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Oreck XL® Shield Power Scrubber

Sku # M900

Deep Clean your Carpet and Bare Floors. The Oreck XL Shield Power Scrubber cleans and rinses carpets and bare floors, leaving them practically dry. It's like 2 machines in 1.

The XL Shield Power Scrubber comes with a free bottle of Oreck Full Release Allergen Control Carpet Cleaner. Specifically designed to work with the Power Scrubber, Allergen Control Cleaner breaks down grease, oil and ground-in dirt in all types of carpet and on hard floors (with the exception of wood floors).

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Professional looking results.

Oreck XL Shield Power Scrubber Cleaning Dirty Floors

With just the touch of a button, the Oreck XL Shield Power Scrubber deep-cleans, washes, lifts, and grooms your carpets. It also extracts stains, sticky residue, spills, pet accidents, and grime that vacuum cleaners may not remove. It has a 1 ft. wide cleaning path and not one, but three special purpose motors that make it ultra-efficient. All this capability in a unit that weighs about 17 lbs. – one of the lightest full size units on the market!

Extraction efficiency for drier carpets.

Oreck XL Shield Power Scrubber Shampooing Carpets and Couch

Unlike other methods, Oreck’s “rinse feature” removes shampoo residue and film that might otherwise lead to rapid resoiling. The Oreck Power Scrubber helps to restore carpets to their original beauty.

Lightweight and easy to use.

There's no waste. No clumsy hose hook-ups to your sink. No need to hire expensive, outside cleaning services or rent one of those outdated, cumbersome supermarket carpet cleaners (there's no telling where it's been). And, when you're done, simply fold the Power Scrubber’ retractable wheels for convenient storage. It only takes up 1 sq. foot of closet space. It's that easy every time.

Oreck XL Shield Power Scrubber hand attachment

Above the floor cleaning is a snap with the handheld attachment and extension hose.

Oreck Full Release Allergen Control Carpet Cleaner

The XL Shield Power Scrubber comes with a free bottle of Oreck Full Release Allergen Control Carpet Cleaner.

  • Comes with Oreck Full Release Allergen Control Carpet Cleaner and 12 foot extension hose.
  • The Rinse feature extracts soap residue that can re-soil your carpet.
  • The squeegee is great for hard floor surfaces like linoleum and tile (not for use on hardwood floors).
  • 25-ft. long cord with convenient quick release cord wrap.
  • 1-ft. wide cleaning path for faster cleaning.
  • Large wheels make cleaning easy and retract for storage. It takes up just 1 sq. foot of closet space.
  • No contamination! Upper tank holds clean water, while lower tank holds extracted water. Easy to fill, empty and clean.
  • Hand-held nozzle with 12-ft. hose is great for above-the-floor cleaning, including stairs, cars and upholstery.
  • Features a 2-year limited warranty.*
Warranty 2 year**
Weight 17 lbs
Capacity 2.3 Liter Tank
Cleaning Path 12 inches
Cord Rewind Manual
Cord Length 25 ft
Cleaning Function Deep Cleaning
Tools / Accessories Handheld Upholstery Tool, 12 foot extension hose, Allergen Release value pack
Type Wet/Dry
Surface Area Upholstery
Hard Surfaces
Oreck XL® Shield Power Scrubber 3.1 5 23 23
Very Poor Quality Compared to Their Older Models of This Machine I bought an Oreck XL Shield Power Scrubber many years ago and that model lasted 10 years. That one finally gave out and I immediately purchased another one. This one is horrible. Every time I took it out to use it, there was an issue. I've already had it serviced twice, the first time, they had to replace the pump (under warranty). I pulled it out again to use for only the second time after having the last service done (pump problems AGAIN) and now it's leaking out the back and there's no movement of liquid, so it appears the pump is bad for the THIRD time. Of course, this is after the warranty expired, so I haven't taken it in for repair because I'm not sure I want to spend extra money on something that has been so unreliable. I haven't even had this machine for 2 years yet. To say that I'm very disappointed in this product would be an understatement. April 8, 2015
Disappointed I have an Oreck upright and a hand held that I just love, so when I was looking for a carpet cleaner, purchasing one from Oreck seemed to be a no brainer. It is very difficult to get the water tank on and off the machine. When operating the machine you are not supposed to tip it back too much or else water could get into the motor. Well to operate this thing you have to tip it back some and the way it's built it can easily fall backwards and let water into the motor. I only had it one month before having to drive it an hour away to the closest Oreck store to have it fixed. I don't use it as much as I would like (or need to) because something seems to always be wrong with it. It makes the most horrible noises when something is wrong. The last time I used it, I hadn't used it in about 3 months or so, I go to use it and it's making that ugly noise again and not releasing the shampoo. Great. I get to go pick up yet again this week, it was fixed under warranty, but it is very inconvenient being a military wife and mother of four. I would recommend any of the uprights, but never the carpet cleaner. February 24, 2013
Cleans even better than I expected I was blown away at how well this machine cleaned my 10 yo carpet. We just fininshed with a home reno incl. ripping up marble floors which created tons of 'dust'. Plus that room hadn't had a 'professional' cleaning in two years, AND I have multiple dogs #great danes# who love to lounge in that room, There were stains all over....oh, and did I mention it is off-white carpet? ALL the stains came out and I was truly surprised and delighted how well it came out!! I am an Oreck believer from way-back and now even more so. The only negative I would say is it is all plastic, so we'll see how long it lasts. September 25, 2012
Broken 3 Times, 3 Different Parts I procrastinated and first used the carpet cleaner after the warrantee had expired. First the soap pump needed to be replaced. Then the hose needed to be replaced. Now, the clear nozzle cover cracked in half and fell off. Very, very fragile. I am going back to the Orek store one more time to see if they can get the part without replacing the entire power nozzle. January 28, 2015
Hmmm, not sure if I like it or not I recently purchased this & tried it tonight on our bedroom carpet. It only came with quick set up details or tips for use? It seemed to work well on the stains but, it is not convenient to use. I got halfway through & was completely out of the bottle of cleaner that came with it. Also, a pain to have to empty & refill the tank every few minutes & left the carpet wet compared to other steam cleaners I have used. Will try it on a few other areas but very time consuming compared to others I've used. Have been using Oreck vacuums for over 25 yrs. but these other products are not up to my expectations. January 21, 2015
Shampoo bottles are terrible. The shampoo bottles are poorly constructed. Half of the bottles break at the cap. Oreck has replaced some bottles in the past. They also exchanged the machine for a new one. A few years ago, while visiting an Oreck store the employee told me there had been a lot of trouble with this machine. They recommended I leave the shampoo bottles in the machine, which is contrary to the instructions. This helped some. Do the customers a favor and redesign that connection. This was not an Oreck designed machine. November 6, 2013
Definitely worth the money! This is my second Oreck floor cleaner. My first lasted over 12 years, and served me well. Once you get the hang of it, it is easy to use. Cleans great! August 6, 2012
I have owned "2" of these. The first one, the tank cracked up the side. When I attempted to replace it, the part was disctd. Wheel broke on the other This steam cleaner is just not worth it's weight. I thought by now they would have changed it's overall style. It is cumbersome, heavy (vs others on the market) and too pricey. I do not like having to use a product that someone else is getting paid to recommend. I'm referring to the shampoo. I want what I know is good for my situation. In fact they don't just recommend they designed it so you have to use their shampoo. I could have purchased a gallon for what it cost to buy 8 oz of theirs. I found it was very difficult to clean after use, especially the hose head. I see these units for resale everywhere, (for parts only) These people tell me they had the same issues. June 20, 2014
Poor Durability Does a pretty efficient job when new. Works well for 6 to 12 months. After that, too many break downs. Leaky hoses to broken belts etc. October 25, 2012
this product is disappointing why i put a low review because i hear alot of negative's about this rug shampooer.i was going to buy this.but reading the reviews i change my mind..i have a oreck it..i got other oreck machines,no problems.but the shampooer people are not happy with please make it better July 8, 2014
ease of use and works great. I have used my scrubber and find it lives up to the Oreck standards. I use it for quick cleanups and for whole house. It works great and easy to use. May 21, 2012
Second purchase for our family A truly great performer - however, the first one we bought seemed to have a bit of a problem from the beginning which we didn't pay attention to (some leakage and the pump casing got very hot during use) until it grew to be a very big problem. We should have had it serviced right away rather than wait and have to take it in for repair beyond its warranty period. When we encountered the same problem more frequently, rather than pay for another repair we opted to buy a new machine as the scrubber does do an incredibly superb job of cleaning carpet. It's the best one we've ever owned so far, it was definitely worth a repeat purchase. May 18, 2012
We do not have have new capets put in now. Thank for Oreck We had a cat and when she got old she would use the litter box. She use the floor and we rented the big commerce rug doctors I don't know how many times we was going to have net capets put in now we don't need to. The Scrubber and the cleaning we got from you done the job.Also we brough your XL vacumm And would take any thing For them' The Vacumm is about 4 year Thank You for Oreck March 30, 2012
Product that works This machine is great. It it easy to use and works like it is supposed to. Easy to empty and cleans great. I read some mixed reviews on this, but it is exactly what I expected and works. The detergent cleans well and has a pleasant scent. I recommend this to others. March 29, 2012
one of the best cleaners and easy to use, would not trade it for any other One of the best cleaners I have used and easy to use . I had stains on the carpet I could not get out and it took them out the first time i used it. March 28, 2012

**Some limitations apply. For details, see warranty..