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Oreck® VersaVac™


Meet Oreck's most versatile vacuum: The VersaVac, a full-powered bagless vacuum cleaner that is also a steam mop. The ultimate multi-functional, multi-surface cleaner, VersaVac is powerful and is easy to use — on all floor types. With its incredible suction, an on/off brushroll and adjustable steam settings, the VersaVac has all the power and performance you expect from Oreck. So forget the broom, the dustpan, the messy bucket and mop. With its dual functions, the multi-tasking VersaVac eliminates the need for multiple cleaning tools!

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Introducing our most versatile vacuum yet
A multi-tasking 2-in-1 cleaning system for every floor in your home.

With its incredible suction, an on-off brushroll and adjustable steam settings, VersaVac has all the power and performance you expect from Oreck. Forget the broom, the dustpan, that messy bucket and mop. With its dual functions, VersaVac eliminates the need for multiple cleaning tools—saving you time and money!

Steam Lock & Trigger
Steam & Vacuum Controls
Easy Dump Caniter
Easy-fill Water Tank
Easy Steam Pad
Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

awards & recognition

2013 IHA Innovation award winner

A multi-tasking 2-in-1 cleaning system for every floor in your home

With its full-powered dual functions, the VersaVac is the ultimate multi-tasker. The on/off brushroll on the bagless vacuum function lets you easily transition from carpet to bare floors and back with the power you need to deep clean carpet dirt and the gentler touch required for hardwoods and other hard floor surfaces.

The steam mop function has variable steam settings for every floor in your home. VersaVac can be used on hardwoods, linoleum, tile and stone. It features a removable water tank for fill-at-the-sink convenience and a snap-on steam plate and re-usable pad to let you easily switch from vacuuming to steaming in seconds. Simply dial to the setting you want, wait for the green "Steam Ready" light — and you’re ready to clean and sanitize your hard floors.*

versavac on hardwood versavac on lineolium

The bagless VersaVac is a 2-in-1 cleaning system for both hard floors and carpet with full power for both functions. The on/off brushroll lets you easily transition from hard flooring to carpet.

VersaVac has easy-to-use features

canister cup water tank

Removable water tank is easy to fill at the sink.

foot pedal

The steam pad clicks off easily with a light step on the foot lever.

roller brush steam pad

Dumping the canister cup is easy: just click off the canister, empty and click it back on.

Double helix brushroll has on/off option giving speed choices for carpet and hard floors.

The snap-on steam plate lets you easily switch from vacuuming to steaming in seconds.

Top Features

  • 2-in-1 cleaning system works on both hard floors and carpet
  • Bagless vacuum cleaner with easy-dump canister cup
  • Easily transitions from hard floors to carpet with on/off brushroll option
  • Chemical-free cleaning with steam function
  • Removable water cup for fill-at-the-sink convenience
  • 1400 watt steam mop with variable steam levels
  • Trigger lock for constant steaming
  • 30 ft. cord for multi-room cleaning range
  • Comes with 2 washable, re-usable microfiber steam pads
  • 2-year limited warranty**
Warranty 2-year limited warranty**
Dimensions 30.7" H x 13.6" W x 11" L
Weight Approximately 12 lbs.
Bagged /Bagless Bagless
Cord Length 30 ft. cord
Filtration Multi-stage filtration system with pleated, rinseable filter
Handle Removable handle for easy storage
Headlights None
Cleaning Function Full-powered bagless upright vacuum cleaner and steam mop in one
Speed Settings 2-Speed full-powered vacuum / 3 adjustable steam levels
Tune-Ups 1 tune-up
Type Upright
Surface Area Carpet and hard surfaces^
Oreck® VersaVac™ 3 5 31 31
Great if you don't own an Oreck vac already As a quick vac, this is great. It sort of voids my current Oreck vac. It also has a lock in steam feature that makes it easy for my arthritis. The steam output is the greatest that I have seen. However, I have porcelain tiles and it glides too easy. I wish there was a choice of steam bonnets so I can order one with more grip. Note, I have 2 herniated discs, bad hips and arthritis so I bought it for ease of us. I end up having to make two many passes to clean smudges and black marks. This puts my shoulder out for days. I cannot go down on my knees to scrub. I need more grip on the first few passes. Please make a better griping bonnet as a choice. August 28, 2013
Toss the broom, toss the mop & bucket. This is the one! Throw away your broom, mop and bucket and get a Versavac. Seriously. Just buy it. My floors have never looked better, and the effort to get them there has never been less. I generally hate doing my floors, but the Versavac really takes the sting out of it. Makes hard floors as easy to maintain as carpet. Great combo product, no need to make allowances for either functionality. The surprisingly powerful vacuum quickly gets up the dirt, dust and dog hair. While the steamer does a great job of cleaning, sanitizing and drying. Converting between the two is easily done in a matter of seconds. I love that there are various steam settings, which makes me much more confident using the steamer on my sealed hardwood floors. (I had a small disaster with another non-adjustable steamer.). The long cord is the best feature you didn't know you needed. I'm able to clean a large area without much unplugging/re-plugging. I've seen a few complaints about the difficulty of pushing the steamer. It does require a little strength, but no more so than any other steamer I've ever used -- they're always tough when starting with a dry pad. My advice is to wet your pad with warm water first, then wring it until barely damp. That will get you past the pushing a dry pad phase and make the job easier from the beginning. August 12, 2013
Disappointed My finance surprised me today and bought me the VersaVac and I was so excited. I used it as soon as I got home to vacuum my hard wood floors and carpet and wasn't impressed at all. It was so loud for one and even louder as it rolled on the floor. The head of the vac is so big that it doesn't fit under anything. My little swiftervac on the other hand fits under my couch, stove, and tv stand. Also it is a lot easier to maneuver around. The VersaVac is hard to get in small spaces. As far as the steamer, I thought it did a great job getting my floors clean but it was so hard to push around. Even after the cloth was wet it was still very hard to push around and I felt like I had to go really slow the whole time. I really wish they would come out with a smaller head on the vac so it can fit into and under smaller places. Also, they should figure out how to make the wheels not so loud when it rolls around. My neighbors below me must have been annoyed listening to me do my whole apt. August 17, 2013
This is an excellent bagless vacuum cleaner. This is an excellent bagless vacuum cleaner. Very lightweight, easy to use and powerful. Emptying the dust box won't dirty your hands....very nice design. And what more, it looks good. December 15, 2013
Great product. Excellent features. Excellent product. The VersaVac solves my cleaning needs. My kitchen floor is ceramic tile, my living room floor is hardwood, and my bathroom is linoleum. The VersaVac cleans each floor with ease and people coming to my house notice how clean everything looks. I am telling my friends to buy this excellent vac. July 22, 2013
Plain n simple "a really nice product" First of all the vac is not heavy, maybe 10 lbs.. Second, the vacuum part is awesome, it sucked up my x-wife's long hair and I kicked her out of here over 10 years ago! Third, the steam part is fantastic, I have unpolished porcelain tile and the steamer made it look brand new! It won't do much for the grout but I knew that going Into it. The whole thing breaks down easy to clean and maintain so the service dept. probably won't be seeing me any time soon. I would def recommend this machine to anybody who has multi-floor coverings. April 27, 2013
Not worth the money The Vacuum is great have had no problems. The steam cleaner part works for a while then stops. I am on my third vacuum in a year and a half. February 20, 2014
The steam aspect of the Versa Vac is horribly ineffective I was excited to purchase this item almost a year ago. Since then I have attempted to use the steam vac with no luck. There is no visible steam (waited for the steam ready light to come on), the pad does not even get wet so the floor does not get wet, never mind steam cleaned. This product was brought to an Oreck authorized dealer in Plymouth, MA who said there was nothing wrong with it. I would return this product in a heart beat, the vacuum works well but as other reviewers the dust bin is small and requires frequent & messy emptying. I will be gong back to the dependable mop & pail and my Sears vacuum. February 7, 2014
Did not perform...did I get a dud? Have used & loved Oreck vacuums for over 20 yrs. Just received a recent order with this product as well as the shampooer. Have not tried the latter but am thoroughly disappointed...set up exactly according to directions & the trouble shooting recommendations. No steam when the indicator light was ready, no saturation of pad, no cleaning accomplished! January 18, 2015
Very disappointed I had high hopes for this product. I have several Oreck air purifiers and have been very happy with them. I wish I had returned this within the 30 day limit. The vacuum is weak, very weak. You can make several passes on a little piece of lint or string and it won't pick it up. Also, the canister is so big that you can't get under furniture. I had planned this to be used as just a touching up vacuum but can't even use it as that. Also, it's very loud. February 6, 2013
RUN don't walk to another choice! I don't usually write reviews but I am SO disappointed with this product that I am making an exception. And the only reason I'm giving 1 star is because I can't give 0. My husband purchased this for me as a surprise when my other brand steam mop (which I had for over 5 years) was broken by someone I loaned it to. I wouldn't pay 20 bucks for this piece of junk much less the amount of money I know my husband shelled out for it. The cord is on the wrong side for a right-handed person so you either have to push with your left hand or have the cord wrapped around the back of the machine in front of you so you can push with your right hand and hold the cord with your left hand. The vacuum part is so useless .. it picks up absolutely nothing and if it does manage to pick up something it just deposits it in the next area you are trying to vacuum. This was supposed to be a quick clean up between weekly cleanings but it's useless. I can't imagine someone using this as their main vacuum. My 10 year old son does a better with a broom than this does. The steam mop streaks and believe me my floors are not filthy. I mop 3 times a week. Also the head is far too big and won't fit under cabinets or in tight spaces. What? The designers think we don't need to mop in small spaces?! Also the part that holds the mop pad warps. Customer service did replace it for us but the 2nd one warped within weeks. All I can say to Oreck is ... back to the drawing board. To potential consumers I say ... make a different choice. This is too much money for such a big disappointment. August 10, 2015
Does not perform as advertised I usually do not write reviews, but this time I will make an exception. I have had the versa vac for about two years and I must say those two years of trying to use this product have nothing but frustrating. This appliance is supposed to save time. Not so much; instead of cleaning my floors I spend my time attempting to unclog it (yes, I am using distilled water) and when that does not work I then spend my time taking it to be serviced. In my personal opinion this is not money or time well spent. March 14, 2015
Didn't work as expected or as suggested Purchased this product because we have hardwood and other hard surface flooring. Thought it would be ideal for our situation; however, unless distilled water is used in the steamer it will clog very quickly with mineral deposits. Also my wife found it very difficult to push the pad across the floor, even when wet. I think the concept is excellent, and the product seemed well built. But I didn't work as I expected it too. I was disappointed. Was very pleased with Oreck customer service. We tried it for a couple of weeks, didn't like it. Returned it on Oreck's dime and got all my money back. Now we are shopping for a different Oreck product. I am very please with Oreck's customer service, just not with this specific product. November 22, 2014
not a good product my machine is only 5 months old and locked up. The roller will no longer turn. It started smelling hot 2 months ago even though after each use i cleaned the bin, filter and roller. This is not the Oreck quality i was used to in my other Oreck machines. July 15, 2014
Piece of junk!! I have had 2 Oreck Vacuum cleaners and loved them!! I bought this machine with that in mind. It is the biggest piece of junk!! Spent $250.00 and steam comes out of it for 3 minutes and then none!! Have taken it in to my local Oreck store countless times and they always tell me there's nothing wrong. Am extremely disappointed, especially for the price I paid!! March 18, 2014
I would not recommend this product I've only used the vacuum cleaner twice since I got it as I have been ill since that time..roller quit working right, had dog hair in in, vacuum was leaving dust behind, & tried to use the steamer once, couldn't do it as it was too hard for me to push...I thought this would be as good as all the Oreck products I've purchased over the years..It isn't. October 7, 2015
Love it I just got mine and I love it and I love how it is so lightweight and such a long cord. I can go from vacuuming the carpet to the linoleum in a breeze. June 17, 2015
In a word: Cumbersome The first thing I noticed about this machine is that it is heavy. It is heavy even before water is put in it. I was told by the salesman that I could expect it to self propel to almost the the same extent that my XL does... it doesn't self propel at all. I get the feeling that there is no lack of power per say, but it is certainly not as easy to use when vacuuming. Steaming however is the real downfall. To be honest, I can not imagine pushing that heavy, cumbersome thing around to clean my entire kitchen. It is very hard to push due to the weight of the machine, and the steam pads which provide a great deal of superfluous traction. The dials are on the front of the main unit, so they are out of reach and difficult to fiddle with in mid cleaning. You either have to go around the front of it, or bend over the machine and use them upside-down. The bottom line is that I am confident that I could whip out my XL and my regular ol' steam mop and in the end it would have been half the effort it is to use this VersaVac. I've owned this vacuum less than an hour, and if it wasn't past 5pm I would already have my return shipping label. Great concept, exceptionally disappointing execution. January 3, 2013
It's going back I might be the only person that is not thrilled with this product. What I initially thought of as a negative - no trade in for my old Oreck because of product price point - I now see as a bonus. I bought it because I wanted to try a bagless vacuum. The best feature is unlike my Oreck XL, this fits under the cabinets to vacuum bare floors. The steam feature also works very well on tile. The negative list is a bit longer. I tried using this vacuum after vacuuming with my Oreck XL. Very little additional dirt/dust was picked up and most of it stuck to the exterior of the canister when I emptied it, resulting in having to wet wipe down the canister. The handle is not a good fit. No matter where I begin holding it, my hand slides up to and bumps up against the steam button. Having arthritis in my index finger makes this uncomfortable. It does steam the tile fine, but does nothing with the grout . November 8, 2012
Fantistic Machine Very pleased with the performance of this great machine. Will never go back to those big heavy vacuum's with all those accessories attached to it. I have not used the steamer function yet. I do wish it had a cord rewind and a clip somewhere to hold the handle, while in storage, but can live without it. January 31, 2015
Good Vacuum, Steamer Does Not Work The vacuum is a good value considering the cost of other vacuums, however the steam function does not work. If you don't care about the steam function working then I would recommend this vacuum. The price is still better than most vacuums and so far it has been good for 3 months... It's a good vacuum for low density carpets. Hair gets caught up in the roller though and I have to cut it out, but other than that it works. Probably not the best thing out there but certainly not the worst. Thanks for reading. March 30, 2014
this product built poor this machine is very poor quality.vacuum does not clean very well. the steam part quit working after about 5 uses. May 24, 2016
VersaVac review after one year I was disappointed overall. I replaced my carpet with composite floors and bought the VersaVac to have for the steam cleaning addition.I find that the vacuum doesn't work as well as my old Oreck (Oreck XL21), and have to use both to get a good clean floor. The VersaVac seems heavier, and harder to push when using the steam feature. More often than not for vacuuming now I go back to my original handheld Oreck that I got in combination with my XL21. I've tried other brands, and while none of them beat Oreck quality overall, I'm just not as happy with the VersaVac. Vaccum suction isn't as strong as the XL21, and just seems to scatter the sand and dirt around. It's not good with dog hair either. April 29, 2015

* To sanitize hard floor surfaces, focus steam while mopping for at least 15 seconds. Results based on lab testing under controlled conditions. Results will vary based on use of the VersaVac and the surface to be cleaned.
^Not for use on fine silks, velour, very thin plastics, unsealed hardwood, laminates, engineered hard floor surfaces, ceilings, drywall and exterior paint of automobiles, electronics or items using electricity.
**Some limitations apply. For details, see warranty.