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Steam-It® Spot Brush

Sku # 53518-01

Replacement Spot Brush for use with the Oreck Steam-It all purpose steam wand

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It gets the job done but... The spot brush works great for cleaning grout lines. However, it wears out quickly. I have 12" tile throughout the first floor of my home (approx. 1,000 sq. ft.). I've gone through 2 of them already and I'm not even done with the 6'x8' open floor space in my kitchen. It seems like the steam is so hot it's melting the bristles. They literally disintegrate as you use the tool. At $3 each + shipping for replacements cleaning the grout on whole first floor is going to set me back a lot of money. Oreck, you need to rethink the materials you make the bristles out of! February 17, 2012
Great cleaner, poor durability This grout cleaning brush works great on our tile flooring. We had black grout, that used to be white, and it made the floor look new again. My only complaint is the durability. Our kitchen floor is normal size and it takes 2 1/2 of these brushes to do the floor once. That's with only using the weight of the machine, no downward pressure. The bristles get worn right down to the housing. I would just like to see these pieces made out of a stronger material. January 1, 2012
Great product but is not durable! I just received my Oreck Steam It cleaner this week and I have been so excited to see what it would do to my grout which is extremely dirty (5 years of dirt and grime), I am very happy with the results. It is amazing to see how much dirt has accumulated over the years. My tile looks new again! My only complaint is that I will need probably 8-10 spot brushes to clean my downstairs floor. This product is does not last for more than a small area of grout. I agree with all the other reviews that this product needs to be re-thought. I would also like to see a larger brush for the Steam It cleaner so as to clean dirt that has accumulated in the grooves of my tile. June 12, 2012
Gets the job done! This brush works very well and gets the job done easily. However, it does not last long as the bristles melt away due to the hot steam. If you turn down the steam output it does not clean as well. If Oreck change the bristles so that they don't melt or wear down so fast this would be an excellent product. April 2, 2012
Great idea... until it disintergrates I have a lot of tile and this little brush worked great for about 20 min. then it had curled in on itself and no longer scrubbed the grout. I didn't put any pressure on the brush, just the weight of the mop. No big deal I thought I'll order a bunch of the little brushes... but they're $2.99 a piece?!?! Really? They can't cost more the $.02 to produce.... VERY DISAPPOINTED :( December 8, 2013
Amazing at removing grout buildup. Though this product is exceptional at removing my 5 year grout buildup, the spot brush is not durable. I was not able to complete my small kitchen with one brush before it melted away. I concede that normal wear is expected, but this is the first time I use the product. The replacement cost is not so bad, but when you tag on shipping it will get to be a little pricey if I have to replace these brushes after every cleaning. There has to be a better way. December 4, 2012
This is a great tool for cleaning grout. I like this tool for cleaning grout. It's the best that I have found so far. I try not to apply a lot of pressure when I'm using it. The bristles flatten easily. I keep having to buy replacements. March 11, 2012
Love this product I use the spot brush in the grout lines of my floor. The steam and scrubbing motion of the brush cleans the grout like nothing I have ever seen before. The dirt just bubbles up to be wiped away. December 22, 2011
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