Air Purifier Filters

Optimize your air purifier's performance with certified Oreck filter replacements. Oreck replacement filters are designed to keep your Oreck air purifier at peak performance. Need a little extra air help? Don't forget to try Oreck's air cleaning accessories including odor absorbing filters and scent cartridges.
AK46000 Replacement Filter Kit for Air Response Small (WK16000)

Model # AK46000

AK46000 Oreck
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AK46001 Replacement Filter Kit for Air Response Medium (WK16001)

Model # AK46001

AK46001 Oreck
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AK46002 Replacement Filter Kit for Air Response Large (WK16002)

Model # AK46002

AK46002 Oreck
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Air Refresh Replacement Filters

Model # AK45510

AK45510 Oreck
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Airvantage and Airvantage Plus Pet Air Purifier Replacement Filter Kit

Model # WK01234QPC

WK01234QPC Oreck
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AirInstinct HEPA Filter Replacement

Model # 3YRHPK1

3YRHPK1 Oreck
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Truman Cell - AIRP Series

Model # 09-21058-01

09-21058-01 743808098298 Oreck
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Replacement Truman Cell - ProShield Series

Model # 21118-01

21118-01 743808098304 Oreck
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OptiMax 95 Replacement Filter

Model # AIR95FILT

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Odor Absorber Plus - XL Tower Professional

Model # AT1PKT

AT1PKT 743808011020 Oreck
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Odor Absorber Plus - XL Tabletop Professional

Model # AP1PKP

AP1PKP 743808011013 Oreck
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Odor Absorber Plus - ProShield

Model # AP2PKP

AP2PKP 743808011020 Oreck
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Airvantage Air Purifier VOC Replacement Filter Kit

Model # WK01240QPC

WK01240QPC Oreck
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Air Response Turbo Filter

Model # AK48500

AK48500 Oreck
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AirInstinct 100 & 75 Odor Absorber

Model # 1YROPK1

1YROPK1 743808098472 Oreck
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3-in-1 Odor Absorber AIR8

Model # AT1PK8

AT1PK8 743808010849 Oreck
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