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Oreck Speed Sweep

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Sku # TEK100

The 2-in-1 powerful Floor Vacuum and Handheld Vacuum cleaner.

The ingenious 2-in-1 design of the cordless Oreck Speed Sweep gives you the advantage of a powerful floor vacuum cleaner with a removable handheld vacuum, all in one sleek, modern unit. The rechargeable two-motor system with revolving agitator brush and geared belt drive is great for quick pickup cleaning on all surfaces. And it's a cordless vacuum so there's no cord to plug in or interfere with movement!


Make fast work of housework with this lightweight, 5.4 lb. wonder!

The Speed Sweep's handle and floor head detach easily, converting it to a handheld vac ready to go where the floor vac probably can't. The powerful suction motor and low noise fan makes for quiet cordless operation, and the Speed Sweep cleans any floor surface.

  • Ingenious 2-in-1 design gives you a floor vac and hand vac in one unit
  • No cord to get in the way
  • Attachments include crevice tool and upholstery brush
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Great for quick pickup cleaning
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Powerful rechargable motor
  • Charger and rechargeable Nickel-metal hydride battery included
  • 1-year limited warranty*
Warranty 1 year
Weight 5.4 lb
Cleaning Function Quick Cleaning
Tools / Accessories Crevice tool and upholstery brush
Type Stick Vac
Surface Area Edges and Small Spaces
Hard Surfaces
Oreck Speed Sweep 2.1 5 30 30
Poor quality I've always loved Oreck products but this one is a bummer. The first one lasted a year and I loved it until the switch no longer worked. Oreck sent me a replacement (great!) and that one lasted eight months - the motor no longer worked. No replacement this time so I'm off to 'Target. January 26, 2012
easy to use It doesn't have enough power and I have to sweep with a broom even right after I use it. And it's made in China. Very unhappy about that. Would not have bought it had I known. March 26, 2012
Great for wood floors Have had this 2 years and it has been great for our wood and tile floors. We got it mainly to keep the floors clean of dog hair (meaning a daily vacuum) and didn't want to pull out the canister vac every day. it is easy to use, good suction and we use it in the kitchen every day too to pick up crumbs, etc. Only problem is that the on/off swich does begin to go after a while....we have to turn it on/off several times now before we get power. Battery works well but does need to be charged regularly. Once my Speed Sweep goes kaput I will but a new one. March 1, 2012
Battery doesn't want to hold charge and it's only 4 months old. I purchased my speed sweep 4 months ago and loved it. It did the perfect job of a quick clean up in the kitchen, without having the hassles of a cord in the way. It was convenient and fast. BUT, after only 4 months, the battery NO LONGER works. I charged it completely, and the vaccuum doesn't even want to turn on. I am extremely disappointed. I thought I had found my new "cordless sweeper". April 8, 2012
Very Poor Suction I wish I had read the reviews before buying this product. I never dreamed an Oreck product could be anything but great, but I was wrong. I have to get the broom or dust mop after attempting to use it on my hardwood floors. I don't even want to try to sell it to someone else since I know they'd be disappointed in it too. I would not recommend this to anyone. April 6, 2012
Very Dissapointing I've had this product for 4 months, this unit has several performance issues. It struggles very hard to pick up the most basics for which it was intended, as hair, crumbs, or anything else. As a handheld it is completely useless since it has no power even after a full charge. Any other sweeper or handheld do a much better job at either. This at any price is not worth it other than a pretty useless machine. I Love the design and concept, although it does not achieve anything else other than looking good. It is a Mayor Ripoff. Mostly because of what I would expect from Oreck. I have had a Silver XL that was Outstanding. This one does not even deserve to be called a Oreck. February 18, 2012
it's easy to use. a great product. needs more suction. and filters to February 10, 2012
Definetly not what I expected from Oreck Like many others, I am very disappointed with this product. I thought I would write this review before I throw it away. The battery life is terrible even after it has been on charge for days. When I have tried to use it is sounds like it is dying a slow death and really doesn't pick anything up. June 18, 2012
I couldn't be more disappointed in this product I have no idea about it's durability because I threw it away. April 17, 2012
How many people need to complain about the same thing? How many people need to complain about the same thing (poor battery life) before Oreck takes this vacuum off the market? There are reviews on this website as well as countless others that say the same thing, that the battery will not hold a charge. Obviously Oreck realizes this is a huge issue but continues to sell this vacuum......that is more disgusting to me than the vacuum being nothing less than a lemon. SHAME ON ORECK on continuing to take peoples hard earned money on a product that they know is defective. September 24, 2012
The Worst This must be Oreck's worse product. The battery was good for the first month or so and then it began a rapid decline to where it can hardly do a small carpet with dying. Also the on/off switch doesn't work reliable. Sometimes you have to switch it off and on 15 times before it finally decides to work; some day I'm sure it won't. There are many better small vacuums out there. To make matters worse, I wrote Oreck about the problems and never heard from them. February 19, 2012
Great vacuum with intrinsic quality control problems - have now gone through 6 vacuums! I have now owned at least 6 Oreck Speed Sweep Cordless Vacs and with each one, the battery has stopped working, I think, due to a bad switch, or bad switch contact! Oreck has very kindly first replaced each battery and then each vacuum, as when they stopped working, they all became inoperable within the Oreck warranty period, (that means they've all stopped working, (with dead switch), i.e., you'd hit the switch and nada. I'm now out of warranty on the last (6th) one, and I really love this vacuum when it's working. When it works, I've found it to be the best cordless vac I've ever owned! I'm in the process of debating if I want to order another one and start the "vicious cycle" all over again??? It's been a real butt pain over the years, and I DO mean over the years! April 12, 2013
Don't bother buying this Speed Sweep. I bought this Oreck Speed Sweep and it worked great for only about 2 months. I thought that maybe the battery was dead so I bought a new battery for additional $$$$$. When I plugged in the new charged battery---Nothing! So now I'm out lots of money and I'm stuck with this Speed Sweep that doesn't work. I will think twice before buying another Oreck product. I have loved their vacuums for years, but if this is the quality Oreck is now providing, I'll buy a different brand of vacuum. February 13, 2013
disappointing, did not last My first Speed Sweep stopped working within the first year after purchase and was replaced at no cost to me since it was under warranty. Now my 2nd unit died after just 18 months. I do not use it on a regular basis, maybe several minutes 1-2 days a week. At first I thought the battery or the charger was faulty but today I realized it must be the switch ~ I discovered this by turning it on (nothing happened) and smacking it a few times (this turned it on). Now that I've got it running I'm afraid to use the on/off switch so I'll have to pop the battery in/out to turn it on and off. What a pain!! January 30, 2013
This is not the Oreck we have used for years We have gone through two of the sweepers and to our surprise neither lasted more than a year. The first unit stopped working within 7 months. The store stood behind the product and replaced the unit. They told us that the unit had design flaws and gave a different model. The second unit lasted 10 months. When we went to the store, we were told the quality of this model was not very good. They ordered battery for us which took 6 weeks to arrive. When we went to the store they said the batteries did not come in. We asked that, once again, the unit be replaced. They instead, tried to get us to buy another brand!!!!! Sad to say, we will no longer buy from Oreck. Not the same company we have purchased from over the last 20 years. January 7, 2013
Poor Battery I have used this product about 5 times. It would take the battery about 8 hrs to fully charge and I could only use it for 10-15 min before it would no longer pick anything up. I have tile and wood floors and it works great on pet hair, I have a small home and its a real pain to have to stop and recharge the battery to finish. February 13, 2012
Excellent This product has no equal. You can use it as a vacuum sweeper or as a handheld vacuum for stairs, etc. It has a rechargeable battery, so you don't have to deal with a cord. January 2, 2012
Oreck Speed Sweep 2 Oreck Speed Sweeps in two years. Each time same thing, battery and switch. And it appears there are many others out there with the same issue. Loved it for my floors guess I will go shopping for a new cordless broom but not on here. March 11, 2014
Terrible product No wonder this product is no longer available. What a waste of our hard earned dollars! January 10, 2014
No Battery Life It is a shame that a reputable name like Oreck has shot itself on the foot. This unit works ok as long as the battery lasts and naturally without a battery it does not. After a year of use the battery will not hold a charge, and there are NO replacement batteries anywhere to be found, so the whole unit must be trashed. If this is how Oreck proposes to generate and sustain sales, it is certainly the wrong approach. December 16, 2013
Excellent Quick Pick-up Cleaner Excellent quick clean-up machine, good quality like all the Oreck products I own (5). This vacuum is not meant to vacuum your carpet or big jobs, it's for quick clean-ups on vinyl, ceramic tile etc, does the job very well!! December 18, 2012
Poor Performance Had to return it, it has no pick up or power. Battery does not last long at all. There are other product out there that are much more powerful and you can get it for less money. The product is not worth buying regardless of cost. I would rather pay more and have a product that does the job! I'm very happy with the other product I purchase, it's also power battery operated, it has 2 speeds and much more power, and the battery last much longer. I can do my entire house in like 20 minutes without losing battery and power. Sorry Oreck, I used you for the last 20 years and it's the first time I'm unhappy with your product! November 19, 2012

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