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Oreck® Little Hero®

Sku # BB2000

The Oreck® Little Hero™ is your go-to vacuum cleaner for almost any cleaning challenge — from problem pet hair on upholstery to hard-to-reach corners and crevices where pet hair and dirt can hide. Ultra-portable and super powerful, it's perfect for quick cleanups.

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The incredibly powerful Little Hero has a 6-ft. extension hose with suction control handle, and a floor tool and 2-in-1 tool deliver suction right where you need it. Two extension wands are also included.

  • Vacuum cleaner with brush tool for cleaning furniture
    Cleaning furniture is simple with the flexible hose and brush tool.
  • Vacuum cleaner attachment for cleaning blinds
    A variety of attachments suit nearly every cleaning need.
  • Vacuum cleaner wand for ceiling fans
    Long extension wands makes it easy to clean high places.
  • Portable, powerful performance that's perfect for removing problem pet hair
  • Features a 15 ft. cord with cord-wrap storage in baser and convenient carrying handle for quick cleanups
  • Product Dimensions: 17”L x 14”W x 13.5”H
  • Permanent wheels give it easy maneuverability
  • Bagless design with 2.4 quart dirt capacity and washable exhaust filter
  • 6 foot hose including wand connector
  • Weight about 7 pounds*
  • 1-year limited warranty**
Warranty 1-year limited**
Dimensions 17”L x 14”W x 13.5”H
Weight 7 lbs
Bagged /Bagless bagless
Capacity 2.4 quart dirt capacity
Cord Rewind Automatic
Cord Length 15 ft
Filtration Washable exhaust filter
Cleaning Function Quick Cleaning
Auto Care
Pet Hair
Tools / Accessories 6-ft. extension hose with suction control handle, floor tool, 2-in-1 tool
Type Handheld
Watts / Amps 10 Amps
Surface Area Stairs
Edges and Small Spaces
Hard Surfaces
Oreck® Little Hero® 3.5 5 20 20
Amazing cleaning power We have used our LH for four years cleaning up after two cats. The durability and suction are amazing and the amount of cat hair that is collected is just unbelievable. Completely satisfied. We will be purchasing another for our 2nd home. November 15, 2012
Excellent power in this little Hero I wanted the LittleHero for just quick pick-ups but found out that it was a little power house and could be used for more then that. I love it! Now I go for it first over my upright. May 11, 2012
lots of suction this little vacuum has a lot of suction .easy to use. works great on my tile floors . the cord is a litle short but i use a extension cord and no problems May 26, 2012
No power and very disappointing! I was so excited and couldn't wait to have my new oreck at home, however when it arrived I was very disppointed of the product, it doesn't work like it says it would. It doesn't really pick up anything, doesn't work on rugs, it just picks up light dirt nd doesn't have enough power. I don't recommend this product, I'm returning it. May 27, 2012
Little hero Recently purchased it,,for its size and weight I find it to be very good.Reaching up high with the extensions,,great for window sills and other places that might be hard to reach.Although I originally wanted the canister with the shoulder strap.I would recommend this product.Good value,price,,Great Oreck product made here in the USA.I'm so glad to help my neighbors keep working. February 4, 2013
very disappointed I thought I would be an Oreck customer my entire life, but that has changed with my use of the Little Hero. I have an upright that I purchased 20 years ago that is still going strong. I also had a canister vac that lasted almost as long. So, when that needed replacing, I went with the Little Hero. I guess things were just made better 20 years ago. The suction is fine, but I don't use it all that often, which is why I'm so disappointed. Already the connector for the brush and the hose/tube has broken. I immediately had problems with the tubes staying connected, but what dealing with that. Now that I can't use the brush, I am sorry to say I will no longer be an Oreck customer. I see the replies from Oreck saying buy "up" to a better model, but I don't need that. I am not hard on this item and it still didn't last more than a few months. I thought I was getting a good buy for my money, but now I have to go buy a new canister vacuum. Sorry to say it won't be an Oreck. September 8, 2012
Frustrating! Pros: Nice suction and upholstery attachment. Cons: Base is lightweight and absolutely will not stay upright, hose will not stay attached, cord is too short, floor attachment lacks suction. Very frustrating! Doubt you will post this review. January 15, 2014
This product was a waste of Money I bought this vacuum about 4 months ago. It is used once a week and the auto cord retractor has already broken. Not only did it brake, but the cord ( which was already ridiculously short) is not stuck with just 2 feet out. The vacuum is unusable and the nearest repair shop is 20 miles away. This is definitely my first and LAST Oreck. I'll go back to Dyson, they are expensive, but last forever without breaking! September 6, 2013
Junk! Save your money!! I bought 2 of these in April. A few months, very little use (maybe used 6-8 times), the thing smelled like it was burning. 3 trips later from the Oreck center which takes me 30 minutes one way, they told me the engine was burned up and they would need to replace it. I was quite shocked that a unit that has not been used very much at all and was new would fail. Fine. They replaced it, and it seems to be working okay. I try not to use it much as I am afraid it will fail again. They are kinda bulky and don't roll well. For the price I was not impressed. Now on my 2nd Little Hero, again, very little use, it smells like the engine is burned up. Again, I will be headed to the Oreck center probably to have the 2nd one replaced. When I called the customer services lines they were always helpful in the past in sending over the proof of purchases to the dealer. However today I got the most unhelpful, irritating rep named Denise #651. From the moment I started to talk to her, I knew she was going to do what she could to make this difficult. Thanks to her attitude I will not be motivated to by another Oreck. I called the dealer service center today to make sure they got my proof of purchase before traveling a long distance. I was told that the rep from Oreck Denise voided my warranty because I told her I used this unit in my office. Let me point out that my office is much smaller than my home, and I only use the unit to clean the 8 steps we have. The unit is to small for big jobs, and to bulky to carry around to clean. They never inspected my unit, and I only used it 4-6 times. I am so disappointed in Oreck overall. I work really hard for my money and they just plain ripped me off. I cannot believe they would not inspect my unit before making a decision. I hope my experience will help anybody out there to not by an Oreck. I think the history of the 2 I have bought speaks for themselves. Save your time and money. November 10, 2012
A lot of suction I was surprised at how much suction this small vacuum can produce. I am also pleased with the array of attachments. Whether it is tile or carpet, dusting from above or below, this small vacuum also has a no-bag refuse collector. (I hope this company is not the company that sent eKomi to send me an e-mail insisting I complete this survey -- repeatedly.) February 5, 2013
Good for touch ups, not big jobs I received this (by request) as a gift for my birthday in March of 2012. My mom has an Oreck and it's the best vacuum I've ever used. I have a very small house (620 sq. ft.), shag carpet, and a dog with an UNBELIEVABLE shedding problem. My upright vac wasn't able to get cracks and edges, around the chair legs, etc. I thought the Hero would be the answer to my prayers. Eh, mot so much. It's a great little vacuum to have around for hardwood floors, clean out your car, the bathroom floor, etc. It does not have the suction of the other Oreck vacs. The attachment wand is pretty flimsy and comes apart if you put too much pressure on it. March 13, 2013
I love my Lettle Hero This is my 3rd time writing a review in the last few years yet it doesn't look like the other two have been posted for some reason so I'll try again... I love this vacuum. I am a professional housekeeper doing 2 and 3 houses a day most days and use the Little Hero as my main vacuum. It's lightweight and the suction is very powerful. I don't like the short cord but an extension cord takes care of that problem. It's in and out of my car trunk a lot and the cord rewinder has broken in the first month of use on both my Little Heroes which makes it a hassle to store.. Also that third wheel in the middle causes it to tip over often so I removed it. . It isn't so great for most carpeting but most of the floors are hardwood and tile anyway. I use the floor nozzle and some other attachments from my old Kenmore which fit fine and found an extra extension wand that I attach for high reaching places. I love that I can just empty the dust cup and beat the filter against an outside wall instead of constantly replacing bags..And the motor will shut down if I go too long without emptying it. All I have to do is empty, unplug for a minute and it's good to go again. I know that's not good for the motor but it has never gone out on me. I am ordering my third one today. Each one has lasted me 2 and 3 years. As a matter of fact, the two old ones are still going strong but cosmetically look like they have been thru a war. I have used other vacuums as most of the houses have their own, but I prefer my lightweiight vacuum. Half the energy used in cleaning a house is hauling and dragging a vacuum cleaner around.. I just turned 62 so no way could I keep up this pace by using a heavy vacuum, which most are.. Bottom line I am very happy with my Little Hero defects and all. July 16, 2014