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Oreck® Quest®

Sku # MC1000

The Oreck Quest® Canister Vacuum is versatile and portable. Incredibly powerful, yet supremely maneuverable, its compact size makes it perfect for smaller homes, apartments, and dorm rooms — or as an upstairs 2nd vacuum in a larger home. Get all the benefits of a full-size vacuum in a convenient smaller size.

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The Quest Canister vacuum cleaner features amazing suction power, large wheels, and a convenient carrying handle — so it's great for spaces big and small. It uses filter bags and a motor filter. Plus, multiple attachments make cleaning in spaces high and low as easy as can be. And with the help of variable speed control, you can use a lower speed to clean delicate surfaces such as drapes or fine Oriental and Berber rugs.

  • Gets into small nooks and crannies.
  • Works great on stairs.
  • Makes it a cinch to clean furniture.


  • Incredible suction power
  • Dimensions: 17”L x 14”W x 13.5”H
  • 5 foot hose, highly maneuverable
  • Large wheels and convenient carry handle
  • 2-filter system
  • 30" extension wand, multi-tool, and floor tool
  • Variable speed control
  • 10 Amps
  • Weighs about 10 lbs.*
  • 3-year limited warranty**
Warranty 3-year limited warranty**
Dimensions 17”L x 14”W x 13.5”H
Weight 10 lbs
Bagged /Bagless bagged
Capacity 3.5 quart
Cord Rewind Automatic
Cord Length 16.5 ft.
Filtration 2-filter system
Cleaning Function Quick Cleaning
Hard Surfaces
Auto Care
Tools / Accessories 30" extension wand, multi-tool, and floor tool, 5 foot hose
Type Handheld
Watts / Amps 10 Amps
Surface Area Edges and Small Spaces
Oreck® Quest® 2.5 5 33 33
It's alright This canister is a little awkward to use, the hose comes out of the top of canister making it difficult to maneuver. However, suction is great. Love the automatic rewind feature for the cord, but cord is way to short. February 7, 2012
Poorly Designed I do believe that Oreck are among the best vacuums made, this model however does not live up to the Oreck name. Suction is fine & it runs well. The flaws are in the design. It is difficult to pull along with you, it tips over, sometimes even turning off when the power button hits the floor when it flips over. But my main complaint is that although the bags are a good size, the compartment that the bag is in is too small for the bag to actually fill to a reasonable amount which means I am replacing the bag more often than I should need to and throwing away bags that are not even half filled. It is unfortunate that Oreck was not able to use their expertise in designing a good quality compact vacuum that is as good as their other models. July 26, 2012
o.k. for price I bought this vac but did not use it right away. By the time I did use it it was past the 30 day mark. I probably would have sent it back. It has suction, but it is awkward to maneuver and I wish it had a roller for my area rugs. Next time I will be a little more choosy in my purchase. I haven't had to change the bag yet......... June 5, 2012
You would be better off with a broom... I'm visiting my parent's in MI and I thought I would take care of some household chores, since they are in their seventies. While my parents were gone to church, I swept floors in the garage and kitchen with brooms. Then moved onto the carpetted floors. I looked for their vacuum and found this blue Oreck machine. I ATTEMPTED to clean the living room floor. What a waste of time! If I aimed right, it would pick up items that were visible to the eye (but, it took some work#. I figured out how to extend the arm on the machine. Now, I'm only 5' 5" and my back hurt from trying to maneuver the short hose and arm. I had to put the unit upright at least 3 times because it kept flipping onto it's top. Now, I cannot get the cord to go back in! What a mess of a product. That was my first time using an Oreck, and probably my last. Now, the floor LOOKS clean, but all that's in the bag is a little dust and some bits of debris. My parents live on a farm and everyone wears shoes in their house - there should have been WAY more than that sucked out of that large room. #No wonder you don't have to empty the bag hardly at all.# I don't know who's idea it was to get this product, but before I leave to go back to WI, you can bet I will be purchasing a Hoover or anything else. July 1, 2012
This product does not have quality or usability. I'm surprised at reviews that say this vacuum has great suction. I have to constantly go over items on my hardwood floor or pick it up by hand. There is no suction when I put my hand on the hose or tool. I will be "donating" it back to Oreck to get it out of my house. The hand-held vacuum they gave to me for "free" has considerably more suction, but it, too, lacks quality and usability. I bought one of their uprights almost 2 years ago and have yet to fill up the disposable bag--this makes me wonder about what little it's picking up on the carpet, although it easily picks up visible items. I won't be buying another Oreck product. January 12, 2014
I love this vacuum!!!!! love this vacuum. I looked everywhere for a canister vacuum with a bag and people looked at me like I was nuts. I hate bag less. My daughter has allergies and frankly, bag less just spreads the stuff you just vacuumed up in the air somewhere else. I brought this vacuum home and my daughter (11 years old) started using it like it was her new toy. We love it. We have hardwood floors and two dogs. It's great. Changing the bag is a cinch. It gets up dust from the baseboards, I can't say anything bad, and I really don't like to vacuum. I love it!!! Hooray for Oreck!!! October 6, 2013
Great for furniture and cat hair. The Quest has very strong suction. I bought it in order to clean both human and cat furniture as it was difficult to clean these things with an Oreck upright vacuum. Together, they make a good team. I've been in the market for an Oreck canister vacuum for a while, especially after an aunt visited us wearing black pants and sat on our couch. When she got up, she was covered in cat hair that was very visible. Now, our couch looks like a different couch. I left the durability scale empty since this is my first time using the Quest. I am a little apprehensive that the Quest does not have Hepa filter. It has a two filter system--a bag and a permanent filter before the motor. I am also a bit iffy about dealing with a permanent filter. I greatly prefer the Oreck Hepa filters available for upright vacuums as I am allergic to cats and wish this product had Hepa filters available. I wanted to buy the Quest partly because I trust Oreck as a brand and Oreck stores are very good at servicing vacuums. This way, I can take both my upright and my canister in the same store for tune ups or any repairs that are needed. March 30, 2013
worst oreck cleaner i purchased the first oreck i purchased was the ironman and i loved it but the motor broke so i decided to get another cleaner and i got this one and thought that it must be as powerful and good as the ironman but it wasnt. The oreck quest didnt cleaner as well as the ironman and the long black tube broke easily and even if i went to the max suction, it was still the same to me, still didnt clean my carpet at all still had little tiny particles left behind and dust, had to go over several times and still didnt suck it!! i regret paying for this cleaner. September 24, 2013
Many things are wrong with this vacuum Cord rewind lasted a few mos before it keeps rewinding while vacuuming. The floor cleaner will not pick up dirt by a back and forth motion, you have to sweep back toward you. The nozzle at the end of hose keeps coming out of floor attachment no matter how tight I push it in. It is lite weight and compact which is why I bought it, but get Very frustrated using it. June 24, 2013
standard for a cannister vac - hose is miserable The canister itself is made well and functions well. The hose, however, is terrible. It is rigid and difficult to maneuver. The worst part, however, is that it is too short. You cannot maneuver between furniture without bumping into the furniture (the main reason I chose a canister) and when you back up you trip over the canister. There are no extensions for the hose so what you get is what you are stuck with. Would return it but do not have the time to return and shop for another. Oreck definitely needs to rethink their hose or at least make an extension for those of us that bought it for those tight places. Called customer support but no solution except sorry! May 17, 2013
Not so great Terrible product. As mentioned by other reviewers vaccuum tips over frequently shutting itself off. Have to go over dirt multiple times in order to clean floor. Seems to have good suction but still have to work at getting it to vaccuum. Looks great just doesnt vaccuum well. March 28, 2013
Not at all what we though we were getting I can not think of many things that this vacuum is good for. Cord is too short. No use on carpets. Too expensive for just the kitchen floor. December 31, 2012
Not what I was expecting I got this compact canister because I have a hand held/strap Oreck now that I love. It has great suction, nice attachments and is of good quality but I was tired of carrying it around. This canister was not cheap, but isn't the quality I expect. The attachments were few and didn't have the same build quality as my carry around Oreck. In addition when I used the floor attachment it whistled loudly unless I turned the suction down. I returned it. Oreck needs to add a few more attachments of better quality and I think this would be a great vacuum. December 21, 2012
Love that it is so light, but... I found that it doesn't have the power to do a good cleaning on my carpeted areas. It does an excellent job on hardwood and tile. I also found the, additional, attachment for stairs was unsatisfactory. I am hoping to exchange this unit for something with more cleaning power. This makes a great "hand vac" for quick clean ups. The accordion hose doesn't stay inserted into the wand or the part that attaches to the actual vac itself. I know Oreck makes great vacs, this one just doesn't hit the mark. October 24, 2012
Nice little canister vac I like most everything about this little light weight canister except, I cannot seem to get the floor attachment off the metal extender in order to use the other attachement or to use it with any attachment and at times the retractable cord can be a pain. You must plug it back in and jiggle it to get it to start retracting, My housekeeper attaches a long extension cord so she doesn't have to fool with it because it hangs up almost every ime she uses it. Any suggestions on how to release the attachment would be much appreciated. October 12, 2012
Better than expected After reading some of the negative reviews, I was expecting to have to send my vacuum back after trying it. However, I have been pleasantly surprised with it, and I will be keeping it. For a canister vacuum, the suction power on the Oreck Quest is excellent. So far, it has cleaned just as nicely as my Oreck XL21 upright. It picks up dirt and debris quickly, and I don't have to go over the same spot twice. Other reviewers commented on how "plastic" or cheap this vacuum was. I can see what they mean, but my experience has been that it is not as easily breakable as some reviewers experienced. I think that if I am careful and gentle while doing routine maintenance, it won't be a problem. It only has three attachments, but they are perfect for my needs, and they are nicely compact. The attachments are housed on the vacuum itself, so there is less chance of losing one. There are three negative points about the vacuum, but they are not deal-breakers for me. The first is that I wish that the cord was not automatic winding. I have had other appliances where this feature has broken, and I find it just as easy to wind myself. The second negative is that the position of the power button and the cord winding button are placed on the machine in such a way that makes it difficult to press and hold them. For instance, as the machine stands vertically, if you press the power button with enough force so that it turns on or off, the machine will fall over. But if you don't press it hard enough, the power does not engage or turn off. The same is true for the cord wind-up button. So, you either have to hold the machine with two hands - one on the back of the machine so it doesn't fall over and one on the button itself, or you have to lay the machine on its back, which is awkward because it doesn't lay flat and it's wobbly. The final con is that the machine falls over easily. As you are moving around the room, it does not follow seamlessly, despite the wheeled feet on the base of the vacuum. The result is that as you move further from the base, it falls over and you can end up dragging it at an odd angle. So, the fix to this is to carry it around by the handle, but I find this cumbersome. It's not so much a problem for me, since I mainly use this vacuum for small jobs such as steps and furniture, but this negative does not make this canister a good candidate for a main vacuum, in my opinion. Overall, I am pleased with the performance of this vacuum, and I would recommend it. May 8, 2014
Not for Tall People! Even though this vac comes with an expandable handle, it isn't long enough if you're over 5'5". I had to add an extension from another oreck hand held vac that I have. Lot's of bending over too far! Even more annoying is the fact that the vac bag is shaped like a square even though the bag opening is more of an oval. It's like shoving a square peg into a round hole! Poor bag design. That said, it does have pretty good suction, and is best for hard floors. The unit itself is too light to be a "pull behind" because it tends to tip over as you're pulling it behind you. My solution was buying an upright titanium -- Love it !! February 27, 2013
This product has poor quality and they stopped supporting it in less than 2 years. We bought this in Jan 2011 from an ad in TV Guide as I was looking for a new canister. I already owned 3 Orecks and this met my latest need. It just went back to the Oreck store for the 3rd time. 1) no suction, 2) replaced the motor and now 3) the on/off switch does not work. What poor quality!! #3 they cannot fix because they do not carry the part. Never have we had such trouble and I will not buy another Oreck. Why? When I returned this one for the 3rd time, another woman was complaining about how her current Oreck had broken a couple of times and was the worst Oreck she had owned. All the store offered was another Oreck, at a sale price. Period. We are outtahere. November 28, 2012
Not your mother's vacuum I am disappointed and slightly disgusted after the vacuum broke not once, but twice. The first time was two months after my original purchase--the vacuum itself shorted out. I bought the vacuum because of its compact design and light maneuverability, but I was disappointed with its inability to really suck anything up. After the replacement: two and a half months later, the flexible hose broke from the metal arm. I looked closely at the way it was originally attached--superglue. I could only get a new arm with hose attachment and then if I were still unhappy I would have to take it to a local deal and exchange. I'm done with superglued parts and malfunctioning vacuums, and I'm certainly not wasting my time haggling with a dealer to exchange this vacuum for a better model. I'll call it a loss, and take my business elsewhere! August 13, 2012
Poor design. The first thing we noticed was that the hose came straight up out of the canister with any rightangle joint, so when you pulled it if always tipped over. Secondly the cleaning head would get stuck on carpets because it would not retract. We sent it back. February 21, 2013
One year of growing dissatisfaction As others mentioned, the bag setup is tricky to learn and was frustrating initially. Also, a few times it has had problems retracting the cord. The reason why I hate this vacuum though, is it's inability to vacuum. I have to run over areas multiple times, and it is painfully slow. I am disappointed with this product. January 22, 2013
Versatile I've had this product for 2 years now. Vacuum tile, wood and area rugs with it. Easy to take up the stairs and easy to move over multi-surface floors. However, I had some trouble in the beginning and my Oreck guy quickly fixed it all right away. First, the floor piece that comes with it should be tossed. It does not allow for proper suction due to all the gaps in it. Get a plain Jane floor piece for maybe $15 bucks, which will allow you to move from tile to carpet with no problem. I also removed the pre-filter and now I can suck up every piece of dust around my house. The cord is nice and long, the wheels nice and big, it's lite, and still works great even though it's been banged around really good over the past 2 years. Keep in mind on this model, the floor piece does not have a motor, nor will the plain Jane replacement. You need to use a little muscle when cleaning your area rungs or carpet. I simply just scrub forward and back with a bit of pressure to get the job done. Love this little machine! January 4, 2013
Save Your Money and look elsewhere! I have had this canister for two years. The bag never fits correctly, the suction is sporadic at best, the nozzle has cracked twice and periodically it just shuts itself off! I have been so disappointed with this vacuum. I only use it on hardwood floors in a 1,500 sq.ft. apartment and most of the time after I vacuum, I have to sweep or the other way around. A total waste of money. It was a problem from day one, but friend said you must buy an Oreck. Well, guess what - this will be my one and only purchase. I am moving on to another brand. November 13, 2012
We've enjoyed this little vacuum for over a year now I'm glad I did not read some of these reviews before I bought this little blue machine! We've not had any of some of the mentioned problems. The suction is great - even have to be careful or sometimes it has sucked up a kid's sock that was laying around! It follows me around just fine, may tip over sometimes, but doesn't shut off. The cord is a little short, but when it winds up, it slows down the last few inches, so maybe that's as long as a self-winder can handle. We have all hardwood floors with one carpeted stairway. The upholstery brush does the stairway beautifully and it's light enough to follow up the stairs standing upright as we go. The bags are easy to change and we've not had any trouble with that. The one problem is bags have gotten harder to find and the last time I had to end up ordering them online, so have to plan ahead better! We have 3 young children and 2 cats. It is very easy for the children to use too and they all seem to even like using it. Ours does not store attachments on the vacuum so, that is my only drawback because you never know where the children leave them. I previously had a 39 year old Eureka canister that finally died, so now we will be depending solely on this. I don't expect it to last 39 years, but after a year, it seems to be chugging along as good as when we got it. All in all, we think this is a pretty darn good little vac. I will need to order a new brush, but you expect these to wear out. We really do not like uprights, so this is great. February 21, 2015
Poor Power very poor suction and it is very difficult to pull around December 2, 2014

*Approximate weight without hose and attachments
**Some limitations apply. For details, see warranty.