Air Purifier

Oreck understands what it takes to achieve a fully clean and healthy home, which goes beyond just your floors and carpets! Keeping your indoor air clean is as important as keeping your floors clean, so don't compromise. Try an Oreck air care unit with the quality and dependability you trust and get the clean the air you crave.
DualMax Air Purifier

Model # WK13016CA

WK13016CA Oreck
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Air Response Turbo

Model # WK18500

WK18500 Oreck
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Air Refresh Humidifier and Air Purifier

Model # WK15500B

WK15500B Oreck
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Airvantage Air Purifier

Model # WK10003CA

WK10003CA Oreck
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Air Response Air Purifier- Medium

Model # WK16001CA

WK16001CA 743808958288 Oreck
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