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How to Change Your Vacuum Belt

*Note, you will need a Phillips head screw driver.


NOTE: When buying replacement belts, use ONLY ORECK genuine belts. Belts other than Oreck belts will not operate the revolving brush correctly and may create undue stress which will cause damage to the motor and brush bearings. Using belts other than ORECK belts will void the warranty.

IMPORTANT: The belt on your vacuum cleaner controls the speed of the revolving brush and is very important for the effective operation of the cleaner. If the belt becomes stretched or cut, it will cause the revolving brush to stop completely or slow down.

  1. Remove the door by removing the hold-down screw located on side of power head.
  2. Fold door away from the power head and lift it away.
  3. Remove the old belt from the motor drive shaft and brush roll pulley.
  4. Loop the new belt over the brush roll pulley. Place the opposite end of the belt on the motor drive shaft.
  5. Replace the door by placing the bottom tab on door into slots located inside power head and pressing the door closed.
  6. Replace the hold-down screw and tighten.
  7. For optimal performance, replace the belt every 6 months.

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