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Orbiter® Stone Floor Value Kit

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The Orbiter Stone Floor Value Kit includes everything you need to clean marble and stone floors:

  • White terry cloth bonnet
  • Union mix brush
  • Stone Clear Bottom® Stone Floor Cleaner

The products in this kit are made to use with the Oreck Orbiter Ultra Multi-purpose Floor Machine.

It's an $80.97 value for just $64.99 — that’s a 20% savings for you!

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  • White terry cloth bonnet — Acts as a sponge to pick up dirt and is a great mop head for vinyl, linoleum, laminate, ceramic tile and most other bare floors
  • Union mix brush — Use this pad for polishing and light scrubbing; it's the ideal choice for marble, stone, and tile floors.
  • Stone Clear Bottom® Stone Floor Cleaner — Safely cleans all stone floor surfaces without harming the crystalline structure of the stone.
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