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Oreck® Steam-It®


The All-Purpose Steam Wand

The Oreck Steam-It uses steam to remove dirt & grime. The Oreck Steam-It has a unique vapor chamber making it easy to clean above the floor without spilling. It's an easy way to get a deep down clean without the use of chemicals or detergents.

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Just add water, turn the Steam-It on, and it heats up in less than a minute – creating a high-temperature, low-moisture dry steam that quickly removes dirt and deep cleans virtually any hard floor surface. To sanitize those particular hard floor areas just focus the steam on high while mopping for at least 5 seconds.*** It also cleans windows spot-free, cleans kitchen and bath fixtures, tile and grout, helps remove stains from furniture and car upholstery, and even freshens pillows and mattresses.* And surfaces are dry within minutes!


With four attachments, you’re sure to cover nearly every inch of your home.

Utility tool
The slimmer, lighter weight utility tool can be used in place of the main steam mop head when you are cleaning above the floor. Cover it with a microfiber steam bonnet to clean crown moldings and ceiling fans and freshen drapes and upholstery.

Spot brush
The nozzle brush can help you focus steam to clean crevices, rims or tight spots around kitchen and bathroom counters, sinks and appliances.


Spot brush
The spot brush is great for cleaning grout stains on floors or wall tile, as well as soap scum from tough-to-clean tile.

Steam head
The Oreck Steam-It, using the bonnet or your own towel, is perfect for cleaning almost  any hard floor surface.

The squeegee is ideal for getting windows, mirrors and other shiny surfaces spot-free clean.

The Steam-It is quiet and portable, reaches virtually anywhere (even ceiling fans, cabinets and light fixtures), and can even be turned upside down without spillage. There are no expensive replacement cleaning pads to buy, either, because the Steam-It comes with four washable microfiber bonnets. And only the Steam-It has universal cleaning clips that let you use your own household towels. It comes with a 4-piece attachment kit, a 1-year limited warranty, and is tough enough for everyday use. The Oreck Steam-It: a safe, easy, all-natural way to clean your home.

Blogger Reviews

Miss Mustard Seed Miss Mustard Seed describes the kind of clean you get with the Steam-It as like "walk over it with your white socks and your white socks are still white kind of clean."
House of Rose This video from House of Rose shows why she is "super excited" that the Steam-It, with its 6 attachments and adjustable steam, can be used on more than hardwood floors.
Eat at Home With a family of six (and neighbor kids coming in and out, too) homeschooling mom Tiffany thought there was "no way that water only with a regular mop was going to get it for us." But after using the Steam-It® on her vinyl, bathroom and kitchen floors — and even the stovetop — she's a believer in chemical-free cleaning. Get all the pics and details at Eat at Home.
  • Pressurized super-dry steam heats in less than a minute. Dry steam means no damp mess!
  • Works upside-down without spillage for above-the-floor cleaning
  • Fingertip controls and 25-ft. cord make it incredibly easy to use
  • Boasts a wide 11.5 inch cleaning path
  • Deep cleans without chemicals. Can sanitize by focusing steam on hard floor surface for at least 5 seconds***
  • Can be used on most flooring surfaces including marble, ceramic, stone, vinyl, linoleum and sealed hardwood floors*
  • Reusable, machine washable microfiber pads means no expensive replacement pads to buy
  • 1-year limited warranty**
Warranty 1-year limited warranty**
Dimensions 45.5"H x 10.3"L x 4.6"W
Weight About 10 lbs.
Capacity 40 oz.
Cleaning Path 11.5 inch
Cord Length 25 ft.
Reusable Microfiber Bonnents Yes
Tools / Accessories 4 piece attachment set
Watts / Amps 1400 watts
Surface Area Most hard floor surfaces, countertops, tile, appliances and more*
Oreck® Steam-It® 2.9 5 70 70
Best I have found for the money Prior to purchasing the Oreck Steam-It - I tried 3 others in my Florida 100% tiled home. The other top selling brands did not do the job and left more moisture than should have been and not enough heat. Oreck Steam-It got it right for this 59 year old. You control how much moisture by the control knobs; the clamps are great if you want to use your own LINT FREE cloths; Weight problem - just used less water. If real dirt just hold it on the area a little longer. Just wish they gave two deep pile lint free cloths - the one got real dirty with a whole house of tile - and I wash my floors every week. Filling with water - I hold It under my drinking water tap - it has a small spigot. Other than my floors - it did fine on shower glass; and IT steamed my seats in my car clean. Tried the grout cleaner - it would take too long - hands and knees best for that. I do not care about the wire behind me - it is long enough and I didn't have to change outlets that often. Will not try for fans. All in All I highly recommend. A thumbs up. February 21, 2012
The directions are only adequate. Could stand a lot of improvement. My ceramic tile floors are cleaner! It is much simpler to use than a mop and bucket; however, cleaning small areas is difficult. The grout did not clean as quickly as I had hoped, but is cleaner each time I use it. The directions leave MUCH to be desired. May 7, 2012
Not worth the money The one I purchased lasted 18 months and there are no parts available for this product so it could not be repaired. Based on the Oreck reputation I purchased this product. Since they offered to do nothing for me I will never purchase another Oreck product. If it won't last and can't be repaired I wouldn't recommend spending the money on it. It was not worth the purchase price. January 23, 2012
This steam mop is superior to the Shark steam mops, I love this steam mop. It not only got my vinyl plank floors clean but I am able to clean all the floors in my 1050 sq. ft house without the mop overheating and having to wait an hour for it to cool down so I can finish cleaning. And, this steam mop actually got rid of the wet puppy feet print by my back door left behind by other mops. January 9, 2012
An effective, durable steam mop which lacks storage for any of the many included accessories that make the mop a useful cleaning tool. I’m optimistic that my Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Wand Mop will prove far more durable than the competitor’s model it replaced. I anticipate using my Oreck mop for many years to come. After two weeks of try outs, the Oreck cleans my wood and tile flooring well. The deflector nozzle concentrates steam and does an excellent job cleaning crevice areas. Attachment tools and the power head clip on easily to the wand. Provided utility cloths look and feel durable. “Towel Grips” on either side of the “power head” also permits use of your own toweling materials. Steam power is consistently strong and is fully available shortly after start up. One filling of the water reservoir is sufficient to routinely clean all of my home's flooring surfaces. My lists of “misses” result from a less than thoughtful design from the user’s perspective: • The mop will not stand upright on its own and frequently falls over if not securely leaned up against a prop. • The power cord needs to be five feet longer and lacks convenient cord management, so users end up wrapping the cord around their hand instead. The usefulness of a tethered Velcro strap is likewise baffling. • Accessory tools can be swapped out with ease but only after allowing for a cooling off period before hand. • The “steam regulator,” a dial-like control for steam power located on the handle's side, moves inadvertently during use, requiring frequent readjustment as prompted by the sound of diminishing steam . • Contrary to user guidelines, my steam mop doesn’t work well when held aloft, upside down, unless the water tank is completely full. Furthermore, the mop quickly feels heavy when raised overhead and must be held at an uncomfortable angle to ensure continued water / steam flow. • The mop lacks storage for any of the useful included accessories that make the wand a worthwhile cleaning tool. Users must provide their own tool storage or risk losing smaller attachments during use. Bulky original packaging isn’t conducive for long-term storage. • Beware the three, small, circular brush heads provided for use with the “spot brush” attachment. Two of these heads completely wore out after their first use. Despite their fragile state and soft feel, these brushes scuffed several durable surface areas, including some exterior composite decking material. Other reviewers experienced this same brush wear, which Oreck states results from over scrubbing without letting the steam do the work. I feel better disclosure on appropriate brush use from Oreck is warranted. August 8, 2012
Not worthy of the Oreck name Worst product I ever bought. The steam head melted off after 6 months, burning my daughters hand. The local store replaced it but that one lasted only 5-1/2 months before the head melted off. I asked the clerk if I had a year warranty on the third unit. She said no, I only had 2 weeks left on my original warranty. The 3rd unit has only been used about 15 times and the pump has stopped pumping water to the heater. I have had 3 units and not one has lasted for a year. No matter because the warranty is on length of time since original purchase NOT on the product! January 18, 2013
I will never clean a house without using this mop I am a professional house cleaner, having been in business for over 20 years. After purchasing this mop this year in January I have been using it at all my client's homes, and it has been nothing but a great experience since the beginning. I use it on shower tiles. I use it on grout, tile floors of every kind. I have also used it with delicate minimum speed over wood floors. All my clients are well pleased with the results. It is very durable - I use it every day sometimes 3x in a day. July 26, 2012
feels heavy, bulky I like cleaning with steam for our family's health and for my pet's health but this model is bulky and heavy. Pads are difficult to get on and off. It does heat up and make steam quickly. January 11, 2012
love it. love it . love it this steamer does everything it claims. very easy to use and really gets the grime off of any surface. I have been cleaning surfaces and places that haven't been touched in years!!! works better than bleach and hot water.!!! March 21, 2012
good outcome but difficult to put water in and very hard to push The outcome on the floors is excellent; but - it is difficult to put the water in the tank and very difficult to push. The difficulty adding water is minor to me though it seems Oreck could have a better means for it. But a big drawback for me, so much so that I may not have bought it had i known it - is that it is physically exhausting to push this machine around for mopping because it is not powered at all. So you are still pushing a mop around, but instead a very heavy mop - so by the time i am done i'm out of breath, sweating, and my arms hurt! But the outcome on the floors truly is great - the floors look super when i am done. BTW i am using it on about 1500 sf of wood flooring. I assumed i would love it and therefore threw away shipping boxes immediately so i will be keeping it. and i do look forward to using it for other things like bathroom showers and curtains. I am sure i will again like the outcome of the product. just really wish it wasn't so exhausting to use for everyday floor cleaning. January 14, 2012
Stay Away It does work well on tile and grout, except the small nozzle will melt and is worthless. Does not work on anything else without an extreme amount of effort. I have tried different cloths to make this thing do what I hoped it would. Unfortunately, I used it the first time and was so disappointed that I put it in a closet till way past the warranty because I thought I'd pick it up another day and try again. I did pick it up and tried again several times, and I gave up. My mother ordered this from from QVC for herself, and I told her to cancel the order since this thing is so awkward and heavy for me, she would hate it. Plus, it does not work except on tile. I tried it on a pet stain on carpet, and no surprise to me, it failed again. Would not recommend to anyone. I have at least 6 Oreck items and I am a big fan! But stay away from this one! February 10, 2013
It was a gift, but i haven't heard any complaints! i purchased this for the person who cleans for me. It worked well here (i have all tile floors) and i haven't heard any complaints from her. i like the whole concept of cleaning with steam December 22, 2011
Poor quality Oreck Steam It Mop did have very hot steam and was effective in removing dirt and grime. However, I have had 2 new machines in 18 months. The first one was defective and was replaced in less then 1 year. The second one developed a problem where the steam was not coming thru the steam head. I was informed that the steam head needed replacement. I purchased the part. Approximately 3 weeks later while using the steam mop, the steam head literally ripped away from wand. I took it to the Oreck store and the machine was examined. I was told that the boiler had caused this problem, it was not repairable and no longer under warranty. Very disappointed in the quality of this product and that the second machine was 1 yr and days old when it broke. Oreck said that was out of warranty. Also, preparing to replace my Oreck vacuum that is over 20 years old. The store carries a limited inventory. So, I was requested to prepay in order to assure that I would get a vacuum. No confidence with this company. November 1, 2013
Lasted 15 months and switch broke and could not be repaired. I was so pleased with the results with the steam mop. I've had it 15months with not a lot of use...maybe once a week I do the floors, maybe not. Problems came with the machine in that the O ring was busted and I had to order a new one immediately. Fifteen months later it's still working fine but the switch is busted and I can't turn on the steam part. I called corporate to find out about replacing the switch and was referred to their repair place in Houston. They don't have the part and cannot get the part. Apparently when the switch does the Steam It...right into the trash. Oreck didn't offer me anything...the warranty was up. Since this isn't my first Oreck product, I expected some type of customer service and got none. I'm not very happy. It's too much $ for the length of service especially since it is still working...if I could turn it on. January 8, 2013
It works great with no residue! I purchased this to replace my wet-jet mop because I was sick of the sticky residue. I'm amazed at how clean and shiny this got my floors in half the time it would take me to use the wet jet. I also have wood paneling on the walls and it was amazing on that. The window steamer squeegee cleans great, but you do have to wipe away excess water. January 23, 2012
Not what I expected from Oreck Steam is good but as you go back & forth, the front comes up so you only steam the floor as you push forward. Pads need a little more room and need to be thicker. Does not stand up well. Awkward to use for anything but the floor. June 19, 2012
Durability Mega Issues The Steam it works find until it gets stopped up, and it is no longer useful. I tried numerous time to unstop the unit. I took it to the Oreck store in Lewisville Texas. . The nice young man did unstop it for me, but it was short lived, and I once again tried to unstop the unit to no avail. Yes I use distill water, and the sad part is I never got my money worth out of it. I also bought the accessories. I am going to give it one more try, and if it does not work, then it will go in the trash. March 17, 2013
Not a good value Got this a couple of years ago...I was very excited about cleaning with steam but it is very awkward, mainly because of its heaviness. Heats up super fast but I find it only works when pushing forward. It does not stay on the floor when pulling toward you. Also, I see now that it is NOT recommended for laminate floors but that was one of the reasons I purchased it. The salesman at the Oreck store even demonstrated on laminate flooring. I am fairly tall and when I finished the kitchen, dining, bathroom and large hallway, my back was killing me, not to mention I was worn out because of the weight of the mop. Also, it does not fit behind or beside the toilet or the pedestal sink. After tax I paid close to $200 for it and feel it isn't even worth half that. I would not recommend this product because of all the negatives and the high cost. October 18, 2013
Steam it I have had this steamer for awhile. My daughter got it for me. But I really never had any reason to use it. I have only used it maybe 6 times on my title floor. Today I went to use it and It didn't work called customer service and they told me to take it to a oreck dealer it was most likely the pump. and it was over a year old. so I would have to pay to have it working again.So I would not recommend this if it only last for at the most 6 uses it is too expensive. June 7, 2013
So far so good, but lacking directions Since I moved to my home four years ago, I've been wanting a steam cleaner. I have been searching reviews since, but could not make a decision until I read Good Housekeeping's recent review. Then, with a 20% off discount through Oreck, my decision was made. I have only used my Steam-It two times since I received it. My bathroom tile floors are white and spot free now. The steam does push dust into the edges of the room if any remains on the floors after vaccuuming, so I do have to wipe around the edges manually, but this is nothing compared to having to do the whole floor by hand. My bathrooms are small, though, and the power-head did not fit behind the toilets. I will try with a different attachment to the areas I couldn't reach, but even this small area having to clean manually feels not so bad anymore. The spots on my wood floors are gone, and there are no more wipe marks from when I'd manually wipe up after my daughter drops food on the floor. There were two different types of cloths in my set. I am not sure which cloths are for which purposes (see comment in con section and directions) Beyond this, here are my pros and cons. Pros: Easy to maneuver. I like the ability for the head to swivel around corners. The swivel was a little awkward at first when I tried to push in a straight line, but once I got used to maneuvering, the Steam-It moves well. Quiet. There is enough hum to let me know the Steam-It is on, but it's quiet enough that I don't worry using it even outside the baby's room when she is sleeping. Versatility. I can't wait to try the mirrors and grout lines. I am curious about carpets. The manual online has a section for using the Steam-It on carpets. My manual does not include anything about carpets. Cord. The cord length is perfect for my needs. Cons: Directions are not clear. The operating instructions in the manual have you filling the tank first and getting the steam going, and then assembling the power-head or other attachments after waiting for things to cool. The Quickstart Guide does assembly first and then filling the tank and turning on the steam (which makes more sense). I received the microfiber cloths and a cloth with lots of "scrubbing" pieces (like a mop head). I did not see anything in the manual to indicate when to use which type of mop head. I only found reference for attaching the "floor cloth" and the "elasticized cloth". Which is the floor cloth? The pictures of the parts show a floor cloth and a utility cloth. The utility cloth picture is just a smaller version of the floor cloth picture. Neither of them show the scrubbing pieces. Steam regulator dial. How do I read this. Mine just has lines. There are no markings on the dial itself. The manual lists different settings for different purposes. For example, grout on hard surfaces the setting is medium to high. I would assume high is turning the dial all the way to the thickest line. Is medium half way? Although, without markings on the dial (the lines are printed on the handle) I have no idea if I have the dial halfway or not. Plus, there are four lines. High, medium, and low are only three settings. I would like some better clarity here. Water fill. When I fill the tank, yes I can see the water going in, but I have no idea how much water to put in. There is no "fill line". For now, I'll just fill it with less than I think the tank needs to not risk putting in too much. Storage. How do I plan to store all the parts. I haven't decided this yet. There is no included bag or box. If I have to, I will try and get to an Oreck store and have someone explain and show me the answers to my questions in person. I wish that manuals today included detailed information. Perhaps a simple guide in one section with reference to more details later in the manual so that if I have more questions about a certain section, I could learn more. November 23, 2012
Worst Product We bought the Steam Mop because we believed the would be a good investment. This has turn out to be the worst purchase we have made in a very long time. The brushes to clean grout do not last and we had to keep buying more and after about one year of use, and we only used it to clean the wood floors in the living room and the grout in the tile floor, the whole tip just melted away in small, tiny pieces making the unit useless. So do not waste your money. trying something else, this is not worth the money December 3, 2014
Cleaning is not as aggressive as I hoped. I have textured linoleum floors. The steam does not get into these crevices and remove unsightly dirt. The head is not shaped to get into corners. Head does not fit behind toilet. June 27, 2012
Best Steamer I've ever used I used the steamer after the cleaning ladies left and was stunned to see how much filth was still on the floors and bathroom walls. I have asked them to use the steamer instead of their mops. This is a wonderful tool - and am very satisfied with all the attachments to do the job right. June 26, 2012
The quality is not worthy of the price Very clumsy to use and poor quality. The container holding the water melted. June 19, 2012
Too large, poor quality This was my first steam vac. I had it 1 month and the cap over the tank, cracked and broke off. Oreck sent me a new steam it, I had to package the old one up and return first. The new one worked ok, for just a few months. Then the cap over the water tank cracked and beoke off completely. There is only the two of us, so I used it maybe 2 x a month, and it stopped working completely. I gave up and tossed the machine. November 23, 2014
Worked just long enough to void the warranty. This product worked great until it wouldn't steam anymore - about 1 month after the warranty ran out. It was used very lightly for hardwood floors and some tile. I will not purchase and Oreck product again. August 20, 2014
Disappointed in the steam mop I am a true Oreck customer - my vacuums, air purifiers, and all products from glass cleaner to carpet cleaner. All wonderful products. Last year, I bought the steam mop. I had a Bissel steam mop for over 4 years and it worked great. I decided to make a change and buy the Oreck steam mop. Very disappointed - it stopped working 4 months after the 1 year warranty was up. They don't do any repairs on the steamer - you basically have to buy a new one. I would think a steam mop would work longer than 16 months. Very disappointed in the product and Oreck for not standing behind their products. July 30, 2014
I LOVE this steam cleaner!! This steamer works better on my textured porcelain floor than any product I've tried. The steam is adjustable so I can do light cleaning or clean up the worst my 2 large dogs can track in. The handle is long enough (thank you, Mr. Oreck!) that my back doesn't take a beating and the extra long cord is wonderful. The little funnel is not super efficient but I just used another larger one. The nubbies on the pad did a great job getting into the rough surfaces and the pad washed up very well. April 29, 2013
Shiny and Bright We have 14" tiles throughout our kitchen and breakfast area. We also have a tile entry. The Oreck Steam-It allows even me (in a wheelchair) to get these floors ultra clean, shiny and bright. I love it! May 20, 2012
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*Not for use on fine silks, velour, very thin plastics, unsealed hardwood, laminates, engineered hard floor surfaces, ceilings, drywall and exterior paint of automobiles, electronics or items using electricity.
**Some limitations apply. For details, see warranty.
***To sanitize hard floor surfaces, focus steam while mopping for at least 5 seconds. Results based on lab testing under controlled conditions. Results will vary based on use of the Steam-It and the surface to be cleaned.