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To Order Direct: 1-800-219-2044

Greater Washington D.C. Area

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Oreck Clean Home Center
239 Kentlands Blvd.
Gaithersburg MD 20878
(301) 987-2000

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Oreck Clean Home Center
6840 Franconia Road
Springfield VA 22150
(703) 912-9696



Oreck Clean Home Center
7529 Greenbelt Rd.
Greenbelt MD 20770
(301) 486-0900

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Oreck Clean Home Center
Wendover Square
106 Lawyers Road NW
Vienna VA 22180
(703) 319-1911

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Oreck Clean Home Center
12274 D Rockville Pike
Rockville MD 20852'(301) 881-1866


We repair vacuums of all brands!

Does your vacuum smell bad?

Dirt, pet hair and other debris can make your vacuum look bad and harbor odors. Our experts can clean and refresh it so that it sparkles (and smells) like new.

Does it spit stuff out?

It could be a clog, a worn belt, the motor or electrical components. We can diagnose the problem — and fix it.

Are you looking for an Oreck vacuum? Which do you prefer - bagged or bagless? Compare the benefits.

Oreck knows vacuums (even our competitors')

Oreck's trained technicians repair ALL makes and models of vacuums, not just Oreck vacuums. With 50 years in the business, we know vacuums inside and out. So bring us your Dyson, Bissell, Hoover, Electrolux and of course, your Oreck. We'll have your vacuum working like new in no time!

Get started with a free 16-point inspection

Before we do any tune-up, we inspect your vacuum to determine the problem. Visit the store nearest you today for your FREE inspection.
Don't forget, any tune-up on an Oreck vacuum is 50% off!