a different steamer. The product has a weak electric broom, does not steam off grime on the floor, and not worth your money. April 14, 2014
Broom and Steam Mop The first one I bought, the steamer went out. I received another one,free. It was damage the handle was bent or dented and it broke down. I didn't want to have to go thru the trouble of returning. I have to pay for the return. February 26, 2014
Very pleased Another fine Oreck product, light-weight, extremely maneuverable, goes under the lower cabinets which is a big plus. The linoleum in my kitchen and laundry hallway has indentations in it which collect dirt. This steam cleaner, when using the brush, does a good job of cleaning that although I did need to make several swipes. I think if I did a deep cleaning with a scrub brush (ICK!) then maintaining the cleanliness of the floor would be much easier. The product design of the flooring is the issue, not the cleaner. I agree with other reviews that holding down the steam lever is tiresome, so perhaps a small product change that had a locking device would be beneficial. Another modification would be the ability to use a non-wax floor polisher in the water tank. Never the less, I am very, very happy with this product and would heartily recommend it to anyone who cannot afford nor need a heavy-duty machine. November 19, 2013
Good for the price This is a good little steamer but yes, it does leave streaks/lines on the floor. My hubby and I thought after the floor dried completely the lines would be gone but they are still there this morning. The lines don't show unless you are viewing the floor at an angle or in the light, though. They don't really bother us, and the lines will probably wear away in a day or two - but they definitely are there. The unit is very easy to use and leaves the house feeling like it has been deep cleaned. We do really love that about it. We will be keeping this, because at the very least it's great for the tile in our finished basement. September 23, 2012
Good purchase! This is so much better then a bucket and a mop! Great for house with little carpet! July 10, 2012
Good product I wish it was a little easier to push and had a better mop pad on it, it gets a little streaky. But overall it picks up dirt really well and cleans nicely. Probably the best you can buy right now, but as a busy mom and a Daycare provider I need more. Perhaps in the future. May 29, 2012

*Not for use on fine silks, velour, very thin plastics, unsealed hardwood, laminates, engineered hard floor surfaces, ceilings, drywall and exterior paint of automobiles, electronics or items using electricity.
†To sanitize hardwood surfaces, focus steam while mopping for at least 15 seconds. Results based on lab testing under controlled conditions. Results will vary based on use of the Grab-It & Steam-It® and the surface to be cleaned.
**Some limitations apply. For details, see warranty.