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Oreck® Magnesium® SP

Sku # LW100

Magnesium® SP is one of the lightest, full-powered upright vacuum cleaner in America. With its extremely strong, durable magnesium frame, the Magnesium SP packs all the power you expect from an Oreck vacuum cleaner — so much power it feels like it's self-propelled on most surfaces. The two speed Quickswitch® on the back of the vacuum enables you to move smoothly across all floor types using appropriate power levels: high for carpets and low for hardwoods and tile. It's even gentle enough for fine Oriental and Persian rugs on low speed. Additionally, the large high-performance rear wheels with cylindrical wheel bearings give the Magnesium SP maneuverability, making it easy to push through high-pile carpet. Best of all, it lies virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture.

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The lightest, full-powered upright in America

Magnesium Won Vacuum Dealers Trade Association Award for best new product of the year - vacuum cleaner

Engineered for the way you live

Direct Suction vacuum cleaner

Direct Suction

The direct suction and rollerbrush rotating at 7,000 revolutions per minute draw dirt right into the bag. The brush grooms the nap as it cleans.

Fast and Simple Saniseal sytem vacuum cleaner bag

Fast and Simple

The Saniseal® system automatically seals shut, locking the dirt in the disposable filter bag. Changing bags is effortless.

Furniture-Friendly Vacuum Cleaner design

Furniture-Friendly Design

Magnesium SP Vacuum Cleaner lies virtually flat, has a wide cleaning path and a 30 ft. cord, making it easy to cover a lot of ground, quickly get in and out of tight spots and get up and down stairs.

HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Bag

HEPA Inner Bag

Magnesium SP Vacuum Cleaner uses a HEPA inner bag. As air passes through the HEPA inner bag, it captures at least 99.97% of particles as small as .3 microns from that air, such as pollen, dust, smoke, animal dander and mold spores.

Easy snap cord

"Easy Snap Cord"

The new 'Easy Snap' cord clip is the smart way to keep the cord where you need it ... not where you don't.

the Carpet and Rung Institute Seal of Approval

The Oreck Magnesium SP Vacuum Cleaner has received the Gold Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute, the leading U.S. carpet authority, which certifies that it meets the highest performance standards.


Maintenance and Repair

how to change a bag

How to Change a Bag

Need to change the bag on your upright vacuum cleaner?
See easy, step-by-step instructions with photos here.

how to change a bel

How to Change a Belt

Did you know that you can change the belt on your upright vacuum cleaner yourself?
We'll walk you through it, with photos and easy-to-follow instructions right here!


awards & recognition

2012 Housewares Design Awards Finalist Award ribbon icon
2012 Housewares Design Awards Finalist
As seen on Extra! Award ribbon icon
As seen on Extra!
As seen on The View Award ribbon icon
As seen on The View!
New Product of the Year by the Vacuum Dealers Trade Association Award ribbon icon
Named New Product of the Year by the Vacuum Dealers Trade Association.
  • Lightest Oreck upright vacuum cleaner ever
  • Weighs less than 8 pounds
  • Magnesium SP vacuum frame is stronger than many types of steel
  • High performance motor spins pile-lifting rollerbrush at approximately 7,000 RPM
  • Larger wheels for superb maneuverability
  • HEPA inner vacuum bag included
  • Saniseal bag disposal system
  • Long-lasting Endurolife belt
  • Comes with a 7-year limited warranty** and 3 yearly tune-ups
The Oreck Advantage: Direct Suction

Our direct suction design delivers dirt in a straight, efficient path right to the vacuum bag. It's a streamlined design that works beautifully with a smaller motor — and one reason why Oreck bagged uprights are so lightweight. Here's how: our upright vacuums incorporate a "dirty air system" in which dirt is pulled through a fan that breaks it into smaller particles that get sucked up into the vacuum. Oreck's smaller motor drives this fan, as well as the brushroll. Because these smaller motors sit closer to the floor they provide efficient suction and are able to spin the brushroll incredibly fast.

Warranty 7-year limited warranty**
Dimensions 47.5'' H x 12'' W x 10.5'' D
Weight Less than 8 lbs.
Bagged /Bagless Bagged
Cord Length 30 ft. cord
Filtration HEPA Inner Bag
Handle Easy-fit Handle
Headlights Twin LED Headlights
Cleaning Function Vacuum
Speed Settings 2-Speed
Tune-Ups 3 tune-ups
Type Vacuum
Surface Area Carpet
Hard Surfaces
Oreck® Magnesium® SP 4 5 75 75
Somewhat Disappointed We just purchased a new Magnesium SP. Putting it into use was extremely easy. My wife really enjoys the lightweight design, especially after using a Kirby for many years. It does seem to have adequate suction power; however, we are really concerned about the quality and durability. For a vacuum with a $500. MSRP the materials seem very cheap. The power switch appears to be about a 15 cent component. You use the switch obviously at every use. I do not expect it to last a year. My in laws purchased an Oreck a few years back and it is of superior quality. We are definitely disappointed in this product. We only hope that it lasts longer than expected. July 23, 2014
Loved Oreck...until I bought this vacuum I owned an Oreck XL for over eight years and it was, by far, the best vacuum I had ever purchased. When it came time to buy a new vacuum last year, I wanted another Oreck and bought the Magnesium SP. What a disappointment! The majority of my vacuuming is on hard-surface floors, and it does a poor job of cleaning them. It moves dirt and dust around more than it picks it up. When it does pick up, it clogs very easily -- I've spent countless hours clearing out clogs from the system -- never an issue with my old Oreck. Another problem is the power cord placement -- because of the design, I have to loop it around the top to keep from running over it. In short, I've been really disappointed with this vacuum. Not only would I not recommend it to others, I'm planning to look elsewhere for my next vacuum. June 17, 2014
Poor warranty. Pines over Xmas jammed the system. Had to pay I bought this as a tool to help clean the house. I purchased it just before Xmas 2013. I used it to clean the pines that fell of the Xmas tree. I admit it was a lot of debris but this was a new vacuum with less than a month in use. I was charged over $50 for a new part, that I abused according to , "the technician here in the Naples Florida store". I have had Oreck products for years. I contacted the headquarters who told me the technician in the field is basically the bottom line. This is my bottom line.. my bad..never again will I purchase an Oreck product. I served in the Military for over 30 years. I hope every Veteran who reads this message understands this happened to me a former Command Sergeant Major. I can't guarantee a better or worse experience but I can advise you to be weary. February 5, 2014
Super lightweight and easy to maneuver I love this vacuum cleaner! It is super lightweight and easy to maneuver thanks to the swivel feature. It also lays flat to clean under furniture. Very happy with my purchase! October 6, 2013
My Best Vacuum Ever This is the first time I have ever given any feedback about a product online but I feel compelled to share my positive experience here. I have been looking for the perfect upright vacuum for years and Oreck has hit a home run with the Magnesium series. I have had another Oreck model in the past, but it was a bit hard to push through some carpet textures and the head height was a little too tall to get under some tight spots. The Magnesium series head height is much shorter which allows you to get under those cabinets up to the kick plates and can be guided on most surfaces including carpets with one finger. It has enough suction to pull up the edge of a heavy carpet. It has two speeds. One for carpets and one for light throw rugs and bare floors. If you happen to go off the back edge of a throw rug and get it caught in the beater bar/brush, the unit will sense a load and stop the motor so you won't be burning up a belt. I usually tilt the vacuum up a bit on one side when pulling it back over the end of the throw rug to keep this from happening. The filtration bags are the best I have seen. Do I sound like I love this vacuum? Yes I do. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone and I must say I have recommended this vacuum to all our friends. I have even taken it out of the closet to show some of our friends how easy it is to use. No, I am not affiliated with Oreck in any way. I have had this vacuum for about nine months now and I would just like to help others in their choice of a vacuum. I certainly have no regrets with this purchase. August 29, 2013
super light! but takes care of business The weight of the vaccum had me concerned at first, but this model really has some major suction power! The transition from surfaces is very impressive, corners not a problem. Lays flat allowing you to go under couches and beds with ease. Low and High speeds, low seems to work good on hardwood and vinyl where High takes on any carpet with ease. July 30, 2013
Worst Oreck Ever I have owned several Oreck vacuums. (this would be my fifth). If I didn't know this was an Oreck, I would never have believed it. It feels cheaply made and is poorly designed. I had it only the first day when I noticed that the cord clasp on top does not hold the cord. It just kept falling out. After about 5 months, I was using it and the belt under the head snapped. My Oreck owners manual calls this an "Endurolife" belt which never has to be replaced. Well not only did it break, it was a coslty repair. I also noticed that the sweeper blade underneath the vacuum had completely disintegrated. I also had to have that replaced. I could not be more dissatisfied with this vacuum. Do yourself a favor and save your money! July 5, 2013
The 7 year warranty does not cover labor ! Worst vacuum cleaner ever. The manufacturer advertises it will shut off if something gets in its way but it doesn't. I had to PAY $80 to fix it - the extended warranty of 7 years doesn't cover labor. (I got it as a birthday gift from my aunt 6 months ago-she wasted a lot of money). June 22, 2013
Unsatisfied After 25 Years I have used Oreck bagged vacuums for over 25 years. My last vacuum, my third, was the Platinum XL Vacuum purchased in 2009. I was so impress by this vacuum that before I finished using it for the first time I called the Oreck's customer service to tell them "... it practically vacuums by itself..". When it came time to purchase another vacuum I chose an Oreck. I chose the Oreck® Magnesium® SP on May 29, 2003. These are my initial findings. CON The operating control is not on the handle as in the Platinum but on the body of the vacuum. To turn it off you stop vacuuming, raise the handle, take you hand off the handle and press the off button. Poor design. CON The cord is lower on the Magnesium, close to the power head, where the brushes are. Since vacuuming is a back and forth motion I kept running over the power cord. Poor design. I solved this problem by stringing the power cord thru the handle. CON I really liked the bag pocket on the out bag of the Platinum. It was very handy to store cleaning tools I use while vacuuming. There is no bag pocket on the Magnesium. PRO The Magnesium is very light weight. PRO The Magnesium does a much better job on the carpeting by the base board. In my opinion this is a big plus sing I don't need to use the handheld to clean this area as I did with the Platinum. June 5, 2013
Oreck Vacuum cleaner The vacuum cleaner is so light weight wise,but very powerful sucking up dust & dirt. June 3, 2013
This is a great vac with very good features The vacuum is the lightest weight vacuum I have ever owned. It is great for anyone that has back problems. It moves so easy- almost runs itself. I love it! February 9, 2013
Oreck is a product made in America This is my fifth Oreck...I have bought them for my three daughters, and I am sold on this company. I traded in my old XL for the Magnesium because it is lighter and more maneuverable. My XL still works fine, but I was looking for something that would go under furniture. This vacuum is everything it is purported to be and in fact, after using mine, my sister is purchasing the Magnesium also. But as much as I like the product, I am a repeat customer because Oreck customer service is so responsive. Claudia is unfailingly helpful and polite...a pleasure to talk with. I also like the fact that this product is made in the USA and that the customer service is not outsourced, but located right here. I will always buy Oreck products...especially the new, lighter models. I am impressed with the various methods of payment which makes this product feasible for those on a fixed income. I always compare Oreck and Bose as each have excellent products and excellent customer service. February 8, 2013
I love this vacuum cleaner!! I've had a lot of vacuum cleaners trying to find "the right one". I found it in this Oreck!! I have some physical problems so I really needed a lighweight, easy to push appliance. This is the lightest vacuum cleaner I've ever had. The swivel feature is fantastic!! And the suction is powerful!! I love it!!! January 14, 2013
Amazing!! In my house I have always been the one that does the vacuuming. I have always researched every vacuum I have owned. I have tried every low cost brand and found myself frustrated. It seemed that every 2-3 years it was time to find the next best one. So last month I decided it was time to make an actual investment and I bought the highest priced vacuum my local store had to offer to replace my old low cost brand. I was excited with the new purchase and went straight to work once I was home. I was very disappointed in the high priced brand and I could not believe that my low cost brand vacuum worked better than the high cost brand even on the hardwoods. So back to the store I went with the high cost vacuum in hand. I couldn't find a different vacuum at the store I liked better and went home empty handed. Later that week I was in a local shopping mall and saw the Oreck store and thought I would go look and see what they had. The first thing that caught me was the design, it looked like an Italian sports car to me. I was able to test it and was amazed how well it worked. The weight was very surprising and it almost felt like a toy. I have never felt a vacuum so light! I had to try it! With the 30 day trial period I had nothing to lose. Well I have had the vacuum a month and I couldn't be happier. The carpets in the house look amazing and this vacuum really pulls the nap back up in the traffic areas. It works fantastic on the hardwoods and tile. I also appreciate that I have a local store that can help me with my maintenance and questions. They were very helpful and I actually had one of my best buying experiences at the Oreck store. The only negative and something I miss is the hose and attachments, but I knew this going in. I will purchase the handheld when I can and that problem will be solved. As long as this vacuum will last me the 7 year warranty I will be a loyal and happy Oreck customer.   December 3, 2012
Great vacuum! I am very happy with the Oreck Magnesium, t is a complete workhorse! January 7, 2013
Great for dog owners and hardwood floor owners The Magnesium is a heavy-duty machine in a light little package. Our yellow lab can shed like the best of them and the Magnesium sucks up the hair in one pass. It also works great transitioning from carpets to hardwoods. I especially love that it lays flat and goes under bookcases and furniture with ease. It's so hard to believe that something so light can work so well! Our old canister vacuum will never be missed! October 26, 2012
Reliability poor Our 12 year old Oreck XL finally lost it's ooph so we went with this product as it looked well designed and was light. It worked well, once. The 2nd time (2 days later) we used it my wife complained that it was blowing the dirt around instead of picking it up. I tried and and it did the same thing. I gave it the once over and couldn't find any obvious issues, brush spinning, bag filling up nicely etc. We sent it back. Oreck was good about it and paid for the shipping. We went with the Founder's model as it is like our old XL and 1/2 the cost. My wife did not like the switch down on the stalk. October 9, 2012
I am just thrilled with this new Oreck Magnesium SP Vacuum. I owned the Oreck XL for the last 14 or 15 year and was very happy with it. I took it down to buy a new carpet brush and side horse hair and after I witnessed how well the new Oreck Magnesium SP worked, I ended up buying it as well as the hand held. I kept my XL for it is a great vacuum, but I can not deny the capabilities of the new Oreck Magnesium. It will vacuum anything, carpets, dog beds, comforters, couches, rugs, anything. I just put it on the low level when I am doing anything other then carpet. It lays flat so you can go under a dresser or bed, couch, table or any hard to reach places. I just wish the on/off button was easier to access and you did not have to go to the low level before you can shut it off. But other then that, it is a fantastic vacuum that cleans incredibly. September 23, 2012
Saw product in store Saw product in store when I went to get my tune up on mine. Like the fact that it's lighter, but what I really like is the wheels. Makes it easier to move from one location to another. Wish all your products had that. Also, need to change "push button" to a switch. That doesn't seem to want to "connect" as well and I bet over time will wear out. Will wait til new product comes out in fall before I decide to purchase. As we get older wheels sure are a lot easier. Never figured out why the other models didn't have them. September 6, 2012
Magnesium Got it home and when we tried to vacuum, it kept shutting off and the front light then kept blinking. Note: This is only supposed to happen when you pick up a sock or thread or something. However, we just had our carpet cleaned and nothing was picked up. We examined the roller to make sure and nothing was wound around the roller. Obviously, a defective product, which means quality control at the factory was poor. We are taking it back to the dealer for a refund and to get our old XL back that was working fine and was in for a tune-up only. August 4, 2012
This is best looking vacuum This product isvery light The bags easy to change and it looks great! July 19, 2012
MindBlown This is the most amazing vacuum i've seen on the market to date. My daughter just started crawling and I've been looking for something to easily clean a variety of floors and do it efficiently and quickly. It picks up all the dog hairs that get trapped in those pesky corners and picks up all the dirt that my husband tracks in from work. Lightweight, easy to store and clean and its pretty! What more could you ask for? July 18, 2012
Seems Flimsy A little too light to do a heavy duty job on my carpets July 10, 2012
Love the light weight I live in a 3-story house and was lugging an 18-lb vacuum up and down the stairs. This vacuum has been a godsend. It does the job well and is extremely easy to use. My other vacuum cleaned a little better, but I hardly ever vacuumed because it was so heavy and difficult to push. Plus it beat up the carpets pretty badly and this one is gentler. I think combining the power selector and on/off into one button is unfortunate. Why make us press a button twice to turn it off for the sake of minimalist design? It lost a star rating for that. July 8, 2012
Very poor design I took my Oreck XL in for service and fell for the sales pitch on the Magnesium. Since I had had problems with the belt on the XL, I made the switch. The Magnesium is a real disappointment -- the power switch is very difficult to use; the power cord coming from the bottom of the machine gets in the way (either dragging in the step of the user or the vacuum); there is no storage pocket for papers related to the vacuum of supplies such as scented tablets; it is difficult to cover the tracks of the vacuum. Wish I had my XL back! June 23, 2012
Light in Weight, yet Amazing Power I'll try to address something others have not. Which portion of our carpet wears out first? If you're like me, it's the stairs. The Magnesium is so light that I can hold it to move over each step by grasping the handle in my left and the neck of the handle in my right. (Note: people without a good sense of balance should be very cautious in attempting this.) The difference this made on the stairs was incredible - and I'd tried (with much more effort) the same approach with other uprights. The slight downsides are: (1) in high speed, this is *noisy*, and (2) on my carpet, at least, the high setting left "grooves" in the plush carpet - these are no doubt the result of suction that no other unit provided, but it was a surprise. In our case, getting the stairway carpet clean was worth the price. June 18, 2012
Revolutionary Clean At several times per week, we vacuum way more than the average family, so I’d say we’re a bit of “experts” in that category. Plus we have owned enough vacuums to open a store. Revolutionary. That’s what my husband calls it. And it truly is. Why? It is durable, lightweight and virtually indestructible (not that I would know, ahem). You can actually hear the particles entering the vacuum, so all you’re left with is a superior clean! It feels so easy to operate and maneuver, even with a one-finger touch. Its flatter than average head, thin profile and twin LED lights allow it to go where no other vacuum has gone before – under low-to-the-ground furniture. It automatically shuts down if it accidentally picks up a sock or shoelaces (again, not that I would know, ahem). And check out the easy fit handle – it’s higher than Oreck’s other vacuums, making it especially great for taller individuals. Some things that would make it absolutely perfect: 1. Though the Magnesium has a boastful 30-foot cord, our previous Oreck vacuum (the Edge) has a 35-foot cord, which we especially love. That vacuum also had an onboard wand for light cleaning, so that I didn’t have to get out our handheld canister vacuum for a quick clean-up job. However, I understand that to make it low profile and lightweight, there has to be some give somewhere. 2. Our first Oreck (the XL) had a nifty little pocket to hold the warranty and tune-up information. This one does not. 3. I wish it had a way to start on the low power setting. In order to go to that low setting, you need to push the “on” button twice, as it starts on the higher setting. June 4, 2012
Easy & efficient, needs attachments I love the lightweight ease and powerful suction of this upright. My complaint is that it has no attachments. The shoulder-held canister I received for ordering this has the attachments but is 3 pounds heavier, filled with design flaws that make it awkward and cumbersome to use. Its bag also fills quickly. Upright - great but incomplete. July 9, 2012
Great vac! The Magnesium floats seamlessly from my carpet to my area rug. {There is a low power setting for even more delicate rugs, as well as hard surfaces.} I love to clean, but big, bulky vacuums are really rough on me. The Magnesium is very easy to maneuver, and doesn’t hurt my back. It is so light, none of my kids have to miss out on the fun {yes, the fun} of running the vacuum! June 4, 2012
Wonderful Light Magnesium vacuum! I read reviews on the magnesium before I bought, people stated it looked and felt like a toy. I agree but in a positive way. It does feel like a toy but the suction is fabulous. I turned it on just yesterday and it almost started running away from me before I even pushed it! Have a dog and cat and feel like the rug is clean after vacuuming. The weight does feel like a toy, but that is also fabulous. I cannot believe how better I feel after using this vacuum as oppused to my old upright that was very hard to push and manuevuer. I do miss the on board tools but it that's what makes it light, I'll use the littler hand held for other things and just vacuum with this machine. I don't believe you'll be sorry with this vacuum cleaner. Its my first Oreck and hopefully my last! June 4, 2012
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**Some limitations apply. For details, see warranty.