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Oreck® Ultimate Handheld

Sku # CC1600

The Oreck Ultimate Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for those hard-to-reach spaces plus stairs, furniture, ceiling fans, molding, bookshelves, curtains, drapes, light fixtures, and more. Designed for effortless use, this handheld features a 20 ft. power cord that wraps around the bottom of the vacuum to stay out of your way, while a 5-ft. slinky hose lets you put suction right where you need it. It comes with an installed HEPA filter and the easy-on tool caddy puts tools right where you need them.

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A portable, lightweight and powerful vacuum perfect for hard-to-reach spots and above-the-floor cleaning.

The 5-lb.* Ultimate Handheld Vacuum Cleaner gives you an easy way to clean stairs, furniture, ceiling fans, molding, bookshelves, curtains, drapes, light fixtures, and everything else that’s up high. Designed for effortless use, a 20 ft. power cord wraps around the bottom of the vac to stay out of your way, while a 5-ft. slinky hose lets you put suction right where you need it. An installed HEPA filter, disposable vacuum bags, and an easy-access bag door helps keep dust and dirt sealed inside the vacuum cleaner.

Five specialized accessories tackle virtually every job and include a telescoping extension wand, dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool, and a large floor tool with plush horsehair fibers. A two-setting shoulder strap lets you carry the vac in your hand, or wear it over your shoulder! Comes with a 3-year limited warranty**.

  • 60" Slinky hose
  • Telescoping extension wand
  • Dusting brush
  • Upholstery tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Large floor tool for hard floor surfaces
  • 3-year limited warranty**
Warranty 3-year limited warranty**
Dimensions 16.5" H x 12" W x 4" D
Weight Approximately 5 pounds*
Bagged /Bagless bagged
Capacity Paper 1.25 quart / Odor 1.4 quart
Cord Rewind manual cord wrap
Cord Length 20 ft.
Filtration HEPA Filter
Cleaning Function Quick Cleaning
Auto Care
Tools / Accessories 60" Slinky hose, telescoping extension wand, dusting brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool and large floor tool for hard floor surfaces.
Type Handheld
Watts / Amps 4 Amps
Surface Area Upholstery
Hard Surfaces
Edges and Small Spaces
Oreck® Ultimate Handheld 2.7 5 47 47
Not what I expected from Oreck Thought this would be good for quick pickup. The wand comes apart all the time which is very frustrating. I have to hold the wand to the hose while using it. The belt clip broke on second use so now I have to carry it around by the handle. Suction is not as strong as when the bag is first used. June 19, 2012
Do Not Buy This Product want a horrible vacuum. I have not even had this vacuum 8 months and it is the worst I have ever had. The extension hose is so short that it hurts your back to do floors and it isn't even long enough to do your ceilings. I purchased this vacuum mainly because of the portability of it. Unfortunately, by the time you get done vacuuming a couple of floors your back hurts from being hunched over. I "thought" this would be a good vacuum considering that a few years back I had bought the Oreck XL Handheld Canister and Oh My God it was a life saver for my floors. I loved it. I guess I was thinking that I was getting something comparable or even better when buying the Oreck Ultimate Handheld Vacuum....boy was I wrong. Sorry just lost a customer. Now I am in search of some sort of vacuum that will do a superb job on my ceramic tile and hardwood floors seeing that I do not use a broom. May 20, 2012
Convenience Issues I recieved the Upright Dec 2011 as a gift and the Handheld was a bonus with it. I like the Upright, as I have another that is over 25 years old and works great The Hanheld doesn't have great suction and is clumsy to hold on to or set down..... I was very disappointed since i need something with the attach,ments March 24, 2012
Glad I didn't pay $149 for it. I got this handheld vacuum as a premium when I purchased my XL Platinum Pilot (which I love). But the handheld has really poor suction, the tools fall out of the caddy and the vacuum won't stand up on its own while I'm cleaning, so I need one hand to hold it. It's cumbersome and ineffective. March 21, 2012
I was very disappointed with this vacuum cleaner's suction I currently have an Iron Man canister and was looking to buy another one for a vacation home we have. As it is no longer available, I settled for this one. The suction in Iron Man is significantly stronger. I have a lot of dog hair to clean, my Iron Man makes it a breeze, this doesn't compare.I do like the features on carrying it and I haven't had any problem with the wands as of yet. If I was only cleaning dust it would be fine. May 30, 2012
Poor ease of use This vacuum just keeps getting worse. I have bought 4 over the years because I am disabled and unable to hold heavy objects. The wand on this one is too short even for me and I am 5 foot tall. I pity someone taller trying to use it. The parts keep coming apart because I cant put them on tight enough to stay and if my husband does it I cant get them apart to change them out. i liked the ones I bought in the past but this is the worst one yet. The shoulder strap wont stay on your shoulder either. I thought this would be perfect but don't waste your money. February 2, 2012
Poor motor value This product has a motor that emits a high pitch whine. when taken to a service center, they said it is normal. After less than 5 minutes it is painful to continue useing it. December 19, 2011
Difficult to work with This is not lightweight. Difficult to use as the tubing is coiled so tight, it is a constant struggle. Attachment for cat hair, that was an extra purchase, broke after second time using. Other attachments have no suction power. I have had it for a year and only used 3 times because I dread using it. Does not stay on your shoulder and difficult to use if you put the strap across your body. It's too late to return it and I am kicking myself for not returning it after the first time I used it. There is nothing good about this product. March 29, 2013
To look at, this product has great features. However; to use this product, its features fail. First, the body of this lightweight handheld vacuum is clumsy. Whether wearing it on your body or moving it from place to place and setting it down. On the body it swings, gets hot, throws the spine off center. Off the body, it tips over, drags on the floor and easily gets underfoot. The wand was made for someone under 5"1" - not for someone taller. Consequently you will be stooping through most of your vacuuming. Also, It's very easy for the wand to disengage from its attachment nozzle - several times per job. The plastic attachments also disengage all the time. This has happened with the brush, wand extension and the angular nozzle. Listen, I wear tennis shoes and jeans when I clean my house. Not five inch heals and a skirt! Please require your engineers to focus on skeletal dynamics, material durability, connection reliability and ease of use next time you assign them to create a new "attachments" canister vacuum. This product is cumbersome, inefficient (because of time spent picking up pieces, righting the canister and reattaching the attachments) and a waste of money. This product does not even come close to the upright vacuums of which I am 100% satisfied. March 25, 2013
Not happy "at-all" I purchased this Handheld vacuum as a package deal that included the Magnesium Upright Vacuum in December 2012. I was so excited about the handheld unit, it looked so compact and easy to use. Not - it is so awkward to handle - right from the too short wand #that continually disconnects# and the tight hose, to the attachments that keep falling off. I can't reach the top of the walls or the ceiling - or under the furniture or beds. The electrical cord is long enough but it's a pain to reassemble for storage. For my money this is not a good design at all - I am totally disappointed in this unit. March 1, 2013
Great suction, but.... Suction is great, hopefully that continues! However, as like other reviewers the end of the extension wand cracked within the first month of use. The slinky hose and power cord are ridiculously short. The machine is top heavy, so it's always falling over. The extension wand is made for short people (no offense to short people :) Oreck can do better than this! Redesign this machine and you will have a nice handheld that will get much better reviews! February 20, 2013
Great, but issues... Since I love my first handheld vacuum, but now keep it at our cottage, I definitely wanted another for vacuuming around litter boxes, on stairs, furniture, throw rugs, and all edges in my large home. Though suction wise, this one is as awesome as the first, this slinky hose is an absolute disaster!!! It is so tight that even vacuuming something close to the base, the second you pull on the hose, it pulls the base right along with it. I never would have bought it had I known how difficult it would be to use. I would take it back right now except for the fact it is a long drive to get to the area of the store. How I wish I had tried it in the store!! Everything else about it is great. November 20, 2012
disappointed loved my old ironman kept falling off my shouilder kepyt falling over on the floor Iwas exhausted trying to maneuver this vacumn suction good Only had 2weeks in combination nwith an upright which is great. Guess i will hvae to keep since no other good chouces bring back iron man grat product. June 8, 2012
You will have to keep replacing the hose. Have had this vacuum almost three years and have had to replace the hose every year on it. This vacuum is suppose to have a three year warranty, but for some reason the hose is considered an accessory, so you have to pay for the hose each time it breaks, which the hose is under 10.00 so the expense is not bad, but Oreck should stand behind their warranty, who knew a hose was an accessory to a vacuum. July 31, 2013
Good for me... I bought this as a replacement for an older model that wore out after solid use (at least weekly) for over years. I use it for my hardwood floors and it works find. Not nearly as good for carpets. The plus - I like the hooks on the strap better than the old one. They should stay put and not disconnect like the older one did (big hassle). The size is good and it is not heavy. I do wear it over my shoulder and when bending down - I do have to hold it on. But it is convenient. The cons - the slinky hose SUCKS. As others have said it comes apart. Several times. GAH. There is no good way to store the cord. June 19, 2013
It is a fine suction machine: dust bunnies cannot hide I just bought mine at the Sears last month: but what was shocking was the amount of suction; this thing is powerful for such a small vacuum... I almost didn't buy it because of a review saying it didn't suction good enough?! It won't take the hide off a hand misplaced but it gets the linty dust bunnies very well. The shoulder strap is great: it reminded me of that 'Ghost Busters' movie #I really got it going on in between the cracks#. Because it's only been a month? As far as durability, I don't know yet but it sucks up better than what a reviewing other said. It's also very attractive: it matches the magnesium 7 lb wonder I bought two months ago; I feel like I'm cleaning couture. November 5, 2012
Powerful vacuum and clean air. Great for pet hair. Love the power of the suction, and love the filtering system. Easy to change bags. Like the attachments that are included. Don't like that the attachments constantly fall off the hose. The connections are awful. Have to hold the hose and the attachment to keep together. Also find wrapping the cord awkward and difficult to keep cord wound. The small hooks on you older model hand held were much better. October 7, 2012
This is my third unit I've had to have this model replaced twice. I'm on my third handheld since I bought it and I just bought it a few months ago. The first two vacuum cleaners short circuited and died. The first one about 15 minutes after I started using it for the very first time. The second one blew after I used it four or five times. The exact same problem with both of them. I've used this third one twice now and so far so good. The up side is your customer service department was fantastic both times I've had to contact them. And I thank you for that! One more thing. The handheld seems a bit awkward in my opinion. I don't use the strap because it's too....awkward. And it actually feels heavier than my Oreck Magnesium SP. Or maybe it's just my imagination. It does have great suction so that's a plus. January 13, 2013
How dirty IS your carpet?? In response to the person that said it wouldn't clean the carpet, I must argue that. I have trouble lifting heavy things. Wear and tear on my joints from years of heavy lifting on the job. I use the extending wand and attatchments to clean almost every inch of my home....including carpets. I feel it does an excellent job! The worse problem I have is trying to keep the cannister upright, because the suction is so strong, the hose pulls the cannister off the floor!! August 29, 2012
Problems with Handheld Vac The wand is to short. Wand keeps falling out where the extension wand is pushed in. Not enough suction. This is not up to Oreck standards. July 2, 2012
The best vacuums ever I was introduced to Oreck vacuums through a private cleaning service I worked for. That was 15 years ago and I have bought and used since then. I have had women in the Oreck store tell me I should sell Orecks because they are the best products ever. December 19, 2014
Not worth the price. This Oreck is almost useless. The suction is poor and the tools fall off the extension frequently. The hose, although flexible, is too tight and requires you to hold on to it with one hand all the time. August 21, 2014
Needs a few tweeks to make it better. This vacumn is very hard to use. It is clumsy at best. Everytime I use it I feel like I'm in a wresling match. It doesn't stad up and the flexible hose is too short. When you put on the hose attachment to make it longer it becomes even more clumsy to use. I have used Oreck Vacumns most of my adult life and this is the only product I haven't liked. It does have good suction and the quality and duribility are good it is just so hard to handle I don't enjoy using it. April 2, 2014
This is a nice vac except..... I like the small size and portability of this vac, and the suction is very good. I especially like the strap so I can easily carry it. In general I liked this product except for the coiled hose which is too short, and the plastic connector is cheaply made and totally too fragile. I do not abuse anything that I have, however as careful as I was with my Oreck, the plastic connector broke, and now the hose continuously falls out. I am very disappointed because this renders the vac to be virtually unusable. Of all of the vacuum cleaners that I have owned over the years, this has never happened to any of them. February 14, 2014
I love the Oreck Ultimate Handheld I first used my daughter's and loved it. Now I've bought my own. It is light weight and easy to use. I can dust in half the time. The Oreck Ultimate Handheld makes it very easy to reach ceiling fans, light fixtures, corners, cabinet tops, etc. And since it slings over my shoulder my other hand is free to move things around. February 6, 2014
Canister Good vac when it's new but performance nosedives after a year. Filters and bags are rarer then hens teeth unless you pay just as much for the product as you do for shipping. This company's product has declined over the last ten years, it's pretty much just like any other throw away product you buy these days except the fact you need to jump through hoops to buy bags and filters February 2, 2014
Vac is whining Used the prior model handheld for many years and was very pleased with it (gave it to a grandchild in college) so I got the CC1600 model. Beware of new models! It is very difficult to use as the hose won't uncoil without constant struggle. The straight connection of the wand to the hose is painful to the wrist. The rotating floor wand is held closed with a rubber band. And now, just a year and a half after purchase it has begun to whine or sound like a loud dinging bell every few seconds, making it impossible to use without ear protection (saw one other review in this regard with no repair results). With all these problems, it is not worth repair. Had I read the reviews before purchase, I would have some other brand. New and Improved rarely is! January 9, 2014
I should have heeded reviews After using a previous Oreck canister (and upright) vac for many years, i wanted to upgrade. Other reviewers wrote about the short hose. I took a chance anyway and I am very disappointed. The compact hose does not extend like the older model. Oreck, PLEASE make a replacement hose that is longer, or an extender. Otherwise, i wasted my money. January 19, 2013
Great handheld for the $$$! This is a great handheld for the price, works great and it is an excellent value. January 7, 2013
Wonderful little machine I had purchased an Oreck XL upright and absolutely loved it. So, I decided to buy a handheld vacuum. I looked at several other brands before deciding on the Oreck Ultimate Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. I got it the other day and have been able to clean areas that my old vacuum wouldn't even touch. I love this little machine. It's absolutely wonderful!!! May 20, 2012
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*Approximate weight without hose and attachments
**Some limitations apply. For details, see warranty.