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Oreck Speed Sweep

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Sku # TEK100

The 2-in-1 powerful Floor Vacuum and Handheld Vacuum cleaner.

The ingenious 2-in-1 design of the cordless Oreck Speed Sweep gives you the advantage of a powerful floor vacuum cleaner with a removable handheld vacuum, all in one sleek, modern unit. The rechargeable two-motor system with revolving agitator brush and geared belt drive is great for quick pickup cleaning on all surfaces. And it's a cordless vacuum so there's no cord to plug in or interfere with movement!


Make fast work of housework with this lightweight, 5.4 lb. wonder!

The Speed Sweep's handle and floor head detach easily, converting it to a handheld vac ready to go where the floor vac probably can't. The powerful suction motor and low noise fan makes for quiet cordless operation, and the Speed Sweep cleans any floor surface.

  • Ingenious 2-in-1 design gives you a floor vac and hand vac in one unit
  • No cord to get in the way
  • Attachments include crevice tool and upholstery brush
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Great for quick pickup cleaning
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Powerful rechargable motor
  • Charger and rechargeable Nickel-metal hydride battery included
  • 1-year limited warranty*
Warranty 1 year
Weight 5.4 lb
Cleaning Function Quick Cleaning
Tools / Accessories Crevice tool and upholstery brush
Type Stick Vac
Surface Area Edges and Small Spaces
Hard Surfaces
Oreck Speed Sweep 2.1 5 30 30
Battery life is poor We bought our speed sweep about two years ago but did not start using until six months ago when we adopted a yellow lab. It worked great to pick up the hair on the floor. Now , the battery doesn't seem to hold a charge. The red light goes off on the charger but the unit won't start. When you put the battery back in the charger the red light flashes as is it hasn't been charged. Very disappointed. Oreck was a good name but it seems to have sold out like many other companies. April 12, 2012
No suction power I bought this vac because I had a different Oreck Stick Vac that I LOVED. It had gotten old and did not hold a charge as long as it used to. I bought a new one and one for my daughter in law at the same time. I wish now that I had only purchased one. The vac does not have near as much power as my old Oreck stick vac. It simply does not vac up the dirt that I need it to clean. I should have returned it right away, but I just could not believe it was as bad as it is. When I finally decided that it had to go and I needed a stick vac that would pick up the dirt, it was out of the warranty period and now I am stuck with it. I learned my lesson. Try it, and if it is not good, do not be swayed by the label. December 27, 2011
NO SUCTION POWER I would NOT recommend wasting any money on this product. I received it as a Christmas gift as my family and friends know I LOVE my Oreck vac (Im on my 3rd in 22 years). I am so embarassed to tell my dad that this one is terrible with no suction power at all! I've tried recharging the battery and emptying and neither helped. My advice is to just stick with an old fashioned broom and dustpan and don't waste your money. February 22, 2012
I REALLY LIKE MY UNIT WHEN IT WORKED I have gone through two Speed Sweeps. A great cocept, no cord, light, handy, adequate, ease of use, and I could go on & on about how I like it. HOWEVER, the quality of the unit needs to be checked out better before mass production started. Switch on first unit went out. I read others have this problem. If i were Mr. Oreck I'd have a person(s) on this switch problem yesterday. And the battery does not last very long. Why? Find a better one to replace this one. April 9, 2012
This Product is the BEST cordless sweeper I've EVER used; Love that it can also be used as a hand-held Vac The Oreck Cordless Speed Sweep is the best cordless "sweep" I've ever owned. The battery stays charged longer than the other 3 brand names I've tried over the years; it has amazing pick-up power; very light and easy to use; love that you can take it apart and use it as a hand vac; This is, by far, the best cordless sweeper I've ever had. I would recommend this to everyone. Actually, I did recommend it to 3 people and they love it as much as I do. Oreck is the best. May 30, 2012
Oreck Stick Vac This is the best stick vacuum I've seen, especially for the price. It's powerful, it has a bag that captures the dust and dirt so it's easy to dispose of. The bagless stick vacs are horrible because when you empty the dirt, it gets onto you and you ingest the dirty air. The Oreck is great for the foyer where I can quickly and simply pick up the dirt at the door entrance to my home. It's very light, but solid. And it stands up nicely in the corner without getting in the way. Perhaps if it locked into a standing position it might be better. Overall, I am very impressed by the quality of all the Oreck vacuum products that I own. They're reliable, do not jam, always work well, are easy to use. My Oreck Pilot is great. And my Oreck Ironman is superb for removing the cobwebs that unfortunately appear on the ceiling. It's also great for cleaning my air filter (which is not an Oreck product), but requires cleaning the filters inside. Overall, the Oreck Stick Vac is a great product with the rechargeable battery. And ifor the money it's a great value! It works great. July 9, 2012
Great if you have dogs I love this vac, I use it especially for my Bedroom because I have dogs who shed. Battery does not usually last as long as I had hoped it would. Does take up dirt on rugs which is a good feature. June 27, 2012
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