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How to Change Your Air Purifier Filter

How do you know when to change the filters on your Oreck AirInstinct 200 air purifier? Just look at the indicator light; it will blink when a filter may need to be replaced. (Filter life will vary by usage and environment.)

When the indicator light blinks, press the Mood Button to find out which filter needs to be replaced.

Low Speed Light means the HEPA Filter needs to be replaced.
Medium Speed Light means the Odor (or A3™) filter needs to be replaced.

The Pre-Filter needs to be replaced every 2 to 4 weeks.

IMPORTANT: Always remove the protective plastic packaging from the filter before installing the filter.

  1. Turn the air purifier off and unplug it.
  2. Open the front cover (white panel) by gently pulling from the top corners.
  3. Rinse the front cover thoroughly in warm water or as needed. Set it aside and let it dry before re-installing.
  4. Pull the pre-filter straight out of the cabinet. (Since it filters out large particles it might contain dust, hair and lint.)
  5. Thoroughly rinse the Pre-Filter and let it air-dry before placing it back in the cabinet. Do not use heated or compressed air as part of the drying process.
  6. Remove the Odor Filter
  7. Remove the used Odor Filter (also called the A3™ filter) and discard. DO NOT dispose of the Odor Filter’s plastic frame—you’ll need it to properly insert the new filter!
  8. Remove the HEPA Filter
  9. Remove the HEPA filter and discard.
  10. Before re-installing the new HEPA filter, take it out of the plastic. Install the new HEPA filter.
  11. Before re-installing the new Odor (A3TM) filter, take it out of the plastic. Place the new Odor filter into the original plastic frame that you saved when you took the old filter out.
  12. Insert the new Odor filter into the unit.
  13. Replace the new odor filter (the black side should face towards you)
  14. Re-insert the clean, dry pre-filter into the unit.
  15. Using a small enough tool to fit through the air inlets, press the small black reset button located behind the air inlet/outlets. [no image available]
  16. Replace the front panel; it should snap onto the unit easily.