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Oreck XL Edge® Upright Vacuum

Sku # U8100S

The Oreck Edge offers incredible versatility with its revolutionary Versa-Glide® true floating head that lets you move easily from hardwood floors to deep pile carpet. It weighs about 13 pounds.* The Edge also features variable speed control, with the high setting for carpets or tough messes, and low for bare floors, deeper carpets and delicate surfaces. It comes with a HEPA inner bag and features Oreck's long-lasting Endurolife Belt, an extra durable commercial-grade baseplate and a 30-foot cord.

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Engineered for the way you live

True Floating Head

Features revolutionary Versa-Glide® true floating head which allows for smooth movement from surface to surface.


Fast and Simple

The Saniseal® system automatically seals shut, locking the dirt in the disposable filter bag. Changing bags is effortless.


HEPA Inner Bag

The Oreck XL Edge® offers a HEPA inner bag. As air passes through the HEPA inner bag, it captures at least 99.97% of particles at .3 microns from that air, which includes: pollen, house dust, smoke, animal dander and mold spores.


Assembled in the USA

The Oreck XL Edge is engineered, designed, and assembled right here in the U.S.A. at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

  • Most powerful Oreck upright
  • Quietest Oreck upright ever
  • Long-lasting Endurolife Belt
  • Versa-Glide® true floating head
  • HEPA inner bag
  • Weighs about 13 lbs.*
  • Variable speed control
  • Longer 30-ft. cord
  • 3 annual tune-ups
  • 7-year limited warranty**
The Oreck Advantage: Direct Suction

Our direct suction design delivers dirt in a straight, efficient path right to the vacuum bag. It's a streamlined design that works beautifully with a smaller motor — and one reason why Oreck bagged uprights are so lightweight. Here's how: our upright vacuums incorporate a "dirty air system" in which dirt is pulled through a fan that breaks it into smaller particles that get sucked up into the vacuum. Oreck's smaller motor drives this fan, as well as the brushroll. Because these smaller motors sit closer to the floor they provide efficient suction and are able to spin the brushroll incredibly fast.

Warranty 7-year limited warranty**
Dimensions 49"H x 13.5"W x 11.5"D
Weight Weighs about 13 pounds*
Bagged /Bagless Bagged
Cord Length 30 ft.
Filtration HEPA Odor Fighting Inner Bag
Handle Helping Hand® Handle
Cleaning Function Vacuum
Height Adjustment Versa-Glide® true floating head
Speed Settings 2-Speed
Tune-Ups 3 tune-ups
Type Vacuum
Surface Area Carpet, Hard Floor Surfaces
Oreck XL Edge® Upright Vacuum 3.9 5 17 17
This is NOT durable vacuum I bought this vacuum 4 years ago and the switch is broken, the cord is pulling out of the handle and the only place to get parts (bags, belts) is on line. It is also very hard to figure out which bags fit the XL Edge as product numbers changed. I swore I would never buy another Oreck after my first one, but broke down and bought another. Never again. If I bought a vacuum from a local store for $100 and replaced it every year, I'd get the same value. April 2, 2016
Great Vacuum I have been using Oreck products for about 20 years now. This vacuum is well worth its weight in gold. Great power, light weight, easy to maneuver. I love that the bags "self seal" when you remove the full bad from the vacuum. July 10, 2013
26 years and going strong Love this machine. Hated vacuums before I purchased this one. They were heavy and awkward. Didn't really do the job and didn't last. June 7, 2013
A very comprehensive review I had the original model. Pros: VERY strong suction, but I liked the older model better. Cons: The strong suction picks up throw rugs so it cannot be used on throw rugs. It may not be, but it feels heavier than the older model. With this model the handle does not go down from the upright position to the vacuum position - one has to use their foot to hold the base down with their foot (a definate nuisance) compared to the older model, and it will eventually mess up the paint. It is higher and does not fit under things as well as the older model. The wheels keep hitting (catching) on things you are trying to vacuum around. I am a 70 year old male in good health, and with the old one I had to rest once each time I vacummed the entire house. With this one I have to rest twice. It is much more difficult to use. The handle height seems to be a little higher which makes it more tiring and difficult to use. It does have 2 suction speeds, high or low. I think what I will be doing is 1 week I will vacuuum on high suction, and the nexk on low suction. Would I recommend it to others (?) - I only had a cooice of yes or no. It would depend on how much stamina the person has, but in general ,I would say yes. April 15, 2013
Great product This is my second Oreck. Bought another brand to replace the first one, but it does not come close to the Oreck. Keeping the first one to vacuum the basement. Works great on our new thicker carpet. April 6, 2013
Poor quality parts/non specific warranty info I have owned this product for 6 months now. I think it cleans very well and have no real issues concerning this. However, I am disappointed that the power cords outer insulation cracked in the first few days of use. This was not due to any abuse on my part, just an inferior quality of the cord. I have read the warranty information which states defects are covered for a limited period of time from purchase. However, you can read it yourself on this site and you will discover that it doesn't state what the period of time is. I am disappointed that the duct tape I have had on it since the first week of ownership is really not working anymore so I am driving 20 minutes to the closet service center to see if they will cover the repair since I don't know how long the warranty is for. It's annoying to have a product break and cause all this extra effort in the first week of ownership. April 6, 2013
Upright mode great for carpets, the hose is too short & weak. I bought the upright edge because of its superior suction and the fact that it has a hose extension. The suction in its upright mode is excellent. It works very well on carpeting. However, the upright Edge is designed to decrease suction when the hose extension is in use. Oreck recommends that if one needs the best suction for the hose, a customer must purchase a canister vacuum. I can't imagine any reason for designing the hose extension suction to decrease than marketing canister vacuums. Since I did not know about the lower suction on the hose extension when buying the Edge, I was rather disappointed to figure this out. Since the hose does not work well, the upright edge is not good for furniture, carpet edges, or the corners of walls or window ledges. Also, the hose extension hose is rather short. I tried to vacuum up the corner of a door frame and the hose snapped off the housing. I ordered a new hose extension but now I know to be careful with how high I try to reach with it. This past week, I did as Oreck recommended and purchased an Oreck canister vacuum to deal with things I needed a hose for. Even with the disappointment of the hose, I am happy that this vacuum uses a Hepa filter bag, takes care of cat hair well on carpets, and has strong suction. I also chose Oreck because of the trustworthy and effective service, replacement parts, and tune ups. March 30, 2013
Oreckxl edge I purchased my Oreck XL Edge April, 1912 on line and paid $249.00 for it. I was not sure if I would be pleased since it was much heaver than the Oreck I hand owned previously. It also will not lie flat enough to clean under the beds. I decided to keep it rather than going to the trouble to send it back. Big mistake! After having the vacuum for only 9 months the covering over the power cord broke and pulled away right where it attaches to the vacuum. I called customer service and was told to take it to a store. They said the nearest store was 12 miles away. Well that is just not true it is 32 miles away. You consider that I would have to make 2 trips and be without a cleaner for who knows how long. They offered to replace it and sent a ups label but no box. I figured still not worth it since I would be in the same situation in another 9 months. Decided to take it to someone local for repair and the man said the oreck vacuums were the worst made cleaners on the market. Will cost me $36.00 for repair and hope it won't break again. I would not recommend an Oreck. They are just not made to last. January 16, 2013
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*Approximate weight without cord
**Some limitations apply. For details, see warranty.