Oreck was founded on the simple premise of providing a superior clean with a lightweight vacuum. While the vacuum assortment has now grown to include canisters, handhelds and uprights, the fundamental premise still stands. Oreck vacuum cleaners are designed with you in mind to ensure you get the absolute best cleaning experience.


Oreck’s first cordless vacuum is engineered with POD Technology for a new standard of clean. We have developed the solution to the dust cloud that traditional vacuums leave behind. Our POD Technology refill self-seals to contain dust and dirt for an easy, mess-free disposal. Our beautifully designed, lightweight cordless vacuum is powerful and versatile so you can clean the various surfaces of your home.


Oreck uprights set the standard when it comes to lightweight, powerful, and easy-to-use vacuums. Our uprights keep your home cleaner by trapping dirt and debris and sealing it in upon disposal, making sure your hard work goes in the trash, not back in the air in a cloud of dust.

Handhelds & Canisters

Cleaning has never been easier with our portable, lightweight canister and handheld vacuums. Their mobility ensures you're able to get to those hard-to-reach places. Ideal for anyone looking for easily portable, full powered vacuums for full home and detailed cleaning.