NEW! This handy 2-in-1 accessory combines two tools in one and is designed to be used with the quick-wand on the Oreck Touch bagless upright vacuum cleaner. The crevice tool is ideal for getting behind and under furniture cushions as well as into narrow, hard-to reach areas where focused suction is needed. The brush tool has dozens of uses—anywhere you need a soft touch on a hard surface. (Computer keyboards and picture frames come to mind.) And the flexible portion of this accessory is helpful anytime (with either tool) when you need to get a good angle on the (cleaning) situation!

How it works

  1. To use, attach the 2-in-1 tool to the end of the quick-wand.
  2. If you need to extend the reach of the quick-wand, place your thumb on the "push" button on the longest section of the accessory and pull the tool apart in the middle. (This is where you'll also find the flexible section.)
  3. To reduce the extension just push the tool back together until it clicks.
  4. To convert from the crevice tool to the dusting brush, grip the brush tool on the "push" button and slide it out until it covers the end of the crevice tool. It easily slides back into place (and out of the way) to expose the crevice tool when the brush isn't needed.