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Oreck® Steam-It® Main Floor Nozzle

Sku # 53519-01

Replacement Floor Nozzle for use with the Oreck Steam-It all purpose steam wand

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Main Floor Nozzle 1.5 5 15 15
poor quality in material and design I love this steam mop but the main floor nozzel stopped letting steam come thru the vents. I took it to an Oreck repair shop and from just turning the machine on I was told that it was clogged & it needed replacement. I didn't believe the evaluation and took it home and thought I would use vinegar to try and unclog the vents before spending money on a new one. I unscrewed the bottom screws and was amazed that the plastic insert into the hose had simply broken where the nossel connects to the main steam flow outlet. The price of the mop certainly does not reflect the lack of quality you used to build the guts of the product! It is a failure waiting to happen. Had the machine been over used I wouldn't be so critical. I have been a fan of Oreck for many years (2 vaccums,a floor scrubber & the steam mop) and thought I was buying a quality product.... but this is.... Top price bottom of the line parts. MM April 11, 2012
Broke in 15 months with normal usage I bought this product to clean the tile because I have 3 large dogs. I have used Oreck products for 20 years, multiple vacuums, floor scrubber, old canister steamer, air cleaners and cleaning products. I am a die hard fan of Oreck. I bought the Steam-It in June 2014. Use it weekly, and last week without any for warning, the head snapped off. Of course I am out of warranty by 3 months. I had to purchase a new head with shipping is costing $37.25 and I have to wait 7-10 business days for FedX to deliver. I originally purchased the Steam It from Amazon for $135.19. I am disappointed, this is my first Oreck product that did not stand the test of time. I then read all the other reviews and see that I am not alone. Oreck should fix this product and send us new heads at no charge since it is an obvious product flaw. I have spent many thousands of dollars over the last 20 years. September 18, 2015
Great steamer, but poor quality I purchased two Oreck Steam It Steamers and each have broken in the same spot- the collar that keeps the main cleaning head attached to the mop handle. This should be addressed by Oreck in design and material quality because it works and cleans extremely well. Companies should strive for world class product and service quality- come on Oreck, you can do better than this. August 16, 2015
pickypearl Like the others I love the mop but it has a cheap plastic anchor that broke and you have to replace the whole head unit. Really for almost 200.00 you think they could have designed a better unit. I went and bought another shark doesnt work as good but cheaper . April 15, 2015
Product has design flaw The plastic fitting that connects the steam to the head breaks easily. I have had the unit for just over a year and the head quit supplying steam. Taking it apart the plastic fitting that inserts in the head was broken off. It is obviously not designed for the heat. This seems to be a manufacturing/design defect with the unit. November 7, 2014
Didn't last but a couple of months Although I like the steam mop the main floor noozle left much to be desired. I only used it a couple of months then a piece of plastic broke of inside. For Oreck is one of the best company's and this is not one of their best. As for the steamer itself very happy my review is based on main floor nozzle only August 4, 2014
this product does quality work and the product features are fine although works best on floors. the 1 yr warranty came in handy as the handle broke at 10 months and the steam mop head was replaced at age 13 months as the mop head broke. the plastic just shattered possibly due to not being heat resistant enough . I like the product but paid for quality which i believe is lacking January 28, 2012