Oreck uprights set the standard when it comes to lightweight, powerful, and easy-to-use vacuums. Our uprights keep your home cleaner by trapping dirt and debris and sealing it in upon disposal, making sure your hard work goes in the trash, not back in the air in a cloud of dust.

Elevate Collection

The Oreck Elevate Collection delivers powerful filtration performance in a lightweight, low-profile design Experience Elevate
Elevate Collection
Elevate Cordless Vacuum

Model # BK95519

BK95519 Oreck
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Elevate Control Vacuum

Model # UK30100PC

UK30100PC Oreck
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Elevate Conquer Vacuum

Model # UK30300PC

UK30300PC Oreck
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Elevate Command Vacuum

Model # UK30200PC

UK30200PC Oreck
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Magnesium Collection

Ultra-lightweight & easy-to-use, delivering an optimal clean for even the finest of floors
Magnesium Collection
Magnesium RS

Model # LW1500RS

LW1500RS Oreck
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