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Oreck® Touch™ Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Sku # BU10000
The Oreck Touch is a full-powered, high performance bagless vacuum cleaner that brings easy to bagless. It is designed with a four-stage multi-cyclonic filtration system that ensures no loss of suction* and five intuitive features or (what we like to call) "touchpoints":
  1. The onboard quick-wand is fully-powered and ready for spot cleaning even while you are already vacuuming.
  2. Its lever-action canister lets you control the dust cloud while keeping your hands clean.
  3. Swivel steering helps you get under and around furniture with ease.
  4. A self-adjusting head lets you go from hard floors to carpet without stopping—or stooping—for manual adjustments.
  5. The on/off brushroll is right at your fingertips on the handle.

Maintenance is easy, too: both the canister filter and HEPA exhaust filter can be rinsed and re-used, helping you maintain the vacuum cleaner's high performance as well as save you money.

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Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Self-adjusting Head   Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Easy-touch Controls   Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Quick Wand

Self-adjusting Head

A self-adjusting head allows you to vacuum across hardwood floors, tile, fine rugs and carpet with ease. No bending over for manual adjustments!


Easy-touch Controls

Easy-touch controls with an on/off switch for the brushroll are right at your fingertips in the handle!



The quick-wand is fully powered and ready at a moment's notice. Plus, its low center of gravity helps to keep the vacuum from tipping over when using the quick-wand. Onboard tools include crevice tool, upholstery/dusting brush, stair tool and accessory bag.

Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Hands Clean Canister  

Hands-clean Canister

Hands-clean, lever-action canister lets you control the dust cloud, without getting your hands dirty.

Swivel Steering

Swivel steering means
superb maneuverability
under and around

  Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Swivel Steering

awards & recognition

VDTA Best New Product  - Floor Care for the Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
C|NET review

C|Net Product Review

This Ain't Your Grandmother's Vacuum Cleaner

The Oreck Touch is an exceptional vacuum that left us all highly impressed. It's an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade to a high-end machine. Read more...

  • NEW! Full-powered bagless vacuum cleaner with swivel steering
  • NEW! Unique lever-action canister controls dust cloud and keeps hands free from dirt
  • NEW! Onboard tools include crevice tool, upholstery/dusting brush, stair tool and accessory bag
  • NEW! Quick-wand with almost 11 ft. of extension
  • On/off brushroll switch in the handle
  • Self-adjusting head for all types of floors
  • 30 ft. cord
  • LED Headlight
  • Large, high-performance wheels
  • Long-lasting Endurolife® Belt
  • Built to last with a 5-year limited warranty** and 1 tune-up
Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum Cleaner with Quick Wand
Warranty 5-year limited warranty**
Dimensions 45”H x 12”W x 12.5”D
Weight 16.8 lbs. without cord / 18.0 lbs. with cord
Bagged /Bagless Bagless
Cord Length 30 ft.
Filtration Rinsable HEPA exhaust filter and canister cup filter
Handle Magnesium-style with switch in the handle
Headlights LED Headlight
Cleaning Function Vacuum
Speed Settings 1-speed (High) with on/off brushroll
Type Vacuum Upright Bagless/canister with rinsable filter Rinsable HEPA exhaust filter
Surface Area Carpet, fine rugs and hard surfaces
Oreck® Touch™ Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 2.3 5 41 41
Unbelievable cleaning power! And all this time, I THOUGHT I was cleaning with my old vacuum! Wow! I am so impressed! My carpets are the wear dated Monsanto brand and they look brand new after vacuuming with the Oreck! I still cannot believe how much MORE dirt came out of the carpets....and I had just vacuumed the day before the Oreck was delivered! Oreck has a new customer for life! April 4, 2013
Worked great at first. 7 months in, not so much When I first brought this product home, it worked great. I loved how it auto-leveled based on different floor surfaces, and it was great and getting up cat litter. 7 months in, I can't say I am satisfied. If you have animals, go elsewhere. The tube running from the floor piece to the canister is inadequate and small. It will clog frequently with animal hair. I called customer service, and their recommendation was to jam a hanger up there, or to take it to a repair center where I would be charged, even though the machine was under warranty. I paid $400 for this machine. I wish I had not. This is my first and last Oreck product. January 25, 2014
Don't hate it, don't love it. I have had this for about a year and was excited to find something that competes with more expensive models, but yet a reliable brand. PROS: Moves with ease. Easy to operate. Hose has plenty of length. Comes with attachments. Good suction. Lightweight . CONS: The attachments it comes with go in a bag, no place for them to attach. I have had it twice now where items have gotten bunched up in the hose (always the same spot, where the hose meets the vacuum) and it takes some time to clean it out. The canister is small so dust and hair gets stuck, when emptying it you need something to reach up in the narrow part to try and get everything out. I have in the past recommended this to friends, but think this product could be improved. I am a mom of three and I rely heavily one reviews so I hope this one helps someone. My advice would be to clean it out often to avoid it getting clogged and takes a long time to clean out. July 12, 2014
Bagless This vacuum seems to be a durable product based on limited use. However the unit is top heavy and causes strain on your arm while holding the handle when in use. I resorted to holding the handle by the reinforcing web and letting my arm extend fully. This seems to help balance the unit. It is a heavy vacuum and the image in the advertisement with the "lady" on the stairs holding the vacuum off the floor with one hand is not realistic. I sure would not want to arm wrestle that woman! Cleaning performance is tops and by far outperforms my Oreck XL2 "bagger". There was no musty dusty dog fur smell when vacuuming either, like I had with the bagger. Emptying the removable canister is a challenge. If you have pets be prepared to dig out the fur from the canister. I found it necessary to disassemble the canister parts after one use, including the HEPA filter and clean all parts with a water nozzle outside. All the parts come apart very easily and there are arrows and alignment marks for easy reassembly. The motor is quiet and powerful. I like being able to select the carpet roller brush on or off. Bags are expensive and after about 10 vacuum trips through the house with my XL2, were ready to be changed out. I had to wash the outer bag on my XL2 due to doggie fur odors frequently, so washing the canister components on the "Bagless" is no big deal. July 9, 2014
DO NOT BUY This is by far the worst vacuum I have ever owned. It will overheat, it is messy and the store will only give a $100 credit to switch it for another product. I have always owned an Oreck but will look into other brands after this joke of a product. May 14, 2014
Two Major Flaws This COULD be an awesome vacuum cleaner, it is manueverable, cleans well, good power, etc.. However, if you are reading this review, and considering the bagless version of this vacuum, PLEASE head my warning, as this vacuum has 2 major flaws that makes it unusable for me. I read similar complaints but chose to ignore them and and now I am stuck with a bagless vacuum that i HATE! The 2 problems are: 1. The canister is so narrow that tht smalles amount of lint will keep the dirt from falling out of the bottom of the bagless canister when you empty it. Thie means you have to reach up in and pull the stuff out. Makes a dirty dustly mess of your hand, arm, and the area around you. 2. The passage into the top of the bagless cannister again is way too narrow and small. Meaning again, the smallest amount of lint will end up clogging the top part of the cannister. So after every 2nd or 3rd emptying of the cannister, you'll need to take it apart to clean out the top part as well. I've had bagless vacuums before and loved them, but Oreck did NOT design this bagless cannister well. Its too bad, becasue otherwise this would be a really excellent vacuum. I feel Oreck should offer people replacement vacuums with bags if customers are willing to switch from the bagless. I'm VERY unhappy and now stuck with a bagless vacuum that requires that I get myself dusty and dirty everytime I want to simply empty it. May 4, 2014
This product does not live up to the Oreck name. I would take my old Oreck XL2 back any day. After 7 months I needed a new motor. Now, at one year I have a loaner again because the main motor keeps going out after I vacuum one room. This vacuum is heavy, VERY loud, very poor suction, and the constant cleaning of the canister and filters is ridiculous. April 22, 2014
Pet hair At first I really did love the way it picked up the pet hair . After about six months it is loosing suction.It is so loud that I have to wear my ipod ear buds w music on to be able to stand the loudness. I did not like the removable washable filter that you have to remove to clean it takes about two days to dry competely . Cheaply made. I like the light and swivel head Back to the old Dutchtec March 26, 2014
Disappointment I am so upset with this product! It plugs up every 5 minutes where the canister meets the machine. It overheated and quit! I have only had it a couple of months. I don't even have it paid off yet! Thanks a lot Oreck! I have completely wasted a large sum of hard earned money on this piece of junk! I will NEVER buy another Oreck product again! Very unhappy that I have to pay it off and am STILL out a good vacuum! January 14, 2014
Put your money elsewhere.... I loved my Bissell bagless vacuum. Had it for years. Unfortunately, the kids broke the pedal that reclined the vacuum, so it was constantly falling over. Then, another kid broke the cord holder. Needless to say, it wasn't working out. After researching my options, I decided to give Oreck another try seeing they had a bagless. It was a brand new product. Well, it worked fine at first. Then it started making a high pitched sound. The canister does NOT empty just by unlatching. You have to stick your hand up it and get all gross. The suction isn't any good either after 9 months. Hate this vacuum, but everything happened after the 30 days. Plus, I can't let my husband know that this was an FAIL purchase since it cost so much. Too bad it wasn't a year long like it or return it deal. January 8, 2014
Would give it a 10 if it wasn't so heavy! This vacuum does the best job of cleaning I have ever seen or experienced. I have six cats and lots of cat hair and this vacuum does an suburb job of cleaning. My carpets have never been cleaner! Picks up cat litter that lands outside the boxes. Picks up cat food that escapes the bowl. Cleans the hard flooring just as well as the carpets. However, I struggle to use it because it is so heavy. It moves easily but is much heavier than expected from the makers of the light vacuums that one associates with the Oreck name. My back just doesn't deal with the weight well. I cope with that by vacuuming in small sections with a rest for my back in between. Takes a lot longer to do the house than the other Oreck vacuums I own, but the carpet is much cleaner also. It's a trade-off. I quickly learned not to expect to vacuum the entire house without emptying the canister. I can usually do one room, maybe two, before emptying the canister. I really wish it had a bit larger capacity. However I am impressed with how easy it is to empty the canister. It takes only a minute to detach, empty, and reattach and I am ready to go again. I like the bag that is included with the vacuum for storing the attachments as they all do NOT fit on the vacuum itself. The bag is convenient, it would just be MORE convenient if all the attachments had a place to store on the vacuum itself while the vacuum is in use. I hang the bag from the cord wrap when the vacuum is not being used. I was disappointed to find that all of the attachments did not store on the vacuum as I had counted on being able to use them at any point in the process of vacuuming my house. Instead, I have to go retrieve the bag if I am in a distant room and see something I need to get that isn't on the floor. It would be helpful for Oreck to list this in their description as their current description implies by omission that all the attachments store on the vacuum. They could avoid this disappointment in their customers by being a bit more forthcoming in their description. I also find that the cord wrap "latch" tends to hit me in the knee when I am vacuuming and that HURTS!. I have learned to stand to one side rather than behind the vacuum. Moving the cord latch to the side of the vacuum might prevent this, or making it less pointed would also help. My four drawbacks: 1. The cord latch is in a painful place. 2. The canister volume is small. 3. The vacuum is heavy to push, pull, and to carry. 4. The attachments do not all store on the vacuum itself. If Oreck could find a way to improve these four things, then this vacuum would be the best on the planet! Overall, the drawbacks are far overshadowed by the awesome cleaning ability of this vacuum. I paid quite a bit more than it is currently priced, so I took a point off for price. I think it was overpriced when I bought it. November 19, 2013
Better value than Dyson Animal We tried the Dyson products both an animal and multi-floor vacuum. While they do clean well, they are cheaply made and hardly worth the money. The Oreck bagless is just as good in terms of suction and cleaning while the unit is sturdy and solid. The onboard wand is easy to grab and with local store support you just cannot beat this vacuum. February 2, 2014
not worth the price I bought this vacuum just about two years ago. At first it was great! I had mostly hard floors and it worked wonders. But then I moved a couple of months later and had 2/3 carpet. Right after that I started having problems. The parts are cheaply made and broke easily with my toddlers around. It clogs every time I vacuum and I spend 10 minutes unplugged mostly dirt and hair and things that should not plug it up. I've taken this in to an Oreck store 3 times to be fixed because it wasn't working right, within the first year I owned it. This vacuum has great suction, I love that part about it and the hose reaches really far. But those are the only things I love about this vacuum. I will be trading this in for a different model really soon. February 18, 2016
Noisy The noise this vacuum makes is more than normal. A high squealing sound the whole time. I have taken it in for repair and still sounds the same. Also, although it does a good job, the canister must be cleaned regularly. Unfortunately this requires another vacuum to clean it out or a good brush. Dust, lint, fibers, etc. gets trapped in places and requires disassembling sever parts to clean. January 25, 2016
A Great Vacuum I personally enjoy using this vacuum. It took me a little while to get used to everything about it. (Even with reading the manual). The suction is great as long as you remember to clean out the canister and clean the filters once a month (when you are busy like I am sometimes it's easy to forget). Can use on carpet, rugs, and hard floors with the ease of a button. I even had my in laws in love with our vacuum as they were helping when I had a new born. It is not terribly loud. It is a little messy trying to make sure all the dog hair and dirt get out of the cannister - so if you don't like it buy a vacuum requiring bags (I have had multiple bagless vacuums and all have needed to be helped with getting all the dirt out). January 3, 2016
Not for home with animals I have a chocolate lab with 1" hair. It takes 15 minutes to vacuum a small area, but I have to unclog this vacuum before every use. December 24, 2015
What a piece of junk Don't waste your money. I have NOTHING good to say about this product. Made in China. December 5, 2015
NOT RECOMMENDED Its a JOKE, have YET to get any suction. motor turns. Lots of noise, NO WORKEE November 28, 2015
PLUG away-- Thats what you will do is unplug it constantly I was so excited to purchase this Oreck. Unfortunately I have done nothing but pull it apart to unplug constantly. Also not easy to get it pulled apart to do this. I have no carpet in my current home and just a few rugs. Scares me to think what it will do when we have carpet. I would also like to note that I am plugged up with dirt and dust bunnies. No large objects! June 11, 2015
Poor product This is my 3rd Oreck vacuum, it is without a doubt the worst purchase I have made. I have had this for about 3 yrs, and have used it at the most, 10 times. Each time I use it there is a problem, tried again today, and have little to no suction again, especially with extension wand. Have done everything it says to fix this problem, no clogs in airways, filter clean and reassembled, and still not working properly. After spending an hour, at the least, futzing around with it, I give up. May 15, 2015
This product is poor quality. I have an Oreck sweeper that I really like. So I purchased an Oreck touch about a year ago. I absolutely hate it. It is constantly clogged and there is no suction. I can't pick up anything. The light on the sweeper is completely useless. I am seriously considering trashing it. Every time I try to use it, I get frustrated with the sweeper. November 27, 2014
Needs to be reengineered. I like the power of the motor. I like how easy it is to remove and replace the canister. But. 1. It's too heavy. 2. The power switch is too sensitive. If your hand moves slightly forward, it turns it off. 3. The power cord kinks. 4. The top tab for the power cord gets caught in my pocket. 5. Very difficult to get the lint out of the canister (around the edges and in the hole in the center. I'd trade it for the old light weight upright in a heart beat. October 22, 2014
Best vacuum I ever owned. Worth the price 100%. I will never buy any other vacuum. Best vacuum I ever owned. Worth the price 100%. I will never buy any other vacuum. September 23, 2014
Mike C This was the worse purchase i have made from Oreck and I was (notice pastense) shopper and owner. This vaccum worked good for three months then made noise and would not pick up anything. Then Oreck closed all the stores in Las Vegas, NV so I have a vaccum that i have not be able to use since I paid a premium for. This vaccum sucks and i will not purchase anything else from Oreck. Thank you for nothing. August 28, 2014
Very poor quality, Not able to be serviced by owner, durability very poor This vacuum is less than one year old. The brush assembly has failed in one of the bearings actually froze and distorted the plastic retainer. Oreck will not allow you to buy a new roller and you must take it to a service center that is 50 miles away. The wheels have plastic bearings which have worn out after one year of general consumer use. The LED light is worthless and does not shine bright enough to see anything in front of the unit. The canister plugs up and looses suction. Even with every use cleaning. The hose which is removable clogs easily with just normal carpet dirt and dust and is impossible to clear out. Worst design and product quality I have ever seen. August 8, 2014
Nice in theory I was excited when I first purchased the Touch, even though I have traditionally not liked bagless vacuums. At first I was not disappointed. It seemed to clean well, and the on-board tools and wand were great. Then the hose guide broke when the vacuum fell over. Next were the hair clogs from the pets. I was always taking apart the dirt collection chamber to clear hair. Talk about messy. Nothing clean about that process. Eventually I stopped using it altogether and went back to a Miele. Although I like Oreck and like having the onboard tools and wand, I would not recommend this product. July 23, 2014
Motor not developed appropriately for this model I have had to replace this model 3 times in 6 months because of motor burnout due to manufacturer defect. The vacuum has spent more time in shops than it has in my possession. June 26, 2014
Too Much Maintenance Too much maintenance!! The filters get clogged after almost every use and we are constantly having to separate and clean the filters and canister. Unfortunately we didn't find this out until after the 30 day trial and now we are stuck. Won't be purchasing another Oreck. June 26, 2014
i wouldn't waste the money on this sweeper Purchased this sweeper a year ago. Loved the thing, then 4 mos. in had my first problem with it. It Locked up and wouldn't run at all. Took back to where I purchased they couldn't figure it out, ordered me anew one and exchanged it. Another 4 mos. go buy and the same thing happened again this time I did not take it in and my husband took it apart. The bearings in the roller brush had melted which caused the shut down. Called the company it was going to cost me 50.00 for a new brush. The store where I got it wanted me to get Oreck to return it or exchange it thru them because he still has the other one setting in his store waiting for Oreck to do something with it. Dealing with this sweeper, the place I got it and the Oreck company was not a good time. I had 2 of the sweepers in 1 years time, both of them did not last. I Loved that sweeper but not enough to spent a lot of $$$$ dollars on it to be broken every six months. June 4, 2014
Don't buy this. I have an Oreck XL21, but needed a vacuum where I could turn off the brush-roll. I thought the Touch Bagless would be perfect. I was wrong! It is very heavy and it has lost suction. I have cleaned all 3,000 compartments that need to be cleaned and it still doesn't work. I took it to the place I bought it and they said it is working fine. I have to use the hand wand to vacuum my entire bedroom because it will not vacuum in the upright position. The only thing I like about this vacuum is the swivel head. I am so disappointed. May 18, 2014
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*Per IEC 60312-1, clause 5.9, with accepted variability tolerance of 5%.
**Some limitations apply. For details, see warranty.