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Slinky Hose

Sku # 72046-06-0327
  • Replacement extension hose for use with Oreck Ultra Handheld Vacuums and Oreck Deluxe Handheld Vacuum.
  • Will fit BB800 series, BB1000 series and CC1600 Handheld Vacuums
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Type Accessories
Surface Area Carpet
Slinky Hose 2.1 5 14 14
This vacuum is extremely difficult to use. A good vacuum, powerful, but why, oh why would you put a "slinky" hose on it? I had a similar older model with a standard hose, and it worked great. I gave that one to my son & purchased a newer model. Little did I know the hose would make this vacuum so difficult to use. I've searched your site looking for a replacement "standard" hose, but cannot find it. So disappointed. June 9, 2012
Poor design The original hose on my small vacuum broke, so instead of traveling 45 minutes to the nearest store location, I ordered the product. There is nothing user friendly about it at all. It does stretch, however, retracts immediately and remains snugly close to the vacuum, therefore, your vacuum is just as close to the area or item (like a sofa) that you are attempting to clean. I'm disappointed that I can no longer effectively clean my vehicle or use thus vacuum in small or tight spots. July 5, 2013
Good hose but no locking notch to fit older canister vacs If you have an older handheld vac (like the bb870 series), this hose will fit, but it doesn't have that locking notch. It attaches solely through friction. Overall, the hose works, but since there is no notch, it detaches fairly easily if the hose is stretched out too far. It's usable, but barely. April 19, 2013
hose and tubes are aggravating This is the most aggravating hose ever !! It does not extend so if I am vacumming the couch, I am having to move the whole vacuum all over the fabric as if it were a Dustbuster for cleaning cars. I have had this for months and thought that with time, it would be better. It is not. When I bought the vacuum, I bought the Turbo brush too. So, I have alot invested in this machine. The tubes will not stay together while vacuuming the floors. If I am vaccuming forward, I might make it a few feet...but as soon as I pull back some, the tubes come apart. Good grief !! I wish I had my money back !!! I also bought the Magnesium. So, I have quite an investment with Oreck. October 14, 2013
Replacement part doesn't replace the old part There is no way that I can use this replacement hose. There is no way to lock the hose inside the unit. The hose diameter is smaller than the opening in the canister. I would have to hold it in while I run the vacuum. Besides that, the hose in much shorter and stiff without the flexibility. Why did Oreck mess with a proven product? If it ain't broke, don't fix it! July 16, 2013
Hate the slinky hose! Hate the slinky hose. It extends but it is so tight and is hard to extend and use. Bought the other hose but it is so stiff and not expandable. Wish they had never messed with a good product - the hose that came with the original hand held vacuum. February 6, 2015
Different, but very handy. This very compact but extremely stretchy hose takes some getting used to because it is so different from the original 60" hose that came with the great old reliable, and unfailingly dependendable, Oreck Housekeeper Plus BB1100. I have had mine since 9/13/05 and have never had one problem with it until recently I stretched the hose around a corner too far and it ripped right through because I pulled on it too hard! I was in a hurry and should have waited until I could have taken my time. Anyway I got this one to replace it and after I got used to it, I have grown to like it. It's very stretchy and flexible and built with better rubber than the previous 60" hose was. It works great with all of the attachments and since it shrinks up smaller than the old 60" hose did, it is much easier to store! This one stretches longer than 60". I can't say exactly how far though because I have not measured it yet when it's fully stretched out. I don't think I have to worry about this one tearing like my old 60" hose did, that is for sure! If you need a replacement for yours, don't be afraid of this one! Just give it a chance and you'll grow to like it just like I did! I highly recommend giving it a try, and don't forget Oreck's guarantee if it does not work out for you, Oreck will make it right. January 28, 2013
Great little unit This is the perfect little unit for doing the carpet edges, bookshelves, and so on. It is very light and you can use it with one lightweight wand. The slinky hose is the perfect design for a unit to be carried around - you do not have the big old hose dangling around. Some people who have complained seem to be trying to use this as an upright, or pull around the floor full size canister. I do not think that is what it is intended for. July 26, 2014
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